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The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie
Season 6 , Episode 3
Air date February 20, 1999
Written by Mark D. Perry
Directed by Adam Weissman
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The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie is the third  episode of the Sixth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the sixty-eight episode in total.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Story Cast[]


That night, in the circle, Andy gives each of his friends a Fortune Cookie from his hat. Vange complains that she's hungry and wants two, but Andy insists on them only having one each. Because they aren't about eating, just telling one their fortune. Vange reluctantly agrees saying that she'll just starve and sits down. Quinn is rude (as always) saying that they don't really mean anything anyways and sits down. In his defense, Andy says that sometimes they do kind of seem right.

They all read them out loud, first Megan reads hers and it says: "You're a beautiful star that shines in the night". Megan is satisfied and says that's about right. Sitting next to her, Tucker reads his second. It says: "Many will follow your wise guidance". Tucker is pleased saying cool. Across from them is Quinn who's not convinced and tells them they are just dreaming.

Vange is thrilled and excited to see that hers is a coupon for one free egg roll. Vange is thrilled smiling with excitement saying that she's all for it. Megan asks Quinn (in an all right wise guy tone) what his says. Quinn reveals that his is blank, Vange mocks him saying that it means he has no future, and laughs. Quinn doesn't believe it and asks Andy what the point of them were for.

Andy says because his story is about Fortune Cookies. Nobody really believes them, because usually they're forgotten just after we read them. But what if the fortune that was read from those cookies turned out to be true? Also what if the fortune you received turned out to be a bad one? Then that means your Fortune Cookie, would really be a Misfortune Cookie.

Quinn rudely interrupts, demanding another Fortune Cookie. Vange annoyed snaps at him saying if she only gets one, then he only gets one, Quinn seems exasperated and just sits down.

Andy throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while he submits his story for approval for the Midnight Society. He calls his story "The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie" and begins the story.


Andy tells the story. The Emerald Garden was a Chinese restaurant owned and ran by the Lee family. It was located in the city's Chinatown. Despite not being very popular, it was known for its good food. Everyone in the family had to pitch in working long hours.

One morning, the teenage son David desperately asked his father Mr. Lee if he could skip work on Saturday night. So he could go to his friend Sean's party. His father said no, because Saturday night was their busy night. So his help would be needed.

David was mad, he complained that it wasn't fair that he never got a break. Because according to him, he was the hardest working person in the family. Therefore if not for him, the place would go under. Feeling annoyed, he says that he wished it would. So he wouldn't have to slave in it anymore. His dad is mad and tells him that he will pretend he didn't hear that, and then leaves. David's mom apologizes to him for what happened. Also she tells him not to worry, because someday things will change for the better. When his mom leaves, his Grandfather is shown watching him with concern.

Then the produce courier Eddy comes in. Eddy is bad news. Eddy is a shady and dishonest thug. Eddy steals a bit of money when nobody is looking. To ease off Grandfather Lee's suspicion, he gets David to sign the received order. David tells Eddy, one day his signature will become valuable. David says that he soon plans to leave the lame restaurant. Then to go to art school. Then with his skills, he'll eventually have his own comic book series. Soon he will become rich and famous and not waste his life, like how the rest of his family are. Eddy laughs at his character R Man (possibly Rat Man) and at his dreams. Eddy says he's heard them all before, about how his uncle blew his dreams. David says he is serious and that he is leaving for art school when he has his tuition.

Eddy has a crush on David's sister Theresa. So he tries to ask her out that night. Theresa knows he is not a suitable guy. Then from the guidance from her older brother, she rightfully rejects him. She says no and puts her homework first. Theresa is also pleased to tell her brother some good news. The news is that, with his help and support, she got high honors on her report card. She proudly says that he is her guardian angel. Then as a token of her appreciation, she gives him a small gold and silver angel.

That evening, Grandfather Lee has a gift for David. It is a family heirloom, that was given to him when he was David's age. Now it is his turn to receive it. The gift is small wooden box with two Chinese warriors on it. It is symbolizing a struggle between good (white) and evil (black). It is locked and David tries to open it. He is told that it is not meant to be opened. It is meant to be admired for what it is; not what it might be. David is annoyed asking what good it is, if he can't open it. Theresa tells their grandfather that it is beautiful. So David should just appreciate it for what it is. Grandfather Lee tells David to just try and appreciate what he has. Because, sometimes if you plan too far ahead, you might end up wondering whether or not you made the right choices.

