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The Tale of the Forever Game
Season 6 , Episode 1
Air date February 6, 1999
Written by Mark D. Perry
Directed by Iain Patterson
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The Tale of the Forever Game is the First episode and season premiere of the Sixth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Sixty-Sixth episode in total. Also, this episode was the premiere of the series revival.


The New Midnight Society Cast[]

Story Cast[]


That night, a familiar looking teenager heads into the old clearing of The Midnight Society. A voice nearby reveals him to be none other than Tucker. The voice belongs to an African American teenager. He rudely tells him that this had better be the place. Because his feet are killing him. Tucker Smiles happily and says yes it is the place (the clearing is a mess with dried leaves and sticks everywhere, and all the seats including the storyteller's chair have fallen apart).

Next we hear a startling scream. Which gets Tucker's and his friend's attention. Then a pretty blonde teenager approaches them, She says that she just walked into something stringy. Tucker laughs saying it's just a spider's web. So he helps her take it off of her hair.

Then we see a chubby male teenager with short brown hair. He says he has the firewood but he trips, falls down and drops the logs. He gets back up and Tucker asks him if he's alright and he says he is.

Then a slightly younger girl, with dark hair comes in out of breath. She complains saying that she told them to wait up. Because she isn't as fast as they are. The African American boy insults her calling her a roach. Then he tells her that she should have stayed home. She gets mad and throws a rock and it just misses him. Then he cries that she could have beamed him.

Tucker asks the four people to sit down. The Blonde Girl complains about the idea of sitting on the ground. Tucker tells her to find either a log or a rock. The chubby boy says it's just how he pictured it. Tucker repairs the storyteller's chair. Next he explains that the trail to the clearing was closed off and no one has been back since.

Tucker is asked how things work. So he explains to them that the rules are simple: It is all about telling the tales. The two girls are sitting together, and the younger one guesses it's scary tales.

Tucker says exactly. Then he tells them he knows them all. Just like the friends that his brother Gary used to bring. He mentions they all love stories that are weird and scary. Therefore in this secret place, it is where they can tell them. Because when entering the circle, they leave reality behind. Then they enter a dark world where anything can happen. Suddenly the Chubby Boy has gotten an impressive fire going.

Then to Tucker's surprise, he finds the pouch of the campfire dust. He is thrilled to see that it's still there. Tucker addresses them each by name. The girls are Vange (the younger one with dark hair) and Megan (The pretty blonde). The boys are Andy (The chubby boy) and Quinn (The African American boy).

He asks them if they're all ready and they nod yes. He proudly tells them that the first one is his. Tucker throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while he submits his story for approval for The NEW Midnight Society, calling his story: "The Tale of the Forever Game". Then proceeds to begin his story.


Tucker tells the story. The story takes place in the woods: Two teenage boys Peter and his friend Mark are speeding along the bike trail. Along with Peter's younger sister Monica, who has difficulty keeping up. Since she is smaller than him. Peter is annoyed with her inability to keep up. He tells her to either try and keep up or to go home. As Peter rides on ahead, Monica looks hurt. She tells Mark that she wishes that her brother wasn't so mean to her. Mark tells her that Peter used to treat him the same way. Until he proved to him, that he could be just as good as he was. Therefore she possibly can too.

When they catch up along the trail, Peter jumps out and scares them as a joke. Then Peter notices a hidden trail. He thinks it's a challenge. So they should ride it, (against Monica's better judgement, that they should stick to the right trail). On their way down the trail, they find an abandoned, worn out, antique bicycle. They're puzzled why someone would just leave it there. Then further up, they come across a very weird tree. Peter can't figure out where to go next. So Peter ends up having them running in circles. They keep on crossing the same tree over and over again. Mark and Monica, begin to get mad and annoyed. So now they inform him that he has gotten them lost.

Monica says it seems like they are just going around in a maze. Peter suggests they each try to find a way out. Monica says that they should stick together no matter what. He does not agree with this, so she reminds him that he was the one who got them lost. Peter insists that his idea will work and rudely tells them to move. Feeling insulted they begin to search for their own paths. Peter senses something unusual about the weird looking tree. Therefore he goes to take a better look at it.

Peter touches the tree. Then he's teleported into a hidden underground room. He walks over to the table and sees a board game on it. The board game is a forest themed, start to finish game for two-players. Suddenly he's welcomed by a teenager, (who by the look of his clothes, it's apparent that he's from an older period of time). He introduces himself as Nathaniel and he's pleased to see Peter has come in. Nathaniel explains that it's not his house, and he's not dreaming. That it's a game and happily asks him if he wants to play it.

