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The Tale of the Guardian's Curse
Season 3 , Episode 8
Air date February 26, 1994
Written by Chloe Brown
Directed by D.J. MacHale
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The Tale of the Guardian's Curse is the Eighth episode of the Third season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Thirty-Fourth episode in total.


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That night, we see Tucker running into the clearing while laughing. Gary, is chasing after him mad and tells him to come back here and asks their friends to grab him. He bumps into Sam, who drops some firewood. Gary asks them to grab him and Frank grabs him and tells Tucker to slow down and take it easy. Gary says Tucker stole his ankh, Betty Ann who is standing next to Kiki is confused asks "He stole what?" Frank ask what it is? Tucker telling Frank to put him down and back off, says he'll show them.

Placed back down, Tucker reveals the shiny necklace that is around his neck and says it's an Ankh. Gary furious, tries to run right up to him and grab it back. This is because he stole it from his private drawer. Tucker says he needs it for his story. Sam is standing between the two of them trying to keep them from attacking each other; and tells them to stop. When they Stop Sam acting like a referee asks Tucker why he took it. He says he needs it for his story. Sam tells him he should have asked in the first place. Tucker a little annoyed stubbornly asks Gary if he can borrow it? Gary not wanting to make things any harder reluctantly lets him and they all sit down.

Tucker sits on the storyteller's chair. He says he needs the Ankh because it's an ancient symbol everybody knows; it means life. Gary looks at him still annoyed. Tucker says his story is full of ancient symbols, but you have to know how to read them. Like for example the Ankh, it means life which is a good a thing. But you need to be careful, because sometimes life can be far worse than anything that can ever be imagined.. including death. Sam and Betty Ann seemed a bit intrigued now an Gary still seems a bit unimpressed.

Tucker, throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while he submits his story for approval for The Midnight Society. He calls his story "The Tale of the Guardian's Curse"


Tucker, tells the story. The story begins in the basement of an ancient historical museum. A construction team is at work, and they are tearing down a false wall. When the false wall is torn down, an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus is found. The story moves over to the Dugan family. When Josh and Cleo Dugan were little their mom passed away. Their dad, Professor Dugan was raising them all by himself. Their dad was always very wrapped in his work. However he tried to be a good father. Unfortunately, he knew more about ancient history, then he knew about raising children.

They were just about to go on their ski trip vacation, when their dad was called to the museum, to check out what had been discovered. His co-worker: Fellow archaeologist and Egyptologist Dr. Capel-Smith has him see the sarcophagus. Excitedly saying it has been hidden in the museum behind a false wall for decades. Professor Dugan is most impressed to see it. He claims that it must be from the Egyptian Temple of Light. Which was robbed in 1921. The robbers coincidentally hid in there at a time when the building wasn't yet a museum. So nobody ever knew it until know. Professor Dugan says it needs to be taken to his lab right, away and Dr. Capel-Smith happily and excitingly agrees. Josh and Cleo are right away disappointed. Since once again something has come up at the last minute. So once again their dad has cancelled their family vacation.

At the lab, they confirm their theories that it is from the Egyptian Temple of Light. Which was broken into and robbed in 1921. Dr. Capel-Smith excitedly says that The sarcophagus, contains the mummified and preserved body of Mina the Guardian. Their dad explains that Mina was said to be an ancient Egyptian Goddess, and she used her Ring of Eternity to bring forth life from the earth every spring. Dr. Capel-Smith also says that as good as Mina was she could also be vindictive, having the power to turn her enemies into stone. They all work together and slowly lift the top of the sarcophagus to reveal Mina's rotting mummified body inside. Josh thinks it is gross, while Cleo thinks it's cool.

Later that night at home, Josh and Cleo are still upset and disappointed about how once again something has come up. So their dad had to cancel their vacation. Cleo decides to bring their busy dad something to eat, claiming he needs it. Josh says their dad needs a life and a girlfriend. When they meet their dad in his home study room, they bring him supper. He excitingly tells Cleo that he has managed to translate some of the marking on the sarcophagus. He says that there had been blood sacrifices made for Mina to ensure her fruitful harvest. Also he tells them he's discovered that the legend of the Ring of Eternity was well known. Gut there is also the mention of an Elixir of Life: "The Elixir brings Life", "The Ring brings Eternity". Also he mentions that there is a curse on it called: "The Guardian's Curse". Since the ancient people always threatened horrible death and torture to those who disturbed their tombs. Their Dad forgot his extra set of photos at the Museum. So he he asks Josh and Cleo to go over to it and pick them up.

After they get to the Museum, they are about to go back home with the photos. Then Josh still mad about having their vacation cancelled once again kicks the sarcophagus. When this happens, a small side panel falls off. Carefully looking inside they find two small artifacts: a small vial and a ring. Cleo confirms the symbol is Ankh, which means the symbol of life. They figure out that the items are the Elixir of Life and the Ring of Eternity. They feel they need to immediately show them to their dad so they hurry home. They argue over who will be safer carrying them. When this happens the vial drops near the mummy's hand. Now some of the liquid spills out onto the mummies fingers. They agree that Josh will carefully carry the ring, and Cleo will carefully carry the vial. When they leave the room, Mina's mummified remains begins to move. She lifts her hand up indicating that she has been reanimated and is partly alive again.

As they're leaving Cleo reminds them, that they forgot the pictures. So they go back to the office to get them. When they get back they are scared to discover that the mummy is gone. Now a trail of small wrappings show them that it's not too far away. They come back home scared and out of breath. Cleo calls to their dad saying that they found the Ring of Eternity. They look around and see that their house has been robbed and ransacked. Now everything is knocked over and a mess. Worried their dad is still home, they run to his office to see if he's okay. Instead they find a note left from him. The note explains that something came up at the last minute. So he had to head over to the museum. Josh figures that the robbery must have happened after he left. Then they hear a thump and they suspect that someone or something is in their house coming up the staircase. They force the door shut and Cleo tells whoever it is to go away and to leave them alone. Then it keeps banging fiercely on the door. Josh says they need to help their dad and they escape their house by going out the office window.