That evening, David works on his R Man comic book. Then he takes wire cutters and cuts open the lock on the box. The box opens to reveal that it holds six beautiful golden fortune cookies. David, realizes that they may worth a fortune. Then the next morning, he runs off to sell them. On his way out, he bumps into Theresa. She is furious to see that he opened the box when being told not to. Also she is amazed to see what is inside the box. Theresa is furious that David is wasting no urge to sell them. She respectfully understands that they are a family heirloom. Since they have been in the family for many years.

David feeling fed up with his unfair life, says he doesn't care. He just wants his art school tuition. Then he can leave as soon as possible. They fight over the box. Then it falls and they all spill out. Theresa is called to bring in some vegetables. She is mad telling him to wait for her, saying that she'll be right back. When picking up the cookies, one has broken open. The fortune reads: "One should find perfect existence, through imperfect existence". David thinks it's dumb and laughs it off.

Then suddenly, it gets dark and the sun solar eclipses. Then a moment later it passes. Now the wooden box has disappeared. David returns to the front of the restaurant. To his amazement, a huge line of people are waiting to go inside. A Tall Doorman says he can't let him in without a reservation, so David is confused and leaves. A Limo Chauffeur calls him sir. Then he asks him if he wants to go to another restaurant, or return to the mansion. He is confused. Then he tells the Chauffeur he must have the wrong guy and runs off.

David sneaks inside through the kitchen. Then to his amazement, he can see that they now have a full successful cooking staff, lead by a master cook. David can see the restaurant has become a real success. Also his parents have now become rich and successful snobs. They even have their master cook Mr. Chin, pose for a picture for the newspaper with them. David can see that Theresa has drastically changed. She is now a rebellious punk. Also, she wears a leather jacket and has dyed her hair purple. Her attitude is now very negative. She also refers to her parents as pigs. She asks their mom for money, but she is told that she needs to earn it. Theresa then disrespects their father. She says that she can't stand him and storms off.

David follows her outside, and he is shocked to see that she is now dating Eddy. He overhears her saying that, she knows how to get a lot of money fast. David confronts her, asking her about why she is dating and helping Eddy. She has no clue who he is. He tells her that he is her brother. She says that she has no brother. Eddy tells him to back off and they leave.

David is shocked by the sudden change of behavior and events. David runs inside to speak to their parents. Then to ask Grandfather Lee, about the Fortune Cookies. His father is furious, he says that he doesn't know him or what he wants. Also that his father died a long time ago. Hearing this, David is mortified to hear his Grandfather is dead. David is then kicked out of the restaurant wherein his father threatens to report him to the authorities should he return and persist. He is still shocked, asking them if they really don't know him. David's mom upsettingly approaches him. She tells him she that doesn't, and that she never had a son and to go away.

David, shocked, opens the door. This time smoke blows out and a Chinese Warrior jumps out. The Warrior is dressed in black studded armor and wields a long and razor sharp bisentō. The Warrior shows off his impressive fighting skills. Then David runs off scared from it. David runs into the Chauffeur again. He tells David, he has an autograph session in an hour. The session is for his comic book R Man. This is his comic book. Which is now the best-selling graphic novel in history. David sees Theresa running by and goes after her. On the way, he runs into the Warrior again. The Warrior is trying to block his way, but David evades him and goes up to Theresa's room.

In her room, she reveals that she's miserable. Apparently all their parents care about is their successful restaurant. Also that they never spend time with her. Then he finds out that she likes his comic book, and admits he created it. Theresa says that he must be happy being a rich comic book artist. So she is now ready to run off with Eddy. Also that she's going to sell the Fortune Cookies to get the money they need. She informs him that her grandfather gave them to her before he died, and she has no choice.

Then David realizes that he's entered an alternate world. One where he was born, but he was never a member of the Lee family. Since he wasn't born into the family, the parents were short-handed. So they hired Mr. Chin as their cook, which turned out to be a very wise choice. But the downside is that Theresa never had an older brother. Therefore Theresa never had any guidance or protection from one. So she never knew enough to stay away from the wrong type of guys. Also as a ripple effect: Grandfather Lee has died some time ago.

