The Tale of the Silver Sight: Part 1
Season 7, Episode 1
Air date April 2, 2000
Written by D.J. MacHale
Directed by Mark Soulard
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The Tale of the Silver Sight: Part 1 is the First episode, as well as Part One of the Season Seven premiere of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and the Seventy-Ninth episode in total.


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That night, a very familiar person is approaching the the clearing. He heads right into the secret circle where The Midnight Society meets. The person is no other than Tucker's older brother Gary, the original president of The group. Gary calls out to asks if he can join them for old time sake, explaining that it'll be all right because he's Tucker older brother and he used to be in charge.

However, only a small waif kid seems to be there,and seem to be focused on the campfire. Then he gets closer, and notices the changes (such as the old furniture) and remarks about them. He tries to get the kid's attention, then suddenly the waif kid turns around to face him and snarls. The Waif Kid reveals his frightening ghoulish face. Gary backs off terrified and makes a run for it. Then as he's running away, he bumps into his Grandfather Gene. Gene seems terrified and he's crying for his help. Gary then wakes up from his nightmare in shock, he then gets a phone call from his Grandma Aggie to find out that his Grandpa just died from a heart attack.

Then later that day, Gary goes over to console his upset Grandma. She explains that Grandpa Gene wasn't even sick, he came home the other day and something scared him. She explains that she tried to calm him down, but she couldn't, he was so angry and so scared that his heart gave out. Skeptically she says it seemed to have something to do with him, something important he needed to tell him. She explains Grandpa Gene was a wonderful man who loved telling stories. She then explains that he was very serious, to see to it that he got his piece of a broken record and his last story. The piece reads :"Listen to the music"

Then Tucker comes by to console their Grandma also. When Gary reads the incomplete story, he realizes it was from his dream and it's actually happening. Gary realizes they need to figure things out. Therefore he decides to show up to The Meeting tonight.

That night, Quinn says that their grandfather was the one who started The Midnight Society. Gary reveals that in 1937 Gene and his friends formed the first group. They cleared the woods, built the fire pit, the original seats and the storyteller's chair. Tucker then reveals there's been a Midnight Society coming to it ever since it's started. Andy is amazed to picture all of the stories that had ever been told there and Megan tells Gary that she bets their Grandfather told great stories.

Then as the group sits down, Gary takes out the paper and explains that before his grandpa died he was writing his last story. A story that'll be the most amazing story that The Midnight Society will ever hear. The story began over sixty years ago but it isn't finished (because he needs the current Midnight Society to finish it). The story is about best five friends who found a charm in a magic shop. They thought it was a good luck charm, but soon enough they found out that it all gave them was bad luck. Vange is excited saying it's a good start and to keep going. Gary continues explaining that the charm was called The Silver Sight, which held powerful black magic. When they found out it was evil, they tried to get rid of it only they didn't know how. Then soon enough, horrible things started happening. All because one of the friends betrayed the group by using the evil of charm.

Therefore, one of the friends took the charm and hid it. He gave each of the others one clue to reveal where he hid it. They figured they'd have to put all their clue together to find it, and working together is the only way to destroy it once and for all. Gary then explains that back in that time, there were no Compact Discs or Audio cassette tapes yet. Therefore the person made a record, he broke it into five pieces with a clue written down on each piece and gave each of his friends a piece and kept one for himself. To find it they would have to put all the pieces back together and listen to it. Quinn then asks the obvious question of why they don't just go find the person who hid it. Tucker then explains they can't, because the person who hid it died the next day.

Then suddenly Megan figures out it's not just a story and get them to admit it. Tucker confesses that it really did happen and shows them Gene's piece as proof, this horrifies everyone. Gary explains that the first Midnight Society disbanded after hiding The Silver Sight and ,it's been hidden all these years. That was until the other day, something involving it scared Grandpa Gene so bad he had a heart attack. Grandpa Gene left him a note explaining that that to track down the old Midnight Society and get their record pieces and locate The Silver Sight and destroy it, as it should have been years ago.

Tucker's Midnight Society is scared and confused, Gary explains that they are the only group that can be trusted and each of them needs to track down a member. Gary gives them the four names, Andy and Vange are assigned to work together while the others are assigned to find the record pieces. When they have them all, he and Tucker will confront and try to destroy the Silver Sight and find out what happened to their Grandpa. Gary can't guarantee that one of them won't encounter the group traitor and allows them to only help upon their own free will. Quinn, Andy, Megan and Vange are terrified, but they still agree to help. Gary arranges for them all to meet him at his dorm room the next door to discuss their progress.

On their way out, Andy reminds Gary for the sake of tradition he really should give this story a title. Gary for the first time in years, takes a handful of non-dairy creamer, to intensify the fire and throws it in. Then to everyone's shock the fire went out. They all are shocked because that's never happened before, and they all leave.

Then just after they leave the waif kid appears and begins to laugh diabolically as he makes the fire come back and suddenly the title appears which is The Tale of the Silver Sight.

