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The Tale of the Mystical Mirror
Season 5 , Episode 3
Air date November 11, 1995
Written by David Wiechorek
Directed by Craig Pryce
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The Tale of the Mystical Mirror is the third episode of the Fifth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well the Fifty-fifth episode in total.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Story Cast[]


The night begins with Tucker, roasting a wiener on a stick over the campfire. Gary annoyed tells him that it's a not a picnic, Stig, hands him a cooked hot dog and tells him to lighten up and to have some mustard. Gary moves his hand away and Stig misses the hot dog and squirts the ground landing on a seat. Stig snaps at him telling him to look what he did. Gary, mad tells them to put the food away immediately. Tucker disappointed calls him a kill joy.

Then Betty Ann, Sam and Kiki all come in together and Betty Ann says she‘s not really comfortable with this. Kiki tells her I don't blame you. Stig asks her what she has and Betty Ann says she has makeup because her mother wants her to get all dolled up for a family portrait.

They all sit down, with Betty Ann sitting on the storyteller's chair. Gary asks her what the big deal is? Betty Ann says that she just doesn't like the idea of changing your looks, to fit someone else's idea of what beauty is. Sam says it's just a little makeup. She says that she knows and that it's fine for some people. Because sometimes people place to much importance on looks. Stig says he'll chow to that and munches down on his hot dog, with Kiki watching in disgust.

Betty Ann says that's what her story is about. Because some people spend a whole lot of time worrying about their looks. But looks can be deceiving, and sometimes mirrors lie.

Betty Ann, throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while she submits her story for approval of The Midnight Society. She calls her story "The Tale of the Mystical Mirror".


Betty Ann tells the story. The story first takes place late night in the woods on the night of a full moon A beautiful young black haired girl named Tannis is walking along. As she’s walking a sinister woman's voice is calling out to her by her name over and over again, and telling her to come to me. Suddenly a woman in a hooded cloak grabs her by the shoulder.

Tannis screams and runs off in fear, moving along she passes a campground with a couple of wooden stick cages and a big burning bonfire. Suddenly her stomach feels sore and she feels sick and in severe pain, and is almost immobilized by the pain. Then the hooded cloaked woman closes in on her sinisterly calling out her name. Tannis tries to make a run for it, but she falls down on her hands and drops her compact mirror and screams her head off. This happens as the full moon in the sky is shown and in a few seconds her screams change to the sounds of a howling dog.

Next the story picks up in daytime at a beauty shop and boutique in the woods called "Elysian Beauty Store. This is where Tannis worked and apparently her disappearance among the employees is believed to be that she ran away from home. Along the trail walks a beautiful young blonde teenage girl named Laurel. She along with a girl named Vicki worked with Tannis in the beauty store. Laurel has brought her friend Cindy with her. Cindy is average and very self-conscious about her appearance. Laurel believes in Cindy and just knows she can become a beauty to and can get the position of Tannis' old job at the Beauty Shop.

Inside the Beauty Shop they meet with Vicki. Vicki is a beautiful Asian teenage girl, who’s working behind the counter as a cashier. Vicki is a little arrogant, rude and cold. When asked by them where Ms. Valenti the owner of the shop was, she rudely said to them "How should I know?", While waiting for the shop to open and meet with Ms. Valenti. Laurel and Cindy sit down and Laurel tries to give her a little touch up with makeup.  Laurel says with a little blush and lipstick she'll look great. Cindy laughs when hearing this and says she'll look like Zeebo the Clown.

Laurel assures her that she'll look great, and Vicki didn't look so good when she first came to shop either looking like a bowser. Hearing this Vicki says ha ha ha very funny. Suddenly when Vicki stops working on her fingernails, she notices Laurel is giving Cindy a free touch up. She coldly tells them that free stuff is only for employees. When Cindy is asked to reach for some blush on the desk she accidentally knocks over a bottle of perfume spilling it on Vicki's dress. Vicki is really mad and develops an immediate dislike for Cindy, and refers to her as one of Laurel's dumb friends. Also to warn her next time she brings one over, so she'll know when to wear something old.

Next the most beautiful blonde woman comes into the shop. She’s the shop owner Ms. Valenti. She cordially and politely speaks to Vicki and Laurel and tells them that the new fashions for the store have just come in and they are fabulous. She tells Laurel and Vicki that she'll let her two beauties see them first. Hearing this they’re both very pleased.

