The Tale of the Lunar Locusts
Season 7, Episode 7
Air date April 30, 2000
Written by Michael Koegel
Directed by Jim Donovan
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The Tale of the Lunar Locusts is the Seventh episode of the Seventh Season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Eighty-Fifth episode in total.


Midnight Society Cast

Story Cast

Special Guest Star

Tara Lipinski the Figure Skater as Ellen.


That night, Tucker is getting the campfire going, when his friends arrive. Vange is shocked that everything is soaked because recently, there was a serious downpour. Andy complains that everything is soaked, Quinn comes in calling out if anyone else is there, and Vange mockingly tells him to just follow the muddy footprints. Quinn comes in saying it's only nice weather if one is a dolphin, and is about to sit down on the sofa. Tucker warns him not to sit on it because it's soak, he advises the three of them to all sit down on the ground around the fire with him believing it to be much dryer and the all do so.

Megan shows up in a yellow raincoat, and she asks them why they're all sitting on the ground. Andy says it's because the furniture is soaking wet. She advises them to not sit on the ground either; Vange asks her why. Megan says because so many bugs and parasites live in the ground such as worms, slugs and bugs and they aren't too pretty either. Tucker says that it may be so, but they still won't hurt you.

Megan says she wouldn't be too sure about that, and sits down on a towel on the storyteller's chair. Megan explains her story is about that very thing. The things you can't see, that are under the ground. Who knows what you're stepping on. who knows if the very next step you take, is onto something that doesn't want to be stepped on. Something that has the power to step back onto you! Hearing this, her friends all seemed intrigued.

Megan throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while she submits her story for the approval of The Midnight Society. She calls her story "The Tale of the Lunar Locusts" and begins her story.


Megan, tells the story, it takes place on a football field at nighttime. There are strange happenings almost like gophers or hedgehogs running underneath the grass. There we see a young teen couple resting together under the stars. The guy is Jake, a dopey jock and his girlfriend Julie an average person. Julie wants them to go steady and she's jealous because so many of their friends have, but they haven't. She mentions that the other day, one his friends gave his girlfriend his ring, and she wants him to do the same for her. She them remarks about how beautiful his ring is, and how gleams in the moonlight.

Jake reflects his ring in the sky and it lights up making a sound. Then suddenly a small object comes speeding through the sky. This takes them both by astonishment, with Julie thinking it was a shooting star. She tells him he should know what she wants to wish for. He denies it being a shooting star, and pretends not to hear what she said to change the subject of commitment, this frustrates her and she takes off.

The next day in the school cafeteria, Jake is discussing his opinions about his relationship to his friend Pete. He says that going steady in the relationship is just such a long commitment. Pete tells him that Julie is a great girl, and he should be lucky. Because the girls in their school don't seem to just throw themselves to him.

Then just as they speak, a new girl comes to their table and asks to sit beside Jake. The girl is a gorgeous blonde and Jake and Pete are both speechless. The girl introduces herself as Ellen and they introduce themselves. Ellen explains she just transferred in, and figuring out he's the team's quarterback, she feels he's a good choice to be with (popularity wise). She asks Jake if he's available to show her around her new school. He's smitten and happily agrees. Then suddenly a jealous Julie comes by and tells her he's not. Then coldly asks Ellen to leave with she does, Julie is mad that he seems so awestruck by her.

Jake in then in the computer-room, he's looking up UFO sightings to see if he can figure out what he saw the other night. When suddenly out of nowhere, Ellen pops up from the side startling him. She apologizes for scaring him, and and asks him what he's doing. He explains to her what he saw a weird light in the sky the other night, and he's trying to find out what it may be.

Ellen then compliments him on his ring, he thanks her explaining he found the ring on the beach. Ellen says it's beautiful and wants to try it on, he's says yes and he's about to let her when Julie comes in. Julie madly tells them they have a next class to go to. But before Jake leaves, Ellen asks him if he can teach her how to use a computer. Jake tells her since the school will be closed at the end of the day, to come over to his house and he'll teach her and they both happily agree.

