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The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets
Season 6 , Episode 5
Air date March 13, 1999
Written by Michael Koegel
Directed by Lorette LeBlanc
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The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets is the second episode of the Sixth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the seventieth episode in total.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Story Cast[]

  • Patrick Thomas as Tommy
  • Justin Bradley as David
  • Giovanna Carrubba as Mom
  • Jessica McKenzie (credited as Jessica Mackenzie) as Candy
  • Annakin Slayd (credited as Andrew Farrar) as Chuck
  • Kwasi Songui as Mr. Pimm
  • Gordon Masten as Mr. Collins
  • Chris MacCabe as Delivery Man
  • Robert Rudman as The Skinny Man
  • Kevin Ryder as The Portly Man
  • Kathleen Fee as Dotty


The night begins with Megan sitting down at the Storyteller's chair. She has brought a small table and places a silk table cloth on it, along with a candle. She explains that the one thing that everyone does is eat. Most people love to eat, and others eat only when they have to. Also other people that will eat anything as long as there is plenty of it. 

Vange, sitting next to Andy says that is how she is and Andy says that's same about him and smiles. As Tucker lights the candle for her, she then explains that some people think that eating is the most important thing there is. Hearing this, Quinn smirks making a joke of it saying that people like those are called chubsters.

Then as Megan is setting up table with fancy utensils and salts and pepper shakers, she disagrees. She says it's not because they eat a lot, but it's because they're are very picky about what they eat. Tucker asks her if she means because of allergies? She says no, because these people love a certain kind of food so much, they'll do anything to get it, and she means anything! Also if someone gets in their way, watch out!

Megan fills up a wine glass with non dairy creamer, campfire dust. She throws it into the fire, to make the fire more intense while she submits her story for approval for The Midnight Society. She calls her story "The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets" and begins her story.


Megan, tells the story. The story is about two boys: David and his older brother Tommy. One morning before Tommy wakes up, David places his brother's hand in a bucket of warm water. This is to make him feel relaxed and pee himself in his sleep. However, Tommy wakes up and before he can say anything. So David douses him with the bucket of water and runs off laughing. Then at the breakfast table, their mom breaks up their skirmish. The mom is a landlord and informs them that new tenants are moving in. She had allowed them to moved in so soon, because after seeing how big the kitchen was they paid double the price. She goes to work, and gives them the keys to give to the new tenants when they arrive. She tells them that their babysitter Candy will be over soon (much to their chagrin).

David is about to take off on his bike, when Tommy tells him they need to wait for the new tenants. David snaps at him saying that he's the responsible one not him. Tommy reminds him that he needs his helmet, so David walks over to get his helmet. A car drives in running over his bike and damages the cars paint job. The car belongs to Chuck, their babysitter's psychotic bully boyfriend. Candy on the other hand is very nice and sweet. She greets them nicely and apologizes for what happened. After seeing what has happen to his car, Chuck threatens David. He screams at him. Then he threatens him, telling him that he'll burn him like toast, if he doesn't pay for the damage to his car. When he takes off, Candy feels bad and apologizes to David.

Two strange men approach and remark about how meaty chucks appears to be. They introduce themselves as Mr. Pimm and Mr. Collins the apartment's new tenants. The boys introduce themselves and give them the keys. They remark to the boys about how scrawny they are. They ask them to inform the people coming by to go upstairs to their apartment, if they are interested in applying for their housekeeping job. Then a delivery truck comes by. The Delivery Man has supplies for the two Messrs. The trucks is full of large boxes of utensils, pots and pans, storage containers and mixing bowls. The Delivery Man, comments that soon they will invite them over for dinner.

That afternoon David and Tommy work hard to repair his broken bike. David considers selling it and using the money to pay off Chuck. While fixing it, they notice many people including a skinny man. coming over to apply for the housekeeping job but no one got it. Because the two strange men were very particular about who they wanted. People kept coming one after they other (the boys began just pointing the way), but it was like they could just tell if they weren't right for the job.

David and Tommy finally fix his bike. An excited David tests it out. Then the front wheel snaps off and it collapses. Then a chubby and portly man in a rainbow stripped shirt appears. Assuming he's here to apply for the job, they show him the way. David is worried because Chuck will pound him soon, and he doesn't have a bike to ride away on. After seeing that the portly man hasn't come out yet, they run inside to see if everything is all right. Watching from the top of the stairs, the two men really seem to like him and say that he's perfect for the job. To celebrate, they invite him for some of their own pineapple cider. After going inside they hear a loud scream. Now they feel worried but Tommy feels it's not their concern and they leave.

