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The Tale of the Long Ago Locket
Season 4 , Episode 2
Air date October 8, 1994
Written by Gerald Wexler
Directed by David Winning
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The Tale of the Long Ago Locket is the second episode of the Fourth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Forty-first episode in total.


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The night begins with Sam quietly sitting down on the storyteller's chair reading a history book. She is so relaxed and focused on reading the book that she doesn't hear or notice anyone or anything. Betty Ann comes in and calls her by her name a few times but she doesn't answer her. Kiki notices this and remarks how they are all in for a long night.

Tucker quietly tries to sneak up on her from behind and pour the bucket of water on her. Gary stops him just as he is about to do it as Kiki finally waves her hand in front of Sam's face to get her attention.

This finally breaks Sam's concentration and she notices all her friends are here. She asks them all when they got here and Gary tells her she must be reading a very interesting book. She replies that it is a history book, and Frank retorts that history is boring. She tells him he didn't think it was boring when he asked her to study it with him after school. Frank admits it and his excuse was because he just wanted to some time to hang out with her and have fun. Tucker impatient now asks if they can start already.

Sam tells her friends that some people think history can be boring, because it's all about stuff that is gone and forgotten. Her story is about a guy who finds out the old saying is true - history always repeats itself, and if you don't learn from the past, you'll be doomed to repeat it. Sam throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while she submits her story for approval of The Midnight Society. She calls her story "The Tale of the Long Ago Locket".


Sam tells the story. It’s about a handsome young man named Jimmy Armstrong. In Mrs. Ritter's history class, he’s awestruck and daydreaming and staring at his friend, April, whom he has a crush on. Later on after class, he was on his way home taking a shortcut through the woods. He walked home through them everyday. Little did he know that walking through these woods today, that events from the past were about to put a mark on his life today.

As Jimmy is about to enter the woods from a distant away he can hear horses neighing. Then he just thinks nothing of it, and he walks through the woods of the park. He passes by some bushes and he finds an old knife just laying on the grass near the bush. He bends over to pick it up, then suddenly a hand comes out of the bush and grabs him. This startles him and he screams. The hand belonged to the owner who retrieves his knife. Then he runs off deeper into the woods of the park.

The next day, as class ended again, he met with April by their lockers. He struck up a conversation with her. He told her how he thought learning about Ancient Greek history was really boring. She told him that she was enjoying it, so to impress her he told that it was only boring because Mrs. Ritter wasn't teaching them fast enough.

He mentions to her that a new skating rink was opening on Saturday. So he invites her to go skating with him. Before they can discuss their plans further, their other friend Josh comes by. Josh mentions that Saturday night is the opening night of a new monster movie. The movie is called Tower of Blood: Part 4 and Josh asks her if she wants to go with him. April is about to say that Jimmy just asked her to do something first. Nervous, Jimmy he tells them it's okay and to just go and have a good time. Jimmy is upset because once again he messed up his chance to confess his feelings to April.

Then on Jimmy's way home, he passes by a young couple around his age. They are holding hands and sharing a kiss. Then Jimmy walks in front of them and looks. They stop and look at him; he turns around and keeps walking. As he enters the dense woods of the park, once again he see the mysterious person running around. Jimmy walks in closer and calls out for the person to come out and say hi to him and tell him who it is. Just as he is about to give up and turn away, the mysterious person meets up with him. It can be guessed by his clothes that he is some kind of soldier. Out of breath and nervous he insistently asks Jimmy if he knows the way to Harrisville. Jimmy is nervous and doesn't answer. Then the soldier tells him that the enemy soldiers are approaching from the West, and to come with because if they catch him they'll hang them.

The enemy soldiers are a group of British Redcoat soldiers from the American Revolutionary War. The Redcoat captain orders his men to open fire at them. Then they begin firing off their musket rifles, and luckily all their shots miss. The Soldier fires off his Musket and fights back. Then he grabs Jimmy in a headlock and pulls him to the ground just in time to avoid any shots. They run away together a little distance and hide in a little ditch in the ground until they pass. Then the soldier again insists that Jimmy will show him where Harrisville is. Then Suddenly a redcoat soldier has found them. So he raises his musket with the bayonet pointing down and closes in them, and they both scream for their dear lives.