They bike back to the museum at full speed, and they run right inside. They call for him but he doesn't answer. Josh think he's vanished from The Guardian's Curse. Cleo thinks it's made up but Josh tells her it's just as real as the Ring and the Elixir is. Also now The Mummy is gone ,she have come back to life and could by after them. Suddenly they can hear whispering and mumbling. They are terrified to see the Mummy's hand coming through the door reaching for them and calling for them; they run off terrified. They run to the front door but see the shadow of someone approaching. So they run off to the basement to hide.

They arrive in the basement. Then they slowly walking around to find a door and leave through the fire exit. Josh mentions that the basement has a very strange smell. They make it to the fire exit door, but they are shocked to discover that the door has been locked. They turn around and once again hear the footsteps of someone approaching them.  Josh knocks over some of the wooden crates to slow it down and they run. Cleo realizes that the door to staircase back to the upstairs has been locked and they're now trapped. She can see a hand fall down from above and she screams. Josh realizes it's their dad who has been knocked out cold.

They're are about to leave. Then they're confronted by the person who has been following them. The person turns out just to be Dr. Capel-Smith. At first they relieved to see him and Josh warns him the mummy is on the loose. However Dr. Capel-Smith laughs and doesn't believe them. Then he tells their dad the children has something that he wants. What he wants is the Ring of Eternity. Which he has been after for sometime. He claims that his kids are smarter than him and they're the ones who found it. Also he reveals that he was the one who broke into their home and tore the place apart. He overheard them come in and said out loud that they found it. Also he came back to museum and he was the one who knocked their dad out cold. Because he knew he wanted to return the items to the rightful place. He says that intends to use that ring for himself and become immortal. Also he has now dosed many of the crates with kerosene. So if they don't hand it over, he will light the torch he's holding and then drop it. Then the museum will burn to the ground with them all inside.

Cleo, tells her brother just give him the ring and there is no other way. Josh reluctantly rolls the ring over to Dr. Capel-Smith, and he greedily and happily picks it up. However he doesn't want to let them leave. He decides to light the torch and burn the place down with them in as he leaves. Because he is sure they'll go to the authorities and he can't have the authorities after him for all of eternity. Cleo then asks him to show them if the ring at least works. Getting excited he decides to try it out right away. So he puts the ring on his finger and at first he glows in a pleasant blue aura. He says he feels wonderful and they're gazing at an immortal. Then the Dugan family all shield their eyes as suddenly he begins glowing in a green aura. Now he says that he can't move. Then he instantly turns into a solid rock Egyptian statue. He got eternity.. all right and what else lasts for eternity than a stone statue? Josh catches he torch and puts it out just in time as it falls.

Their dad is shocked and amazed. He asks Cleo how she knew that would happen. Cleo says that the ring brings Eternity and the Elixir brings life. He didn't know they also had the elixir. Turns out there is a curse because Dr. Capel-Smith only used the ring. So he was granted eternity in the form of a stone statue. If he had poured some of the Elixir onto his finger before putting the ring on, then it would have properly worked. Suddenly they can hear the breathing and sounds coming from the reanimated mummy. They tell their dad that they forgot to mention that the mummy is missing and they get terrified and back away. Their dad panics to see that the mummy is alive, and is calling out to them.

Josh can see that the mummy is just reaching out for them, and not actually coming forward. He too mentions that "The Elixir brings Life" "The ring brings eternity" remembering earlier they accidentally spilled some of the liquid from the elixir on her fingers. He approaches her and slowly he places the ring on her rotting finger. The mummy glows in a pleasant blue aura. Then she regenerates and revives coming back to life as a beautiful Egyptian queen.

They family slowly approach her and their dad returns the elixir to her. Their dad and Mina seem to be immediately attracted to each other. Josh turns over to Cleo and tells her that he wonders if Mina likes to ski. Cleo gives a look and says as if "Who knows maybe?" with a smile.


As the story ends, Tucker says that the true guardian's curse was immortality.. and Dr. Capel-Smith was the final victim and then he ends the story and he walks off and leaves. Betty Ann and Sam seem very impressed. Sam smiles and asks Gary wasn't that worth, letting him borrow it? Gary now somewhat impressed says that his story was pretty good and realizes he still has his ankh and runs after Tucker to get it back. Sam says Oh Tucker.. here we go again.. and she puts out the campfire and everyone else gets ready to leave.

  • This was the first time Sam put the fire out.
  • Vanessa King who portrayed Cleo, appeared in the series again a little later. She next portrayed Roxy Preston in "The Tale of the Fire Ghost".
  • Cleo is short for Cleopatra which is also the name of an ancient Egyptian Queen.
  • Alan Legros who made an uncredited portrayal of A Construction Worker, next made anther uncredited appearance as The Crimson Clown in "The Tale of the Crimson Clown". Then a few years later he would appear fully credited as Kronos in the series revivals episode "The Tale of Oblivion".
  • It is the only episode of this entire series to feature a mummy. However, the Are You Afraid of the Dark? book series later had a mummy story called The Tale of the Egyptian Mummies.
  • Vanessa King starred in the children’s T.V show Madeline as Madeline’s friend “Chloe”.
  • Daniel DeSanto (Tucker) would coincidentally go on to be in another piece of mummy media, the Goosebumps episode Return of the Mummy.