Plot I: The General

The plot begins with Gary and Tucker visiting the oldest member of the original Midnight Society Laing Candle. The man is referred to as General. The man is a rich wheelchair bound war hero, living in a big mansion. He invites them both in, almost as if he had been expecting them. He comments to them about how much they both resemble their grandfather. The General expresses his condolences to hear their grandfather just died, also he happily mentions that he was indeed a member of the Midnight Society and gives them a copy of a black and white photo of the the 1937 Midnight Society as a souvenir.

Gary gets to the point of their visit, he explains that they've come to ask him about the silver sight, because their grandfather's last request was for them to track it down and destroy it. Just mentioning the silver sight, scares the General out of his skin. The General says it's the devil's tool and to stay away from it. They explain that they can't, because they need to track down all the record pieces and find it. Also they ask if they can be given his piece of the record too. The General seems very nervous, warning them not to touch it but if they must, he'll find his piece for them and asks them to come back a little later so he can find it. When they leave The General warns, them that no one who has ever touched the silver sight has emerged undamaged. Then on their way out, Tucker notices the creepy waif kid in the tattered old-fashioned clothing instantly appearing out of nowhere and then vanishing.

Then we see Grandma Aggie, calming herself down by reminiscing through all photos. When suddenly some unknown person enters her house. She hears it and calls out the names of both her grandsons but gets no answer, then she heads downstairs to see who it is. Then suddenly she encounters the person and it's an intruder masked and concealed in complete black attire. The intruder chases her all the way to her bedroom, she is horrified and locks herself in and she's trembling and sobbing.

Meanwhile, at Gary's Dorm room, the group meets back to discuss their progress so far. The group think Megan stinks because she's been searching in a sewer. Tucker shows the cool 1937 photograph. Gary asks how Andy and Vange are doing, Andy explains their having difficulty. They've checked the library, search the webs and called places but they can't find any record of Bruce McGorrill. Gary encourages them to keep trying, because they're bound to find something if they keep trying.

Then suddenly Gary answers the phone, and it's Grandma Aggie and she's so scared she's almost in shock. She informs that that someone's broken into her house and she's afraid he's gonna harm her. Then suddenly the phone line cuts off and the intruder tries to break down her bedroom door. Gary senses the danger and he and Tucker run over immediately. When they arrive, the intruder is gone. Grandma Aggie is upset because her whole house been torn apart and the intruder kept screaming at her demanding Gene's piece of the record. Aggie demands to know what's so important about a piece of broken record. Therefore, with Gary being in a hurry, he gives her Grandpa Gene's story to let herself find out.

Tucker returns to General Candle's estate to see if he's found his piece of the record yet. Tucker knocks on the door and calls out repeatedly, but The General doesn't seem to be home. Then suddenly, the creepy Waif Kid appears and offers to open the door for him. Then suddenly much to Tucker's surprise, the door is open and he lets himself in.

Tucker searches a couple rooms looking for the General, but he doesn't find him. Then in a study, he accidentally knocks over a small statue which creeps him out. Then he gets startled as he bumps into Quinn, they are both shocked to see each other in the same place and wonder what they are both doing there. Quinn takes a portrait off The General's wall and compares it the 1937 photograph and asks Tucker if it's Donna Tilton. Tucker confirms to him that it is, and Quinn leaves with the picture. Tucker says he can't just take it, but Quinn says yes he can because it doesn't belong to The General and he will explain later.

Then behind a desk, The Waif Kid appears, he treats the whole ordeal that he and his friends are going through, like it's a game. He states that Tucker shouldn't be playing, because he just didn't feel he's good enough to handle the power. The Waif Kid then instructs Tucker to go into a certain room, if he insists to keep on trying. Tucker is stumped and slowly enters the room.

The room has a collection of statues from different historic time periods. Then looking carefully, at the end of the room on a cushion on top of a pedestal, is The General's piece of the record. Tucker walks slowly through the two rows of statues. Then suddenly, the statue of a medieval Knight's armor comes to life and starts fighting him. Tucker quickly picks up a sword and shield and fights it off. Then another knight comes to life and begins fighting him and he defeats it by chopping it's arm and head off.

Then suddenly, two mores suits of armor come to life. One of them is a Samurai and the other one is a Swiss Guard. The Swiss Guard almost nails him by throwing a spear at him, which he just manages to avoid. Tucker obtains the spear and fights off the uniform of a WWI gas mask statue. Then he outsmarts both the Swiss Guard and The Samurai by trapping them in a big net. Then to top it all off, he chased by the statue of the armor of a huge Mongolian Hun fiercely chasing him while swinging a club.

Tucker runs as fast as he can to the pedestal. He then grabs the piece of record just in time. He reads the clue on the record piece and it says: "Not all the eyes are Brown". Then when he turns around, the room is back to normal and all the armor statues are neatly back in place. He runs out of the mansion terrified, and The Waif Kid shouts to him that he warned him and tells him that from here on, it'll only get worse. Tucker runs back home as fast as he can.

The episode ends with the message: To Be Continued.

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