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The Tale of the Chameleons
Season 5 , Episode 4
Air date November 18, 1995
Written by Mark D. Perry
Directed by Iain Patterson
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The Tale of the Chameleons is the fourth episode of the Fifth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Fifty-sixth episode in total.


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The evening begins with a big burlap sack seen on the Storyteller's chair. Tucker and Stig come in and Tucker asks what it is. Betty Ann, comes back with some firewood logs. She tells them "Don't you'll scare him" Stig asks her what it is? Betty Ann says her new pet Spike. Then Kiki and Sam come in looking confused and Sam asks if they can see him.

Betty Ann says not yet, because he's just a baby and strangers disturb him. Kiki comes between Tucker and Stig and says "Don't let him see Stig, he'll be disturbed for life!" Betty Ann slightly snickers and Stig laughs says ha ha very funny and asks if he can try to, and tries to opens the sack. Betty Ann stops him and says later. Gary, asks her if it's a rabbit? She says no. Sam asks if it's a guinea pig? Tucker asks her if it's a parrot? She says no to all of them, and that Spike is a little more exotic than that.

Betty Ann, tells them that when she saw him at the pet store she fell in love with him, and it give her an idea for a story. There are thousands of different animals on Earth. Most we know, but a lot are still a mystery. What she means is animals that live in the deepest oceans. Or in unexplored jungles. We don't know much about them, because they don't have much contact with humans, and they live by a set of rules we know nothing about. Imagine if one of these animals, was brought into our world. Would it adjust to us? Or would it play by it's own rules? The rules of a game we have no chance of winning.

Betty Ann, throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while she submits her story for approval of The Midnight Society. She calls her story "The Tale of the Chameleons", and begins her story.


Betty Ann, tells the story. The story first takes place in a pet store. We see a young mean-spirited Red Haired Boy teasing and tormenting some of the animals. The red haired boy is shaking the bars of the cages, tapping on the glass and spitting him gum into a fish aquarium. Then next we see two teenage girls: Janice Robinson and her best friend Sharon. They looking at the pets admiring how cute they all are. Sharon suggests getting a pet rabbit, but Janice declines. She says she'll settle with just her pet fish. Janice sees the mean Red Haired Boy tormenting the animals. So she snaps at him telling him to stop. So he stops and walks away,

Janice then sees a green reptile in a terrarium. Then she and Sharon walk up to it and take a closer look. Sharon thinks it is gross, and Janice asks what it is. Then the Mean Red Haired tells them it's a Chameleon. Also that it's not ugly and it does something very special. So they should touch it. Sharon isn't so sure about it. Janice on the other hand thinks it's so ugly that it's actually kind of cute. So she puts her hand inside and tries to pet it on the head. Then it bits her right index finger. She screams ow! On a lot of pain saying it bit her. At the same time the terrarium was knocked over and the chameleon escapes. The Red Haired Boy rudely tells her: "Bite you once bite you twice, a little water pay the price!". The he laughs as he walks away.

They leave the pet store while Janice is sucking on her bitten throbbing finger. Now they talk about how strange and creepy the Red Haired Boy was. Sharon madly says that he knew it would bite her, and he was a little creep. Next Janice's mom Mrs. Robinson leaves a grocery store. Then we see her grocery bag being placed on the ground. Now the Chameleon looks into it, and considering going inside of it. Janice and Sharon meet up with her. Janice who's stubbornly being wanting to put blue streaks in her hair, has bought the blue dye. Meanwhile her mom doesn't want her to do it. They begin to argue and Janice insists her mom stops treating her like a young little girl. her mom agrees to it. on the condition that she stops acting like one, Now the Chameleon sneaks into the grocery bag.