Nathaniel explains that it is called "The Forever Game". In the middle of the game is a viewing globe. This is where anyone in the woods outside can be seen and heard, but they can't see and hear them. Peter thinks it's great, because he can freak out his sister with it. Nathaniel asks him if he even likes her. Peter says that she's a waste of space. Nathaniel explains the game: They start from the tree and spin the wheel and choose any path they want to go. Then it's the first one to make it to the door at the end. Peter agrees to play and Nathaniel is ecstatic. Peter tells him to calm down because it's only a game. He tells Peter it's more than just a game, and to wait and see.

Nathaniel takes his first turn. Then he lands on a button that activates potpourri. They watch on the viewing globe outside. Instantly Monica and Mark are now having potpourri (dried out flowers) blown onto them. They are enjoying the pretty colors. Peter thinks it's great and wants to know how he did it. He is told that the game did it. Peter takes his turn and has a choice: to either make it rain, or start lightning bolts. He gladly picks lightning bolts. Suddenly in the woods, The potpourri vanishes. Now Mark and Monica are caught in a terrible thunderstorm. Monica advises them to hide near small trees. Since the big ones get struck first and wait it out. Peter is laughing and having so much fun tormenting her.

Then Nathaniel is quiet. So Peter asks him what the problem is. Nathaniel explains that on each new turn, the events from the previous turn end. However, The Burden Beast will stay outside for their remainder of the game. Then outside, a claw is thrown into a tree. It came from a vicious humanoid beast monster. The monster extends its sharp claw and viciously growls. Monica and Mark run off horrified, as it tosses more claws after them. Now it has begun to hunt them down.

Peter is now furious. So insists that Nathaniel end the game. Because there's nothing funny, about his friend and his sister getting hunted down. Monica leaves a pouch of food behind, to distract the Burden Beast and they run off and hide. Peter is now proud and supportive of Monica. So he decides to quit the game. Nathaniel says he can't and they have to finish it. Peter asks why that have to finish it. He is told because the winner gets to leave. But the loser has to stay there forever. Which is why it's called: "The Forever Game".

Nathaniel explains to Peter, that he didn't mean to trick him into playing it. He explains to him that he's a victim just like him, who had no choice either. Also that he stumbled into the place just like he did. Then when played the game he lost, and he's been stuck in here ever since. Nathaniel has no idea where that game came from, but the game has been there a really long time. He convinces Peter to keep playing. Because if they don't they'll both be stuck there forever. Also Mark and Monica will be trapped in the woods forever. So if they end the game at least one of them has a chance to leave. Also if Mark and Monica survive, they will leave as well.

Peter reluctantly continues the game. On his next turn he lands on a button that activates a sticky pit. Then in the woods, Mark begin sinking in sticky quicksand. Screaming for help, Monica grabs a stick to pull him out. Meanwhile, Nathaniel is now taking time for his next turn. Peter gets impatient and snaps at him, to finally take his turn. Nathaniel finally does and it frees Mark from the sticky pit. The game continues to go on. We see them taking many other turns. While outside The Burden Beast chases after Monica and Mark again.

Finally after taking his time, Nathaniel's next turn lands on the instant nighttime button. This causes the woods to be in nighttime for the remainder of the game. Peter watches Monica and Mark cleverly hide away from the Burden Beast. Mark and Monica realize that they're back at the weird tree again. Monica mentions that the tree seems to be the cause of all their problems and they examine it. Nathaniel gladly mentions that he is just five steps away from freedom.

Peter takes his next turn, and now he has a choice: Either switch with Mark or Monica. Or: Go back 15 spaces. He realizes that he can't switch with his friend or his sister. Because they would likely lose the game. Since they would come in late, and not understand it. Therefore they would never be seen again. So he reluctantly goes back 15 spaces. Nathaniel remarks to him about the poor choice he made. Then he takes 3 steps ahead and he is almost out now.

After Monica and Mark examine the tree, they realize that it's dead. So they try to knock it over. They begin to push it, while inside Peter and Nathaniel can hear it shaking. Peter is proud of her, realizing that she figured out that the tree is source of all the problems. So now he tries to help them. So he takes his chances and purposely moves backwards 8 spaces. He luckily lands on the lightning bolts buttons. So this will help lightning strike the weird tree. Nathaniel doesn't seem to care and takes his last spin and goes up one space. Nathaniel lands on the broken stick button. This causes nothing to happen. Until the next turn. Peter takes advantage of this and lets the lightning keep striking.

