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The Tale of the Quicksilver
Season 3 , Episode 11
Air date April 2, 1994
Written by Wendy Brotherlin
Directed by Michael Keusch
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The Tale of the Quicksilver is the Eleventh episode of the Third season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Thirty-Seventh episode in total.


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That evening, we see it is a very nice evening. Sam and Kiki are resting on the ground staring at the stars in the sky. They say it's such a nice night, perfect for a tale of terror. Suddenly, Tucker pops in from behind them, and scares them by shouting ha! Gary, asks him what's he doing. Tucker wearing a cape says he's getting ready for fright night. He the proceeds to really annoy Sam and Kiki by loudly blowing a flute off-key. Then he says it's from their dad's Magic Shop, which is supposed to make it rain.

Tucker walks around, irritatingly blowing and blasting the flute around. Gary is annoyed, and he snaps at him telling him he's not supposed to take their dad's stuff. Then afterwards, Tucker blows it in close to Frank's face. Frank threatens to pound him if doesn't stop. Tucker then complains that their dad's magic stuff never works anyways.

Kiki, with enthusiasm tells him to never say never. Possibly because, he might just be doing it wrong. Tucker is intrigued and asks her if she really thinks so. Kiki says that you never know the power of something magical, until it's been tested. Then she says if you believe in magic, then you know it can be very powerful. But only if you understand how to use it. Magical powers can be used for good, but if you don't what you're doing watch out! Because that same power can turn against you.

Kiki throws in the campfire dust, to intensify the fire. Then she submits her story for the approval of The Midnight Society, titling her story "The Tale of the Quicksilver" and begins.


Kiki, tells the story. The story begins late at night time inside a big house. There we see a pretty young teenage girl in her white night gown. She is doing a magic ritual, she begins by drawing a door on the wall in chalk. Saying "To trap a creature of night, trace a door on a wall with chalk so white". She dangerously has several white candles lit in a circle, along with a brazier burning incense and herbs. Reading her magic book, she attaches a spoon to a stick for a wand.

Then she prepares a white jewel amulet. She says the incantation "Arabarius loekaradee, creature of darkness come to me!". Suddenly an evil demon appears in a long brown ragged cloak. With her wand. she tries to command him to stay where he is. But it is not working and he begins slowly walking over to her. Terrified, she reaches for the amulet and accidentally knocks over one of the candles. The candle goes rolling into the wall and sets the curtain on fire.

She tries to command the demon to enter the amulet, saying "Arabarius loekaradette, I command you enter this amulet!". It doesn't works and she panics saying it a few more times. Then suddenly the whole bedroom is on fire and the door is stuck and she can't get out. She yells for help, but no one can hear her. She then screams in terror as the fire spreads. It burns up the whole room, and the demon closes right in on her.

2 years later, a new family moves into the house, and we see what appears to be Frank? Turns out that it is just someone who looks like Frank named Aaron Johnston. His family has just moved into the house. When his little brother Doug first enters their bedroom, he mentions how cold the room feels. He says that it is as if a gust of wind is slightly blowing around. That night are Aaron and Doug are sleeping, when suddenly what seems to be a little earthquake happens. Their beds are wiggling and shaking out of control. Aaron at first thinks it's just some prank Doug is playing, but he swears it isn't. When the lights are turned on it stops. Now Doug seems to be a slight bit out of it.

The next day when Aaron gets to his new school, he accidentally bumps into a beautiful young girl. She drops her math book, and they smile at each and apologize. The teacher Miss Berg introduces Aaron to the class. Then she pairs him to sit next the beautiful girl, who is named Connie. Then on his way to his seat, something strange happens. A gust of wind follows him making peoples notes and papers blow. Then they all bend down to pick them up.

Aaron apologizes to Connie for making her papers fall, and she says it's okay. When they both bend down to pick them up, they accidentally hit their heads together. Suddenly for some strange reason, Aaron's desk begins to float and levitate in the air. He has no idea what is going on, or who or what is doing it. Then it falls to the floor and bangs down. Miss Berg thinks he's being a class clown and tells him she isn't amused. Then she sternly tells him that her class her has no room for comedians. Suddenly, he bends over to pick up his pencil and for some weird reason it rolls all the way up the classroom. It rolls all the way up too Miss Berg's foot, and she is not too happy about it. She stares daggers at him, telling him he's not making a good start.

Aaron meets his brother Doug, after school. He tells him all about the weird things that happened to him in class that day. He says he thinks he might be jinxed or cursed or something. He asks Doug if he's okay mentioning that he looks a slightly sick, Doug says he is fine. Connie bumps into them and Aaron drops his books. He and Connie both bend down to pick them up. Then they hit their heads together a second time (old saying is that if a boy and girl hit their heads three times, it's a sign of love), while picking up his books, he stares at her in admiration. She tells him she really likes his necklace. He thanks her, telling it was his grandfather's pilot wings necklace. A necklace his grandfather got from serving in a war, and it's real silver. She nicely smiles at Aaron, telling him she'll see him tomorrow. Then when she leaves, Doug teases Aaron and mocks him saying that he's got a girlfriend, which Aaron says he does not.