When they get home, they're greeted by Janice's dad Mr. Robinson. He's given Sharon permission to spend the weekend with them. While her parents are away on a little trip to Hawaii. As her mom is unpacking the groceries, her dad is talking about getting some nice flowers the next day. Also Janice says that they can also pick up the dress she wants for the spring dance. Her mom sternly tells her that she is not getting a certain dress because. Since it is a short tight mini dress. Which is not proper for her age. Janice gets rude to her mom about it. As she and her mom argue and complain. Suddenly as mom reaches into a grocery bag by she reacts in surprise screaming ah.

Turns out the carton of eggs got crushed on the way home. So now they all have to be dumped down the sink. Then run through the garbage disposal. Janice tries to ask her dad to talk to her mom. She hopes that her can persuade her to change her mind. He says he agrees with her mom and goes along with her on it. Her mom then asks if they can have a nice problem free weekend. Janice is frustrated says that it'll never be problem free. until she lets her grow up. Meanwhile, The Chameleon has crawled out of the grocery bag. now it roaming around in the Robinson's household! Later that evening, in Janice's bedroom, She is brushing Sharon's hair. Janice is thinking about buying the dress she wants herself with her savings. Then complains about how unfair it is that her parents treat her like such a young kid. Also how much freedom Sharon's parents give her. Sharon complains that it happens because they're not around that much nowadays.

Something closes in on the floor. Just as Janice is brushing Sharon's hair The Chameleon comes by and bites Janice on the foot. This time Janice bends over in agony. Now she really says ow! Sharon asks her if she is okay. Janice says her finger that was bitten earlier is throbbing. Then Mrs. Robinson comes by and tells them that it's late and it's bedtime, much to Janice's chagrin. Sharon is tired and agrees to go to bed in the guest room. That night as Janice is sleeping in her bed, something comes moving up to her under the blankets. Suddenly she wakes up and gets out of bed saying ow! She turns on her light and checks her bed. Then she is startled and confused when she sees the Chameleon running out of her room.

Janice, goes to her door to chase after it. Then suddenly she is greeted by an exact clone of herself. The Chameleon has transformed into a clone of her. She comes in and tells her she's almost finished! Janice stares in horrified shock. Then the Evil Chameleon dunks a mug into the fish aquarium. Then it tells her the same familiar rhyme the Red Haired Boy told her. Then just before water is about to thrown at her, Janice turns around and runs to the door. Sharon comes in and Janice is terrified. She tries to show her the Evil Chameleon but nothing is there. It would seem that it changed back and ran off. Janice is now terrified, tense and upset and almost crying. She says it told her the same rhyme the Red Haired Boy said to her. Also that the Evil Chameleon is after her, to trade places with her and wants to be her. Sharon tries to get her to calm down. She tells her she thinks it was all a bad dream and offers to spend the night sleeping in the same bed with her. Sharon tells her that in the morning when she wakes up it'll all have been a bad dream. They go back to sleep for the night. Then from outside an window The Evil Chameleon stalks Janice all night long!

The next morning, Janice screams Ahhh! Sharon wakes up startled and goes over her to see if she is okay. Janice now has a gross reddish brown scaly rash on her stomach. Janice says it wasn't a dream. Now she is turning more and more into a Chameleon. Sharon says it's just a rash. Then she tells her to try and get a grip that it was just a dream and no Chameleon is after her. Janice, listens to her and becomes convinced and begins to believe her and calms down. Then Sharon gets dressed and goes downstairs for breakfast. Janice is about to brush her teeth, when suddenly she realizes the shower is on. Hearing a thump she slowly walks over to it and opens the curtain. No one is there, but suddenly she hears her clone the Evil Chameleon say: "I'm going to enjoy your life, I'm learning very fast". Then it quickly runs up to Janice and pushes her into the shower. Instantly the water transforms Janice into a Chameleon.