Eventually outside, The Burden Beast closes in on them at the tree. Luckily Monica and Mark jump out of the way just in the nick of time. As a huge lightning bolt comes and zaps the tree. It strikes and destroys both the tree and the game. Then outside everything is back to normal. In clearing smoke and Peter is freed and he is thrilled and proud. He explains that he saw everything that happened to them. Then he tells Monica how great she did. Then suddenly an elderly man walks up. He is revealed to be Nathaniel. Since after all these years old age has caught up with him. Nathaniel doesn't mind, because he's finally free and applauds them for finding the way to destroy the game once and for all.

Nathaniel is asked where he will be going. He says that he's going back to his old neighborhood. The place that he's been away from. Ever since he ran away in 1929. Nathaniel leaves, and Peter is asked what it was all about. Peter tells them that he will explain everything to them on the way back home. With Monica leading the way. Monica happily smiles and leads them back home.


As the story ends, Tucker says that Peter gave Monica the respect she deserves, and together they beat the Forever Game...Forever! His four friends are all smiling, pleased and impressed with Vange saying it was awesome. Tucker tells them that's how it works, and next time someone else tells a story.

He asks them if they want to keep it going, Andy happily stands up smiling and says he'll absolutely be coming back. Vange says she's in. Megan is not too sure yet. She asks him if they can do the meetings in her father's backyard instead. The four of them seem ticked off and look to her as if to say ...really? Megan reconsiders and says okay whatever. Quinn tells Tucker, if he lets anyone know he's part of the group, he'll pound him and leaves while Tucker laughs it off.

As the four new members leave, Quinn is heard saying "You know, this is pretty cool!", Vange says "Very cool!". Tucker is thrilled and smiles saying "We're back!", and looks completely satisfied.

  • According to DJ MacHale, bringing back the series was the idea of Cinar (later known as Cookie Jar), the Canadian company co-producing the show, while Nickelodeon wasn't initially interested. It was part of a deal with Family Channel, who is now mentioned in the credits.
    • While it has not been confirmed, this is the likely reason the revival seasons have never been legally available in the United States and have only been legally available in Canada.
  • When Nathaniel stated all events except the Burden Beast will end in the next turn, he lied because the Instant Night remained for the rest of game as well.
  • Plans were made to create a board game called The Forever Game, modeled after the titular one in the story, but it was never made.
  • This story features a board game, in certain aspects similar to Jumanji. One of the main differences is that in Jumanji, the dangers summoned each turn do not disappear in the next turn.
  • Elisha Cuthbert portrayed the Young Girl in Season Five's finale: "The Tale of the Night Shift", and David Deveau, portrayed the character Eddie in the Season Five's episode "The Tale of the Manaha". They are the only portrayals in the series to appear as story characters and then as members of the New Midnight Society.
  • One of eleven episodes where the New Midnight Society didn't leave and douse the fire with the water-bucket (the last shot was of Tucker after he re-founded the group).
  • Gary is mentioned but not seen.
  • Tod Fennell who portrayed Mark, reappeared in the show again. He next appeared in "The Tale of the Silver Sight" as Jim Gregory.
    • He also played Billy Deep in the Goosebumps episode "Deep Trouble".
  • Kyle Downes who portrayed Nathaniel, reappeared seven episodes later in "The Tale of Vampire Town" as Adder Carballo.
    • He also played Tom in the Goosebumps episode "An Old Story".
  • Griffith Brewer who portrayed The Old Nathaniel, made three previous appearances in the original series. He first appeared in "The Tale of the Captured Souls", as The Old Peter. His second appearance was in "The Tale of the Water Demons" as Captain Abraham Westchester. His third appearance was in "The Tale of the Phone Police" as The Phone Company Manager.
    • This was the second time Griffith Brewer portrayed the aged out and older version of another character. The first time was in "The Tale of the Captured Souls" and coincidentally this episode and "The Tale of the Captured Souls" had a character named Peter in it.
  • Griffith Brewer's first uncredited appearance as well as his final appearance in the entire show.
  • Daniel DeSanto co-stared with Sarah Gadon in the TV show Total Drama. He did the voice of Dave, and she did the voice of Beth.