The next day they throw out the remnants of the broken bike, when a chubby woman wearing a pink and white polka dot dress named Dotty stops by. She is filled full of constant excitement and enthusiasm. They tell her that she is too late, and that a man got the housekeeping job the day before. She asks them if he was a large person, David says just like her. Hearing this she is ecstatic and says yummy and goes running inside. They now think that the people are around the place are all going crazy. The boys spy on Dotty knocking on the Messrs' door. Excited to see her they invite her in for a cup of cider. The boys keep spying at the bottom of the stairs to hear if she'll scream too.

Suddenly their feet are grabbed. It's Chuck, he snaps at them, saying that he has found out that it will cost him $200 to fix his car. He threatens them to come up with the money by Friday or their toast. Then he storms off. Mr. Pimm and Mr. Collin overhearing him are intrigued by the idea of toast saying that it's a tasty idea.

David suspecting something fishy going on spies on them with binoculars. Then he climbs onto the roof, and spies on them through a window. They're having a meal. He is shocked to see that their tablecloth is the Portly Man's striped shirt and their napkins look just like Dotty's dress. This really creeps him out. Mr. Collins catches him and asks him what he's doing. He tells him he's looking for his missing ball. Mr. Pimm invites him in for dinner. Remembering the Portly Man who disappeared, and how Dotty was excited and said yummy he chooses not to. He tells them he's not hungry and runs off.

That night David has a nightmare, he's inside the Messers' apartment. It's dark and he finds the portly man's striped shirt sprawled across the table like a table cloth. He also find in the pockets, pieces of Dotty's dress. When hearing one of the messrs shouting to ask who is there, he hides inside the freezer. Inside the freezer the Portly man is found on a meat hook. On the other one is Dotty and she smiles a crazy smile. The she grabs her insanely laughs saying yummy! David wakes up from his nightmare screaming his head off. At the same time, Chuck is pinning him down on the bed. He tells him  that now he has until the next day to pay him the money or they're toast! Then he leaves.

David explains to his brother that he's figured out what's going on. Why they have so huge pots and pans, why they were so picky choosing a housekeeper. Why they picked only the Portly Man who disappeared. Why they took a liking to the heavy woman Dotty, who disappeared too. Why there are tablecloths and napkins from their clothes. Because he believes they are Cannibals! Also they drug their victims with their pineapple cider.  David insists that they go into their apartment and check around for evidence to give to the police. Then get a reward and pay off Chuck. Tommy is reluctant to breaking in, but David has the key. So he tell him that it's not breaking in if you use the key.

Then as David and Tommy are about to sneak into their apartment, they can see the Messrs leaving. They are talking about how they can carry a huge heavy item with them into the building, without them seeing it. They say they have become too suspicious of them, and might just have to have them over for dinner soon. David is repulsed hearing this, Tommy says they need to tell their mom. David says that she won't believe them without proof.

They unlock the door and enter the apartment, Chuck saw them go inside. So he locks them inside the room by blocking the door with a chair. They look around the apartment, and find the rainbow shirt tablecloth, the polka dot napkins. Also they find various suspicious cookbooks. Also a hollowed out book with jewelry in it (possibly stolen from victims). Next they find a big pot on the stove full of meatballs simmering. They are about to think they were wrong and leave. Then they decide to check the freezer. Inside the freezer they find many suspicious huge items. Items such as Frank and beans, Steak Diane, Virginia Ham, Hamburger Patty and Head Cheese. Then they find the Portly Man's discarded striped shirt and are both horrified. Seeing these frozen foods and the shirt is more than enough to convince them both that they really are cannibals!