The Evil Chameleon, laughs in victory. Then realizes she needs to kill her, to prevent her cover from being blown. She is about to stab Janice with a pair scissors, when Mrs. Robinson walks by and asks her to come down for breakfast. Pretending to be Janice she goes downstairs, while Janice roams around free. When she gets to the kitchen, Sharon reminds Janice to show her parents the rash. The Evil Chameleon says it's gone and she feels fine now. Also, she tells her mom that she decided the dying her hair blue is dumb. Also that she isn't ready for a tight mini dress. Janice's parents seem very proud and pleased. While Sharon is confused and thinks she is not feeling okay. The Evil Chameleon says she'll phone and cancel her dress. When really, she is on the phone with a pet store ordering a case of extra Chameleons. She sees the Chameleon (who is Janice) crawling into the kitchen. It gets mad and sprays canola oil at it and she runs off.

Her parents then go out to buy some garden flowers, while she and Sharon tidy up the kitchen. Sharon asks her is she's all right. She tells her that she got some sleep. So everything feels better now. Then she sees the Chameleon (who is Janice) walking by the kitchen again. She gets furious and throws a frying pan at her and it runs off. Sharon asks her what the problem is. So she lies saying that she saw a mouse. They set up some mousetraps. Then a courier comes to the door and brings The Evil Chameleon her order in a big box. Sharon asks her if she bought the mini dress after all. She tells Sharon no she didn't. Also that it is nothing and runs upstairs with it. Meanwhile Sharon seems very suspicious. Sharon then quietly walks to Janice's room and witnesses The Evil Chameleon eating a pet fish. Sharon gets scared and runs off. The Evil Chameleon hears her reaction and looks suspicious.

Sharon looks into the big box. Now she is shocked to see it contains five more chameleons. Sharon closes the box. Then The Evil Chameleon calls to her. Then Mr. and Mrs. Robinson come home with their new flowers. Also as a treat they bought Janice a plain and simple light pink dress. To suck up to them she says she loves it and it's beautiful and hugs them. Suspicious she asks Sharon what she was doing upstairs for so long. Sharon's excuse is that she was looking for her hairbrush. Meanwhile the parents make some carrot health drinks, while The Evil Chameleon goes to try on the dress. Sharon asks Mrs. Robinson if she has noticed how weird Janice has seemed that day. Then The Evil Chameleon, comes down in the dress. Janice's parents think she looks great. Then they go out to plant the flowers in the garden.

She asks Sharon suspiciously if she is feeling okay and if anything is wrong. Sharon backs away nervously and says she is fine. Then the Chameleon (who is Janice) comes walking into the kitchen. The Evil Chameleon, tells her she has a surprise to show her upstairs (meaning the chameleons in the box to bite her). Then suddenly The Chameleon (who is Janice) bites her foot and she screams. Then she spills her carrot juice all over Sharon's shirt. With a towel in her hand she picks Janice up. Seeing this, Sharon asks her who she really is. She tells her: "Don't you recognize me?". Then flares her true chameleon eyes at her.

Sharon is shocked and tells her that she's not Janice, she's the Chameleon. The Evil Chameleon clone doesn't deny anything. So it tells her that she can't do anything about. There are thousands of Chameleons out there. And more of them are trading places with humans everyday. She says if you tell Janice's parent they won't believe her, they'll just think she is crazy. Then The Evil Chameleon clone throws Janice into the sink. Sharon takes a risk and puts her hand into the sink. Then she rescues Janice just before the garbage disposal turns on. Sharon demands she changes Janice back immediately. The Evil Chameleon clone, threatens her with a hatchet and comes closer to her. Then it says the Chameleon rhyme as a reminder. The it states that she won't bite her again, being extra cautious now.

Mr. Robinson comes to ask the two girls for their opinions on how the new flowers look. Sharon says she need to go to change her shirt. Sharon clandestinely grabs the box of chameleons. Then she runs to the backyard to dump them down the well. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson are asking The Evil Chameleon how the flowers look. It says she'll be right back. The Evil Chameleon runs along just as Sharon is about to dump them down the well. Then she takes the box of them back. It tells her that she won't let her hurt her family. Sharon screams to her that she's going to get caught. She tells Sharon that people are so dumb, that no one will find out until it's too late. She then opens the box petting the chameleons. Now she she asks Sharon to just surrender, and put her hand in to get bitten.

