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The Tale of the Danse Macabre
Season 9 , Episode 4
The Tale of the Danse Macabre
Air date March 5, 2021
Written by JT Billings
Directed by Mathias Herndl
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The Tale of the Phantom Light
The Tale of the Midnight Magic

The Tale of the Danse Macabre, is the fourth part of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows, the second season of the "Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019)". It is the ninety-eighth episode in total.


On the eve of the school dance, the Midnight Society wrestles with the possibility that evil still lurks among them and the nightmare is far from over.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Episode Cast[]

  • Ryan Beil as Sardo
  • Kyle Strauts as The Shadowman
  • Sapphire Angeli as Margot Picalarro
  • Niki Garcia as Toni Silver
  • Maya Gatchalian as Ava Serrano
  • Kalyn Miles as Ms. Shaffner
  • Sergio Osuna as Mister Dorney
  • Parker Queenan as Connor Stevens 2021
  • Naomi Tan as Zoey




  • The Shadowman trading places with Connor is a similar premise to "The Tale of the Chameleons", where Janice Robinson is trapped in the body of a chameleon while the Evil Chameleon replicates her and takes her place at home.
  • Sardo takes a call from someone who claims Vink recommended him. This is a reference to Dr. Vink, a character in a number of stories told by Frank.
  • Sardo offers a shrunken head to Lucas for fifty dollars and claims he's losing on the deal, which is one of the catchphrases of the Sardo in Gary's stories.
  • The protection spell in the Book of Shadows is revealed to have granted protection to the Shadowman instead of the Midnight Society, similar to the wishes Belle grants Jason Midas in "The Tale of the Time Trap" which seemed clear enough but were twisted against him.
  • Seth attempts to bribe Margot Picalarro for entry to the Glow Dance while she wears a Ghastly Grinner shirt, referencing the character in "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner".
  • Margot Picalarro's name combines those of two characters from the original series, Margot from "The Tale of the Night Shift" and Hooper Picalarro from "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner".
  • Jai notices his Night Frights: Tales for After Dark comic has begun to depict his surroundings in real time again, after claiming it lost this ability when the Shadowman was believed to be defeated. The Night Frights comic is similar to the Ghastly Grinner one in "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner", where Ethan Wood saw his own life also being depicted inside as he flipped through the comic.
  • Ms. Shaffner mispronounces Sardo's name as Sour-dough, the same way Keith Saunders initially repeats his name in "The Tale of the Dark Dragon".
  • Sardo boasts onstage that "casting spells is easy; uncasting can be tricky." These words are almost identical to a line Sardo says in "The Tale of the Super Specs".