Suddenly Mr. Pimm and Mr. Collins carrying a huge package together up the stairs are almost home. They can hear them coming and panic that they'll catch them. The door is jammed and the windows are as well. Therefore they hide back in the freezer. Meanwhile, Candy has gotten annoyed hearing that Chuck locked them inside the apartment. Now she is worried about them. So she goes looking for David and Tommy. Mr. Pimm and Mr. Collins meet with her she asks them if they've seen the boys. They proceed to cordially invite her in. Then they offer her a cup of cider. insisting she try it because it is a "once in a life time experience". Candy feeling awkward and creeped out by them, keeps making up excuses to not drink it and leave. They keep on insisting that she try it and she is finally convinced. Just when, Candy is about to drink it, the boys come running out screaming that they are cannibals and to run. Tommy throws pepper at them and David throws a jar of ice cubes at them causing them to slip and fall. They run off as fast as they can.

Soon the police are called, but they take the Messrs' side. Their mom feels humiliated, thinking they're being ridiculous. The Messrs come in as they both begin asking their questions. Mr. Pimm explains that they have a huge stove, pots and pans, because they are into gourmet cooking and have really big appetites. Mr. Collins explains that The Portly Man took one look at the huge stack of filthy pots and screamed and fainted. They just missed him, when he came to and left. Mr. Pimm explains that it's their own jewelry that they hid, in case of a break in. So obviously they now need to find a better hiding spot.

Dotty comes in just as they ask what happened to her and why they made napkins from her clothing. She is as excited as always and is told that she is just in time for dinner. She has also made them polka dot aprons to go with their napkins. Also their mom reveals that pineapple cider is delicious and just bought a whole bottle. The boys feel bad and apologize to them sincerely. They graciously accept their apology. Now they generously give the huge package they brought in to David. David opens it up and to everyone's surprise, it's a wonderful new bicycle. David is thrilled, and gratefully thanks them.

To celebrate their new friendship the Messrs invite the family over for dinner that night. Mr. Pimm says that it's a luau theme and they've had special place mats made. However they suspiciously look just like the shirt that Chuck was just wearing. They inform them that they will be having "Chuck" Steak on toast and laugh insanely. Hearing this, the boys are utterly shocked and scared realizing they may have been right about them in the first place. Now it's up to the viewers to determine if Dotty is their alibi who always covers for them. Or if this is all just another coincidence and Chuck is all right.


Megan then smiles, raises her glass taking a sip and says the end. All her friends seems to be getting very hungry now. Tucker asks her exactly what she brought to eat. She proudly tells him she brought something special and it's her favorite. Andy and Vange feel a little nervous and uneasy hearing this. Vange discards her snack, saying she isn't hungry anymore. Megan takes out a big sandwich with huge cuts of meat hanging out.

Quinn asks her if it is roast beef. she says not exactly. The group all get together, and Andy asks her what it is. She tells them it's tasty and meaty and tells them it's a tongue sandwich. Hearing this her four friends all feel repulsed and grossed out and run off covering their noses nearly regurgitating. Megan smiles saying bon appétit, then happily takes a big bite of her sandwich.

  • Megan's first story.
  • The only episode where no one of the Midnight Society threw the powder onto the fire by hand after removing it from the pouch (Megan tossed it from a goblet).
  • One of eleven episodes where the New Midnight Society didn't leave and douse the fire with the water-bucket (Megan was eating a sandwich at the table).
  • The two gentlemen renters' names apparently refer to cocktails. Mr. Pimm is named after the Pimm "fruit cup" liqueurs, the most famous of which is Pimm's No. 1 used to make the famous British beverage the Pimm's cup. Mr. Collins is named after the Tom Collins, a cocktail made from gin, lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water.
  • This is the only story where there was neither supernatural nor evil (two men were suspected to be cannibals, but were proven innocent).
  • Patrick Thomas who portrayed Tommy, later reappeared in the show again. He next appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Photo Finish" as Chandler.
    • He was also in the Goosebumps episode Say Cheese and Die Again as Greg Banks.
  • Jessica McKenzie who portrayed Candy, had previously appeared in the original series. She first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float" as Cindy.
  • Gordon Masten who portrayed Mr. Collins, first appeared in the original series many years before. He first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Twisted Claw" as The Gym Teacher.
  • Kathleen Fee who portrayed Dotty, first appeared before in the original series. She first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Night Shift" as Nurse Hantin, co-starring with Elisha Cuthbert who portrayed The Young Girl. Then she made her final appearance in the episode "The Tale of the Stone Maiden" as Vivian White.
  • Kathleen Fee was the wife of Victor Knight.
  • This is the first episode written by Michael Koegel, who was a casting director for the series before this.