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The Tale of the Haunted Woods
Season 9 , Episode 1
[[The Tale of the Haunted Woods|250pxpx]]
Air date February 12, 2021
Written by JT Billings
Directed by Jeff Wadlow
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The Tale of the Haunted Woods, is the first part of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows, the second season of the "Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019)". It is the ninety-fifth episode in total.


Five kids investigate the disappearance of their friend, the leader of The Midnight Society whose fate may be tied to a mysterious curse that haunts their seaside town.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Episode Cast[]

  • Ryan Beil as Sardo
  • Kyle Strauts as The Shadowman
  • Isla MacDonald as Neighborhood kid
  • Kevin O'Grady as Mister Stevens
  • Kalyn Miles as Ms. Shaffner
  • Naomi Tan as Zoey
  • Jessie Liang as Zoey's mom
  • Josh Blacker as Coach Kullback
  • Tristan Jensen as Guest #1
  • Sam Quinn as Guest #2
  • Donavon Stinson as Mister McCoy



A boy breaks in Sardo's Magic Mansion and steals The Book of Shadows.


  • This episode makes the the ninety-fifth episode in the Are Afraid of the Dark? series.
  • A Nosferatu: The Demon Vampire poster hangs in Luke's bedroom in reference to the silent film shown in "The Tale of the Midnight Madness".
  • Jai sneaks up on Luke with a Ghastly Grinner doll and a copy of Ghastly Grinner issue one, referencing the character and comic book from "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner".
  • Jai mentions a new Crimson Clown film, referencing "The Tale of the Crimson Clown".
  • Seth's role is similar to Tucker's younger appearances, as he is also much younger than the rest of the Midnight Society and pressures his older sibling into getting involved with the group.
  • The Sardo's Magic Mansion receipt being lowered to reveal the shop's entrance is an homage to the original series where this happens more than once, instead with store advertisements dipping below the camera.
  • Jai picks up a pair of Super Specs in Sardo's Magic Mansion, referencing the titular lenses from "The Tale of the Super Specs". In the same episode, the Super Specs similarly make an appearance outside of a story being told when they are seen in Gary's father's magic shop.
  • Sardo tells Jai to put down a stone display item, referencing the one Gary's Sardo sells in "The Tale of the Carved Stone".
  • Sardo's lines "no 'mister,' accent on the do" and "buy now or bye now" are used frequently by Gary's version of Sardo.
  • Sardo begins "The Tale of the Haunted Woods" by spinning the words Gary used to introduce "The Tale of the Super Specs". Gary's story then was about "people who believe in magic, people who don't believe in magic and people who shouldn't." Sardo's story instead is about "the people who believe in curses, the people who don't believe in curses and the people who should."
  • In Sardo's "The Tale of the Haunted Woods", Zoe searches for a hiding place. Before settling on one, another child pops out and tells her to find another spot. A similar exchange takes place in "The Tale of Old Man Corcoran" when Cissy Vernon tells Jack and Kenny to hide somewhere else, unaware they've stumbled into her grave.
  • Sardo's telling of "The Tale of the Haunted Woods" is the third story in the series to actually be a true story involving the supernatural, after Gary's "The Tale of the Silver Sight" and Rachel's "The Tale of Mr. Tophat and the Carnival of Doom".
  • Coach Kullback's name is a likely reference to Kullback from The Tale of the Curious Camera.
  • Connor's locker is Locker 22, a nod to The Tale of Locker 22.
  • Hanna is shown to have two moms, making them the first LGBT characters to appear in the series.