He says that he needs the Fortune Cookies to set things right. She is confused, because since he's a rich comic book artist, he should be happy. She stands by her decision that selling the valuable cookies is she and Eddy's only chance. He tries to stop her, by telling her that Eddy is bad news. She just ignores him and grabs the cookies and runs off. Then suddenly, loud knocking comes at the bedroom door. The Warrior is back again and it approaches him, he backs away. David yells at it, demanding to know who it is, and why it's chasing him. He gets no answers, and runs away again. He catches Theresa, just as she and Eddy are taking off on his motorcycle. David tells her not to go. Then she tells him to get lost and they speed off.

The Warrior returns again, however this time David doesn't run away. David finally faces his fears and confronts it. Then he asks it why it has been chasing him. The Warrior speaks in a serious tone. He tells him, that he's not chasing him. Instead he has been trying to protect him from going back to the life that he hated. The Warrior tells David that he has what he wants now.

  • No family to hold him back.
  • No responsibility.
  • More money than he could ever imagine.

The Chauffeur pulls up to him, and the Warrior tells him to enjoy his new life. For a moment David considers getting inside the limo. Then he changes his mind, when he sees the angel in his pocket. The very one that his sister gave him the other day. 

He confronts the Warrior saying that he wants his old job back. The Warrior reminds him that he hated his old job. Then he throws the bisentō away and pushes the Warrior. He tells it, that he wants his family back. The Warrior reminds him, that his family got in his way. Then he tells The Warrior he wants his life back. the Warrior asks him why. Since he now has everything he always wanted.

Finally David stands up to the Warrior. He tells him that if it means giving up his family is the only way to get it, then he doesn't want it. Suddenly the Warrior collapses against the wall. Then in a dying tone, he tells David that since he feels this way, then his good side has won. David slowly takes off the Warrior's Kabuto. He is shocked to see that the Warrior was actually him as his bad side.

Suddenly the sky darkens, then the sun eclipses again. When it passes, the Chauffeur and the Warrior are both gone. He has the wooden box and the lock is intact again. He returns to the restaurant and is relieved to see that it is the same again. Also that his family members are the same again. He tells them all how much he loves them all. Then he advises Theresa to never dye her hair purple.

David nervously asks where his Grandfather is, and he is relieved to see him. He tells Grandfather Lee he feels great. Also that he now believes that he has found perfect existence, through imperfect existence. Grandfather Lee is proud of him. He tells him that he has now learned the most valuable lesson (hinting the fact that he knew that this was just what David needed to experience).

Suddenly, Mr. Chin the Cook comes in. He says that he's come to apply for the part-time cook job. David remembering him from the alternate world, has a good vibe about him. Therefore he encourages his parents to just hire him on the spot, promising them that they won't regret it.


Andy ends his story by saying The End. Vange is amazed and says Wow, Quinn says it was an excellent story. Megan is impressed and asks Andy what his fortune says. Andy reads his out loud and it says: "Many do not hear your song, but it is beautiful!" Tucker and Megan are really impressed and she says it's really sweet. Quinn is disgusted by how mushy it sounds and says "Eww..." Vange tells him off telling him that it's not even his fortune.

Quinn tries to rush everyone to get up and leave. He tells them the show is over and it's getting late. Vange is excited saying she is getting her free egg roll. Quinn agrees to put out the fire and rushes the others to leave, the other three quickly leave. Quinn puts out the campfire, then he sneaks into Andy's forgotten baseball cap and takes another Fortune Cookie.

However, the joke is on him. The Fortune tells him: "I told you Quinn, only one fortune a piece!", realizing Andy prepared for him to try that, He gets mad and screams "Andy you're so dead meat!" and runs off to get him.

  • Andy's first story.
  • Adam MacDonald, who portrayed Eddy, later reappeared in the show again. He next appeared in the episode, "The Tale of Highway 13" as Bulldog.
  • Russell Yuen, who portrayed Mr. Chin the Cook, later reappeared in the show again. He next appeared in "The Tale of the Laser Maze" as The Tae-Kwon-Do Instructor.
  • Jason Cavalier, who portrayed The Chinese Warrior, previously appeared in an episode of the original series. He first appeared in "The Tale of Station 109.1" as Sid the Mechanic.
  • Floria Chu (Theresa) was in the Goosebumps episode Let's Get Invisible as Erin.
  • The use of the guardian angel is likely a reference to It's a Wonderful Life, as this episode is a take on the story.