However, in the football field something peculiar is going on. Ellen seems to be measuring and digging in a small section of the grass. She seems to be scanning it with some sort of detecting device. Julie is spying on her from nearby, and she's freaked out by her, heading back to warn Jake. Julie tells Jake, that Ellen is strange and observed her for an hour, monitoring and digging the grass. Jake just laughs it off, and Julie then asks if they can hang out and talk after school. Jake happily agrees, until remembering he's already made plans with Ellen and says he can't because he has too much homework. Julie is stunned because he never seems to do homework, and at the sound of the bell he leaves.

Julie is still frustrated and jealous, when she sees Ellen she follows her into the science class. Julie hears a noise in the greenhouse and looks around. The room is dark and she notices weird things like there is a type of gas being sprayed, snakes and dead animals specimens around, which frighten her and she runs off. Then just as she runs off, Ellen is peacefully sleeping on a shelf.. Then just as Julies watches, Jake and Ellen leave school in his jeep. Julie tells her friends that she checked the registration, and there is no record of any new transfers and Ellen isn't even a student in their school.

Then at Jake's house, he teaches her how to use a computer, when they both break for a snack. Jake goes to get some sandwiches while Ellen is intrigued by the aquarium filled with fish. Jake offers her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but she sneers at it and rejects it because she's allergic. Therefore he goes to the kitchen to put them away, while he's in there she grabs the newspaper and gazes at the fish again. When he comes back, she asks him to take her home because she feels tired. When they leave, all the fish from the aquarium are gone, almost as if Ellen may have eaten them!

Jake is confused, because it's seems that instead of driving her home, he's taken her to middle of the woods. He asks her about it but she doesn't answer. Ellen comes on to him, she tells him he knows he has a steady girlfriend, but she would really like to be his girlfriend and wear his ring instead. Because she finds him so cute, Jake is flattered by this, feeling emotionally touched. Then Jake tells her that he loves Julie and can't cheat on his girlfriend and won't give her his ring because it's for Julie.

Ellen gets a little impatient now, and suddenly she causes the car doors to lock. Ellen then unleashes green tentacles to snare him and her eyes glows bright green. She stares at Jack and tries to put him into a trance, asking for his ring. Jake isn't affected, and runs away terrified. Ellen quickly trips him and tackles him to the ground. She then covers his mouth, but promises not to hurt him. She uncovers his mouth and apologizes for scaring him (stating she had no choice).

Jake then asks her who or what she is. Ellen tells him when he saw that light flickering in the nighttime sky, that was her arriving to earth. She's from another planet, and she really isn't human, she's really a parasitic alien in disguise. Jake tries to run off again, and she trips and binds him with her tentacles. She says she needs his help. Ellen shows him the newspaper, which reads "Flesh eating bacteria strikes again", Ellen says it isn't a bacteria, it's parasitic aliens that travel from planet to plant. They destroy and eat everything in its path, almost like locusts. Ellen then explains that her planet, was recently invaded and destroyed by them. Therefore, she and her partner being the only survivors traveled to earth to stop them. They planned to try and defeat them, so the earth wouldn't be destroyed next and to possibly find a new home on earth.

Jake agrees to help her, but wants to know why she asked him. Ellen shows him her necklace which has a similar gem core on it. When placed next to Jake's ring it emits off a bright light. Ellen explains his ring was her partners and since Jake found on the beach, that must mean her partner's spaceship crashed over the ocean, when arriving to earth. Ellen says that they need to use the both of them to destroy the locusts. Jake now feels disappointed, realizing she was just using him to get the ring, she apologizes and he understands.

Julie has been spying nearby and overhearing everything she approaches them. Ellen glares her glowing green eyes at her, Julie states she's a monster and runs off to report her to the police. That evening, they drive to school and Ellen leads them to spot on the football field where the Mother Alien laid her eggs. She explains that tonight is the only night they can destroy them, because there will be a full moon for the harbinger stones to work. Therefore if not tonight, it'll be too late. Julie has followed them with a policeman and a fellow cop and instructs the police to arrest them.