Then suddenly one of the Chameleons bites her. Sharon tells her that she should have counted them before touching them. The Chameleon turns into the real Janice. Then Janice tells her to get the hose. Sharon aims the hose and is about to spray The Evil Chameleon. Then it screams no and grabs Janice and begins spinning them around in circles. Sharon is confused. Now she can't tell who is the real Janice. They both try to convince her by telling her things about herself. Things like she's her best friend, They know her parents Bob and Carol and how they are away on a trip to Hawaii.

One of them begs her not to spray her or she will turn back into the Chameleon. Then the other one says that she can prove that she is the real Janice. To prove it, she takes the box of Chameleons and dumps them down the well. The other Janice says that it's a trick. Sharon believes the one who dumped them down the well. Then she sprays the other Janice. The other Janice screams no and turns back to a chameleon.

The real Janice then tells her to kill it. So Sharon puts on a gardening glove and carefully grabs the Chameleon. Then she throws them all down the well. She asks her if it's really her and Janice says that it is. Sharon welcomes her back and they hug. Then as they head back into the house, Janice pushes the bucket down into the well.

Later that night Janice is at the well. She is now bringing the bucket back up. Turns out she's not Janice after all. She is The Evil Chameleon who tricked Sharon. She retrieves the Chameleons and sincerely apologizes for dumping them down the well. She tells them that she just knew they would find the bucket. Looking down in the well she can see that Janice (as a chameleon) is still down there. Then she mockingly tells them "I see we left our little friend down there. I hope she knows how to swim!". Then she laughs sinisterly.


Betty Ann says the end and ends her story. Her friends are very impressed, Kiki says cool and Sam says it was great, Stig asks her if they can see Spike now. Tucker says he's a Chameleon right? Betty Ann just smiles and tells them to come over and see. They all go over to see it, and Betty Ann comments about how cute he looks sleeping. Sam asks Tucker whether or not he is afraid that it will bite. Tucker says nah chameleons don't bite. When he turns around to see it, Betty Ann presents them with a small pet snake. Then the five of them all scream "Gotta go!" and run off terrified. Betty Ann wraps Spike around her neck and smiles at him. She tells him "Just wait till they see you, when you grow up." Betty Ann puts out the campfire and leaves.

  • Betty Ann's last story.
  • First time Betty Ann put out the Campfire.
  • The Mowry twins were very famous for their sitcom Sister, Sister.
  • Samantha Chemerika, previously appeared in the show before. She previously portrayed Jill Petterson in the episode "The Tale of the Final Wish" however for unknown reasons, she went by the name Samantha Aboud.
  • Don Jordan who portrayed Mr. Robinson, previously appeared in the show before. Previously, he appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Captured Souls" as Doug Sellman.
  • Amanda Strawn who portrayed as Mrs. Robinson, previously in the show before. The first time was in the episode "The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle" as as The Nurse. Then she appeared again for a third time, in the series revival's Season Seven episode "The Tale of the Night Nurse" as Emily's Mother.
  • The chameleons in the episode were actually Chinese water dragons.
  • Tia and Tamera Mowry would later voice twins Lemonjella and Orangejella LaBelle on the Kids’ WB show Detention.
  • Tia actually has the most screen time. She plays Janice initially until they are switched and then plays the Chameleon taking over from Tamera who only plays the Chameleon while both are on screen. It is possible to tell this from the prominent beauty mark Tamera has on her chest.
  • Amanda Strawn and Don Jordan who portrayed Janice's parents, also appeared together as parents in an episode of Student Bodies. They appeared in the episode "Grounded" As Mr. and Mrs. Roberts.