Cindy, feeling shy and nervous hides behind Laurel. Laurel introduces her to Ms. Valenti. Ms. Valenti very politely says hello to her and asks her if she's looking to buy anything? She nervously says she came to apply for the job opening. Ms. Valenti, says that to work at she shop, her customers expect her beauties to have a certain look. This is because they serve to the finest and present themselves accordingly. Vicki laughs hearing this and says "yeah no geeks allowed! Cindy‘s feelings are hurt when hearing this, and says okay I get it and is ready to give up and leave.

Ms. Valenti, asks her to wait and leads them to the inside of another room. There are multiple black and white photos of beautiful women on the walls. She says it because she wants her customers to always be surrounded by beauty when they come to the shop. Cindy notices in the middle of the room on a small gold framed oval mirror. She seems a bit fixated on it, then stops looking. She asks Ms. Valenti how long she has had her shop for? Ms. Valenti says it seems like forever. Laurel tells Cindy that her grandma used to shop at it to.

Ms. Valenti picks up the mirror and looks at her reflection with admiration, while she tells them that the shop has been in for family for years. Also her family believes that beauty is a woman's most important thing, and something that most taken very good care. Also never underestimate the value of true beauty. Cindy goes back to the topic of getting the job and to her surprise, Ms. Valenti says she hopes she will take it, as she believes that Cindy could become a fine beauty...with a little help.

Ms. Valenti then decided to give Cindy a makeover. Cindy's eyes are applied with gray eye shadow, her lips with red lipstick, her cheeks with rouge powder to make them slightly rosier and her ears are adorned with quartz studded earrings. Her hair is also untied and worn loose, brushed to the extent that it flowed around her shoulders and she wore a sleeveless black dress, with black flats, black stockings and a necklace of quartz and jet around her neck.

Meanwhile, in the shop Laurel and Vicki are having a little argument. Laurel wants her watch back, but Vicki complains because she told her that she could borrow it for a week. Laurel a little pushy, insists because she needs it for that night because she’s going out on a date with her boyfriend Ron. Vicki gives in and and is about to give her the watch back.

Then Ms. Valenti walks in and presents to them the new and improved Cindy. Laurel thinks she looks wonderful and tells her that the guys will just love her. Cindy has doubt and says they probably won't even notice. Ms. Valenti, says she’s sure that they will. Next she gives Cindy a special compact mirror, which she says she gives one to all of her beauties. Then suddenly Ms. Valenti's hand starts cramping and aching with pain.

Cindy asks Ms. Valenti if she's okay and a little wiped out says she’s fine and asks Laurel to show Cindy around the store while she goes to rest. Cindy peeks into the room and watches Ms. Valenti staring into her mirror and the conjuring up a flash of burning magic. This seems to heal her hand and rejuvenate her. Cindy is very shocked by this and becomes very suspicious of her.

Time passes to nighttime and Cindy changed back in her old clothes leaves with Laurel. She shows Laurel the compact mirror she got and Laurel says she has one to. Cindy then asks her what time she's meeting her boyfriend. Laurel then realizes that Vicki never gave the watch back to her, and since her boyfriend gave it to her she wants to wear it tonight. Cindy suggests they stop by Miss. Valenti's house so she can pick up her watch.

At Ms. Valenti's house, Vicki is very impressed with all the nice new clothes there is. Vicki is most taken by a beautiful denim hat, with a pink rose on it. Ms. Valenti says she can have it and hearing this Vicki is speechless. She tells Vicki it was made for her and hands her a mirror to look at it, unknown to her this is the mystical mirror. Suddenly as she stares into the mirror, she slowly falls into a trance. Then Ms. Valenti convinces her to drink a chalice of potion by telling her if she drinks it she can have her beauty forever.

Vicki drinks the potion, then suddenly falls down in agonizing pain, moaning and gasping. While Miss. Valenti just sinisterly and sadistically watches it happen. Then Vicki screams her head off in pain. Then in just seconds her eyes glows bright white and the sound of her screaming changes to the howling of a dog.

Then Laurel and Cindy stop by Ms. Valenti's house. She’s very happy to see them invites them in. Laurel explains they came to see Vicki because she has her watch. Ms. Valenti lies to them and tells them that Vicki never showed up. Laurel sits down and is also most taken with the beautiful denim hat, with a pink rose on it. While Laurel is distracted looking through all the pretty clothes, Cindy spots Laurel's watch on a nearby table and is stunned to see it there. Ms. Valenti asks her to sit down and join them, but she needs to go to the bathroom. Ms. Valenti tells her to put some makeup on because she looked a little bit pale.