Later that night when they're asleep, Aaron has a dream, almost like a blurry mirage. He's standing around their bedroom, he can even see Doug and himself sleeping in their beds. He waves his hand right through himself and comments about how cool his dream is. Suddenly he hears a person saying, "To trap a creature of night, trace a door on a wall with chalk so white". He notices that the person looks like Connie. He calls to her, but she doesn't answer him. Next he notices that she is doing a magic ritual, with lit candles and burning herbs and incense. The person who looks like Connie says "Arabarius loekaradee, Creature of Darkness come to me!". Then for a moment Aaron is confused about who she is talking to. Suddenly from the door drawn on the wall, the evil demon appears and he backs away in terror.

Aaron watches as she tries to command the demon to stay where he is. The demon doesn't listen and keeps moving towards her. Then he watches as she tries to command it to enter the amulet. She says "Arabarius loekaradet, I command you enter this amulet!", but it doesn't work. Suddenly he realizes the room is on fire and she is screaming in panic and terror as the demon closes in on her. Then the bedroom burns more fiercely, and the door gets stuck trapping her inside. She turns to him and tells him "I was wrong! I did it wrong!" Then Aaron wakes up from dream screaming in fear. He tells his brother about his nightmare, but Doug doesn't believe him at first. Doug is very sick now and has a coughing cold and a fever. Suddenly they can see that Aaron's silver pilot wings necklace moving by itself. The necklace is sliding down the lamp table across the floor. Then is goes under a wooden panel above the floor.

Aaron removes the panel at the bottom of the wall and retrieves his necklace. Then slowly, he looks inside and finds a partially burnt year book. Doug comes over to look at it with him. They look through the pages to find two pictures that look like Connie. There is one picture at the corner, with the name burnt off. The one next to it has a green Q drawn around it and the name says "Laura Turner". They are confused about who Laura Turner is. Then suddenly they look up and the Creature of Darkness is there! The creature has pepper green skin and brown eyes and a sinister smile on it's face. Then it slowly walks over to them, as they keep backing away screaming their heads off in terror. Then their parents come in, and it vanishes for some reason. They try to tell their parents there is a demonic ghost living inside the walls. However, their parents just think that from telling ghost stories again; Aaron had a nightmare. Also from Doug's bad cold and fever, that he is just seeing things. Then they tell them both to get to bed.

The next day at school, Aaron brings the burnt yearbook to school with him. He finds Connie and asks to speak with her alone, which she seems to happily to accept. He asks her if she is related to Laura Turner, because he needs to talk to her. Connie at first is mad, thinking he is mocking her and tells him that he isn't funny. He tells her he's not trying to be funny and asks her who she is. Annoyed, she tells him Laura is her twin sister. Then she asks him who got him to bug her about it. He asks her if there is a problem. Connie getting a little sad, informs him that Laura is dead. Aaron feels bad for her, telling her that he is sorry to hear that. She tells him to forget it and is about to walk away feeling upset. Aaron then he shows her the burnt yearbook, and feeling little shocked, Connie asks him how he got it.

Meanwhile, we see Doug who is staying at home from school for being sick. We can see that he is now dreadfully sick. To pass the time, he is reading through a book about ghosts and poltergeists, to find out who might be haunting them. Doug reads up about a ghost called a Quicksilver. He finds out, that it is the poltergeist of a teenage girl, known for the leaving the letter Q wherever they haunt. Doug with panic remembers that there was a Q on the wall. Then he slowly looks over to see that it's still there and it is and he is terrified. Next back at school, Connie explains that it's Laura's yearbook and asks him how he got it.

He reveals to her that he lives in her old house. He very nicely asks her how she died. Connie explains that about a year ago, they had only lived there for a few weeks. Then Laura started telling people it was haunted. Laura found out the house was built over an old cemetery and an evil creature was living in the walls. Also Laura was really sick, she had a very bad cold and fever. It was so bad, that even the doctors didn't know what was wrong. Laura said that the ghost was causing it. However, nobody believed her, they all thought it was the fever making her act crazy and hallucinate.

So Laura decided that she had to get rid of the ghost herself. We can see that Connie is getting really upset now, and almost crying. Connie then explains that Laura got a book on magic. Then one night she lit some candles, but nobody knew what happened and how the room caught on fire. Connie is now crying and she is too upset to say the rest because she loved her sister so much. Aaron says he knows what happened, which is she died in the bedroom fire caused by the demon. Later back at home Doug is coughing really badly. He looks over to his empty water glass, and he exasperatingly says that he's not getting more. Suddenly, a good force magically fills it back up for him. He then hides under his blankets in fear.