The police chase them in hot pursue, and Ellen generates a claw on her fingernail to cut through the glass and open the doors to break into the school. Ellen retrieves her equipment that she hid in the science lab, including two big big light projectors. Sneaking out of the school, Ellen is worried that the police will grab them before they can run back to the football field, so Jake comes up with a diversion.

Jack returns to his jeep, and to his surprise Julie is in the back. He explains to her that it's very important to help Ellen fulfill her mission. Also he tells her that he loves her, and she's the only one for him. He promises he means it, and they share a kiss. Julie then helps them, by playing the cars stereo full blast to distract the cops.

Jake runs back to the field, and Ellen has set up the light projectors in time. She instructs them to wait for her signal. Then to put on special sunglasses and throw his harbinger into the projector. Ellen gratefully thanks him for all his help and they both get ready. Jake runs over to the projector to the right, but as Ellen is running to the one on the left, she is grabbed by the cop and tosses her harbinger to him stating he's their only hope. Jake using his athletic skills, successfully tosses the first harbinger into the left projector. Then he tackles police officers on his way to the right one. He throws the harbinger and it misses!

Then Julie walks by and she is told to toss it into the projector which she cluelessly does. Jake yells for Julie to cover her eyes and he and Ellen put on their sunglasses. Then a large circular area is engulfed in a blinding green light, which seems to render the police officers unconscious. Ellen seems delighted. Jake is happy too and rejoices, and Julie asks him what they just did.

Jake says they destroyed the flesh eating alien locust eggs. He gives her the newspaper to show her, but Julie is baffled sayings the article wasn't about flesh eating aliens. The article was about a bacteria in Brazil that was stopped with antibiotics. Jake is confused stating that the Mother Alien laid her eggs in the field and they zapped them. Julie is confused asking what Mother Alien? Then Ellen is seen happily dancing and spinning around.

Jake asks Ellen if they destroyed them. Ellen takes off her sunglasses and smirks at him, giving him a "ha ha, gotcha!" look and starts insanely laughing. Looking down below, they can hear the eggs hatching. Because It turns out, Ellen deceived and conned Jake. Ellen is the Mother Alien, and instead of destroying her eggs, he and Julie unwittingly helped her hatch them! Then from a distance it can be seen that Hundreds of eggs are hatching and will soon invade and eradicate the earth!


Megan ends her story simply by saying: The end. Her friends are all pleased and most impressed. Tucker tells her it was a good story, and from what he learned from it, he says that now he knows why, she doesn't want to sit on the ground. Megan says he's right, she tells also tells that she also doesn't like to get her bottom wet, and she says good bye and quickly leaves.

Then suddenly, the four of them all realize she was right, they all sat on the ground and got their butts soaked. They all express discomfort and disgust. Then all at once, they all hover their soaked pant bottoms above the campfire to dry off. Quinn is most embarrassed saying that he hopes nobody else can see them, Tucker jokes as they do it, saying it's definitely the end.

  • Megan's last story.
  • One of eleven episodes where the New Midnight Society didn't leave and douse the fire with the water-bucket (everybody but Megan was drying off).
  • Just two years prior, Tara Lipinski retired from her successful figure skating career, she became a gold medalist and world champion figure skater. She achieved all of this before the age of 15. At 14 years, 9 months and 10 days old, becoming the youngest person in history to ever win a World Figure Skating Championship.
  • Aaron Ashmore, who portrayed Jake, first appeared in the show many years earlier in the original series. He first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor" as Billy.
  • Shawn Potter, who portrayed Pete, previously appeared in the show two times before. He first appeared in the original series' episode "The Tale of a Door Unlocked" as Ben. The second time, he appeared in the Season Six's episode "The Tale of Jake the Snake" as Duchamp.

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