While Cindy heads upstairs to the bathroom on the walls on the way are many old paintings and black and white pictures. The pictures date back as early as the 1920's of beautiful women all looking very similar to Ms. Valenti. Suspicious she quietly calls around Vicki by her name hoping to find her somewhere but doesn't. Meanwhile Laurel is now staring into the Mystical Mirror and is beginning to fall under a trance. When Cindy gets to the bathroom she is confused because there are no mirrors in the room.

To improvise she takes out the compact mirror to apply her lipstick. Then she makes a shocking discovery, on the wall behind her is a beautiful picture of Miss. Valenti. However when you look at the reflection of the picture in a mirror she looks old, ugly, wrinkled and elderly.  While downstairs Laurel has now fallen completely into a trance. As Cindy comes back downstairs she examines the reflections of the rest of Miss. Valenti's painted portraits and black and white pictures. The reflection of each one reveals her to actually look, old, gray, withered and elderly.

She enters the doorway to the drawing room where Ms. Valenti is caressing Laurel's hair. She looks at Ms. Valenti’s reflection in her compact mirror and her reflection is old and elderly and appears that way even as she speaks to Cindy asking if something is wrong. Cindy scared and freaked out tries to convince Laurel to leave with her. Laurel under a complete trance says she doesn't want to. Then Ms. Valenti shows her the door and kicks her out.

When Cindy is gone, Ms. Valenti convinces Laurel to drink a chalice of potion telling her if she does she can keep her beauty forever. Cindy watching from the window screams no and bangs on the window. Laurel drank it but seems to break out of the trance. Cindy screams for her to get out of the house, and Laurel feeling immediate pain in her stomach runs out in a flash. Cindy and Laurel run off through the woods. Then suddenly Laurel is in so much excruciating pain she immediately feels the potion taking effect in her stomach. After coughing a bit Laurel's eyes glow bright white and she screams and turns into a dog. Cindy is terrified  and shocked, but Ms. Valenti who just arrived to capture Laurel looks thrilled and delighted.

Ms. Valenti says she finally has her three beauties. Cindy terrified screams and runs off, when she runs off she hears the barks of more dogs and sets out to follow their sound. At a nearby Campground the dog forms of Tannis and Vicki are locked in stick cages. While a bonfire is burning, the Mystical Mirror stands high on a stand and Ms. Valenti is sharpening a knife!

Cindy walks in as Ms. Valenti raises the dagger to begin the sacrificial ritual. She says  "Three dogs who spoke as woman fair, your beauty will live in me for eternity! What she’s going to do isn’t explained, she’ll kill them and then eat their tongues and drink their blood. The Laurel Dog keeps barking for help and Cindy sneaks in while Ms. Valenti isn't looking and grabs the mystical mirror.

Ms. Valenti, closes in to begin sacrificing them. She’s about to begin with Laurel when Cindy makes her presence known. Furious and scared she threaten to smash the mirror if she doesn't free them and change them back. Ms. Valenti tries to manipulate and trick her by asking her what she wants. Also she tries to convince her that she can stay young and beautiful forever. Cindy is strong and resists the temptation. Ms. Valenti then tries to persuade her to look into the mirror and fall into a trance telling her she can have anything she wants. Then asks her what it is she really wants?

Then it seems Cindy's emotions were too strong, and she was able to resist the mirror's power. Because at first Cindy was looking at the mirror saying what I want.. what I want. Then she shakes it off and in a mad tone, and says is my friend back! Then with all her strength she smashed the mystical mirror on the ground. The mirror smashed in a huge sparkling flash. Cindy watched in terrified horror, as Ms. Valenti began scream no at the top of her lungs as her real age rapidly caught up with her. She rapidly began ageing away. First to an elderly woman, then died of old age. Then she turned into a skeleton and then she turned to dust and exploded.

Instantly Tannis, Vicki and Laurel were changed back to normal and Cindy freed them from their cages. The four of them with shock examined the dusty remains of Ms. Valenti, because even though she was so beautiful, she was a pure evil witch.


As Betty Ann ends the story she says that both the house and the beauty store disappeared. All that was left of Ms. Valenti's beautiful illusion was dust and a pile of rubble. Tucker asks her if she’s a beauty or a beast? She smiles and says that she’s neither because she’s just herself even if she'll wear makeup. Stig asks Gary if they're done now. Then Gary in an "oh all right" tone says Uh yes. Stig excited says let's eat. now everyone happily gets together and cooks hot dogs over the campfire.