Then a moment Later only Jimmy is huddled on the ground below screaming. Now it‘s just April, Josh and a few of their other friends standing on the ground above. They ask him if he is all right and why he crawling on the ground. He lies to them saying that he's just started wearing contact lenses and he dropped one and he is trying to find it; however he does find an old fancy button.

Later he brings the old fancy button to Mr. Olshak. Mr. Olshak is an older man who’s a very intelligent historian and an antique dealer. Mr. Olshak informs him that over 200 years ago the battle of Harrisvile was fought in that very same park. The battle was between the Minutemen and the Redcoats. Mr. Olshak, identifies the button as a button from an American Minuteman's Uniform from the American Revolutionary War. Also he is really surprised because when people usually bring in things they find, the items are usually old or rusted or decayed. But the button looks brand new almost as if a minuteman wore it that very day. Now it is obvious that the soldier is an American minuteman. So by the state of his appearance, which he is missing jacket, and hat and poorly kept hair and not clean shaven that he's been on the run for sometime now.

A day or so later, Jimmy is playing frisbee in the park with April and Josh. Then he accidentally throws it too hard, and the frisbee is sent far into the woods. He tells them that he'll go find it and that he'll catch up with them later at Molly's Restaurant. Also to order him a cheeseburger and he'll be there soon. Just as he heads along the path inside the woods, he finds the frisbee. Just when he bends down to retrieve it, he can hear the sounds of horses neighing and gunshots being fired. The redcoats come riding at full speed on their horses, and the captain thinks that Jimmy is a spy and they tie him up and take him prisoner. Jimmy can’t believe what’s going on and thinks they're joking. Only until he can they have a noose knot ready and plan to hang him when they get back to their camp.

Just as they're heading back, the minuteman distracts them by firing off a shot from his musket. Jimmy is able to break free and escape. When they get to a safe spot, the minuteman cuts the rope and ties his hands. Jimmy now realizes it is real and they were really going to hang him. The minuteman says they plan to do the same to him too. Once again he insistently asks Jimmy to guide him to Harrisville. Jimmy is frustrated and just wants to go home and tries to say no.

He asks Jimmy if ever really cared about someone and just didn't have the courage to tell them. Jimmy nods yes and says her name is April. The minuteman explains his friend is named Emilienne, and for many years he to never had the courage to tell her that he loved her, and tonight in Harrisville she’s marrying a man she doesn't love. Therefore he must get there before the wedding and show her the locket as a proving symbol of his undying affection and finally win her over. Also he gives Jimmy his battle dagger as symbol of their new friendship. Confused he asks the minuteman what the year is. He tells him it's 1780, hearing this Jimmy is shocked. Because it seems that part of the woods has a some kind tear in the time and space continuum. Where the past and the present are taking place at the same time.

The Redcoat captain, and his men have found them again and resume their chase. The minuteman says they need to split up for now and to not forget what his problem is. Jimmy walks out of the woods, hearing a loud honking. Turns out he's back in present time. Then he almost gets run over by a big transport truck driving by. He goes by to see Mr. Olshak at his shop once again. Mr. Olshak identifies the knife as a minute's man's Knife from the American Revolutionary War. He at first offers to buy it from him for $150. Jimmy makes it clear that he isn't interested in selling it. He only wants to know who the inscription is. Mr. Olshak reads it and it's says lieutenant (Lt. for short) William. Mr. Olshak is impressed with Jimmy's fascination in history. Therefore he lends him one of his best history books. It’s called: "Historic Harrisville County", there he may find his answers.

Jimmy reads the history book in class. Then he learns that the during the American Revolutionary War, there was a battle for Harrisville. During the battle, Lt. William was on his way to Harrisville. He wanted to find his true love and finally confess his feelings to her. Then the British Redcoats captured him as an enemy and a spy. Then he was hanged to death on a Willow Tree. The tree is known as Hangsman Tree. The tree still stands there to this very day. Looking at the calendar, Jimmy realizes that today September 17, and today is the very day the execution happened. Panicked and worried, Jimmy tries to leave class. He panics telling his teacher that he needs to help his friend. But Mrs. Ritter won't let him leave until class is over.