Aaron explains the dream he recently had to Connie. He explains that it was a message from Laura to tell him that she did the spell wrong. Therefore and if the spell is done right, then the demon can be stopped. Aaron explains to her that it's happening again. This time to his brother who is very sick, just like how Laura was very sick. Also that if they don't stop the demon, it will take Doug's life too. Also he tells her that she's didn't believe her sister the last time and to look what happened. Now the same thing is happening once again, and they need to try and stop the demon. Meanwhile, back at home suddenly an evil force shakes and wiggles the furniture. It spills away Doug's water, making Doug realize they're being haunted by both an evil demon and a good spirit.

Aaron finally convinces Connie, and she comes to their house with him. Aaron explains to Doug that Connie is going to try and help capture the evil demon. Doug sits on his bed and watches everything. They wait a little while until it gets dark outside. Then from reading Laura's magic book, they first they draw a door on the wall. Saying "To trap a Creature of Night, trace a door on a wall with chalk so white". They have lit the candles and set up the burning brazier with herbs and incense. Then they say "Surrounded by candlelight so pure, place incense and herbs in a brazier to burn!" , "Arabarius loekaradee, Creature of Darkness come to me!" The demon begins to appear and they're shock and terrified that it worked. Then Connie reads "As darkness ready, enter his cage! a wand made of oak tied with silver will hold the night creature at bay and forbid him to stray". Then she instructs Aaron to order the creature into the amulet, saying "Arabarius loekaradette" there he'll be for eternity kept.

When the Demon fully appears, Connie tries several times, commanding it to enter the amulet but it doesn't work. The demon sets his sights on Doug and closes in him and moves in closer and closer. Doug freaks out for Aaron to do something, Aaron and Connie are trying their best to control the demon, but it's not working. The demon approaches Doug at his bed and grabs him and then vanishes. Aaron remembers Laura telling him that she did the ritual wrong, and tries to figure out what they missed. Connie tells him to hurry as the Demon reappears and sets his sights on them. When Aaron rereads the book he realizes the wand wasn't made with a silver spoon, it was made with a steel spoon. This was the reason why it never worked. Then he rips off his silver necklace and places it into the wand. He commands the Demon to stay, and the wand finally works.

Aaron commands it to enter the amulet saying "Arabarius loekaradette, I command you enter the amulet!" the white amulet shines bright with light. Then the Demon obediently enters the amulet. Then Doug returns from nowhere and he is instantly feeling all better. Then suddenly Laura's spirit enters the room from the wall's door. Connie apologizes to her for not believing her before. Laura smiles but doesn't speak, she takes the amulet (possibly for safekeeping). Connie and Laura each blow each other a kiss. and touch hands for the last time. Then Connie gazes as Laura enters the wall and disappears, knowing one day they will be reunited.


As the story ends, Kiki says: "Because Connie finished what her sister started; Doug got better. Then neither ghost was ever seen again.", and ends the story. Tucker smiling in a good mood, says: "So if you're going to use magic, make sure you do it right." Gary puts out the fire and declares their meeting officially closed. Then Tucker takes out the magic flute and tries it again. This time he plays on a key note, and suddenly a heavy rainstorm begins. Everyone runs for it, while he says "I didn't do it!", then smiles proudly the second time as he says, "I didn't do it!", realizing he might have done it, and he's impressed with his magical skills. Then Tucker quickly runs off to catch up with the others.

  • This was the first time it rained on The Midnight Society, the second time it rained was during "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure", the next time it rained was during "The Tale of C7".
  • Kyle Alisharan who portrayed Aaron Johnston, is the real life brother of Jason Alisharan, who plays Frank.
  • Tatyana Ali was famous for portraying the role of Ashley Banks on the sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • Though it may seem that Betty Ann wasn't there from the beginning of this episode, it can be assumed that she there was because it showed six people leaving at the end of the episode.
  • Ivan Smith who portrayed Mr. Johnston, reappeared two more times in the series. The second time he appeared in the episode, "The Tale of a Door Unlocked" as Mr. Birney. The third time he appeared in the series revivals episode "The Tale of the Wisdom Glass" as Trevor/Judge Day.
  • Stuart Stone and Daniel DeSanto, also worked together on the animated children show The Magic School Bus, as the voices of Ralphie Tennelli and Carlos Ramon.
    • Stuart Stone was also in the Goosebumps episode Phantom of the Auditorium as Brian Colson.
  • Composer Raymond C. Fabi has said this one of his favorites to work on.