After class, he meets with Josh and April. They ask him where he was the other day, and that he never showed up to the restaurant. They also ask him about what has gotten into him lately. He tells them the truth, that the other day he wasn't looking for a contact lens: he was actually hiding from redcoats. Now they're going to capture and hang his friend Lt. William. That is, unless he can save him in time. He explains that he also needs to guide him to Harrisville so he can find his true love. His friends think he‘s tired and stressed, and not thinking clearly.

Jimmy borrows Josh's boombox and heads to the woods. April wants to go with him to help, but he insists on doing it himself. When he gets to the woods, he finds that the redcoats have indeed captured Lt. William. Now they are preparing to hang him, and the captain reads out the order of execution preparing to do so. Jimmy then hides in the bushes and turns on the boombox. The loud blaring music spooks, scares and startles the redcoats. While they're busy and distracted, Jimmy unties Lt. William. Then he tells him the path to Harrisville. Lt. William gratefully thanks him before leaving. Then he reminds Jimmy, that if he loves April, then he must tell her as soon as he can.

After Lt. William takes the path to Harrisville, the Redcoat Captain closes in on Jimmy. He charges at him at full speed on his horse. He claims that he won‘t escape from him again. Jimmy is running for his dear life. At the end of the woods, April has arrived. He screams for her to look out and he grabs her. Then they fall to the ground and huddle. When they look up it’s present time again. Now it’s just a teenage girl riding her horse. So she apologizes for almost running them over, because she didn't know anyone was on the track.

Jimmy, says that he hope his friend made it, April asks who. He says oh just a friend and asks her why she came. She smiles, saying because she was worried about him and she cares about him. He shows her the knife. The inscription magically changes from Lt. William to Capt. William. This proves that history has changed. Lt. William made it to Harrisville and he got promoted to Captain. Also on the ground he finds a locket that might have been lost long ago. Inside of it are too small portraits of William and Emilienne. This reveals that he did get together with his true love after all. Now Jimmy finally has the courage to confess his love to April. He places the locket around her neck as a symbol of his love as they both smile, held each other’s hands and walked home.


After that, Jimmy and April leaves the woods together happily holding hands. As the story ends Sam says that night Jimmy checked the book that Mr. Olshak gave to him; It instantly changed. The paragraph of William had changed. It said that he made it to Harrisville, proved his love to Emilienne and married her. As for Jimmy and April it can be guessed that they too got together, as they smile at each other and leave the woods together happily holding hands.

Then Sam ends her story, Kiki says cool, saying that she guesses history can be changed. Frank walks over to Sam and shows to her that he has a couple tickets to a concert and asks her to go with him. She apologizes saying sorry. Betty Ann says that Sam is already going with her. Gary smiles and says that they're both also going to it with him. They leave, and Frank is disappointed, Tucker teases him and says I guess you're history. Frank gets furious and chases after Tucker who runs away. Kiki puts out the campfire and leaves.

  • This is the second of three episodes in which history is altered, changing the fate of the tragic victims. The first was "The Tale of Locker 22" and the third was The Tale of the Night Nurse.
  • Will Friedle was very famous for portraying the older brother Eric Matthews in the series Boy Meets World. Later he would also be famous for voicing Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond.
  • Paul Hopkins, who portrayed Lt. William later reappeared in the series again as The Lurker in the episode "The Tale of the Last Dance".
  • Joel Gordon, who portrayed Josh previously appeared before in the series as Billy in the episode "The Tale of the Dream Machine".
    • He and Will Friedle would later reunite in the film "My Date with the President's Daughter".
  • Peter Colvey, who portrayed The Redcoat Captain previously appeared in the series before. He portrayed The Boyfriend, Mr. Ankers in "The Tale of the Full Moon".
  • Victor Knight who portrayed Mr. Olshak later reappeared in the series again. Next portrayed Professor Felix Barish in the series revivals episode "The Tale of the Photo Finish".
  • Victor Knight, was the husband of Kathleen Fee, who played Nurse Hantin in The Tale of the Night Shift, Dotty in The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets and Vivian White in The Tale of the Stone Maiden.
  • Rachelle Glait who portayed Mrs. Ritter, had previously appears in the series before. Previously she portrayed The Dark Lady/Phantom, in the episode "The Tale of the Super Specs".
  • The first time Kiki put out the campfire.
  • David Winning stated in the October 28, 1994 edition of the Calgary Herald that he was attracted to this script because he felt it was well written and fit his style, as he preferred more "true to life" stories.