The Tale of the Silver Sight: Part 2
Season 7, Episode 2
Air date April 2, 2000
Written by D.J. MacHale
Directed by Mark Soulard
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The Tale of the Silver Sight: Part 2 is the Second episode, as well as Part Two of the Season Seven premiere of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and the Eightieth episode in total.


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There is just a brief flashback from the previous episode. The Midnight Society is discussing what The Silver Sight, is and how they need work together to rack down the pieces of the broken record. This will allow them to tape the record back together and listen to it. Then they can find out where The Silver Sight was hidden all those years ago. Therefore, they can finally destroy The Silver Sight as it should have been done years ago, before it claim the lives of more innocent people. Then the title of the episode is announced as The Tale of the Silver Sight: Part 2.

Plot II: The Homecoming Queen

Quinn has been instructed to go to a junkyard. Quinn is confused thinking he can't possibly be in the right place, so he calls out for help. Then suddenly, he encounters a vicious black rottweiler! Quinn tries to back away from it, but it slowly approaches him growling. Quinn then taunts it saying f it wants to bite him, he has to catch him and begins to run away. Quinn then realizes the dog is gaining on him, so he's crying and screaming his head off for help. Then he bumps into a man walking by with a limp, he cowers behind the man in fear begging him for help, and to get the dog away. The mans seems confused claiming that there is no dog there and he doesn't even have a dog. Then Quinn just stands staring around in complete shock and confusion.

Quinn then approaches the limping man, and informs him he's trying to find someone. The man is cold, informing him he only has fifty years worth of junk and scrap, not people. When Quinn tells him he's trying to find Donna Tilton, he abruptly stops and asks him why he wants to find her. Quinn says because his club is trying to track down all the old members, he assures him he's cool and he's not trying to cause trouble. The Man realizes he means The Midnight Society and leads him into his office to talk with him.

Then inside the office, Quinn informs the man he found the address by asking people around and wants to know if whether or not he knows Donna Tilton. The man introduces himself as Vince and he says that back in high school, he and Donna were the golden couple, Homecoming King and Queen and everything. Vince describes her as a beauty and no one ever since has even come close. Vince says unfortunately they didn't get married, because soon he came across the worse case of bad luck there ever was. Almost like a dark cloud of it just settled over him. He explains he was a star athlete but he broke his leg. Then soon he nearly died in a serious car accident. Also after that his family's house caught fire, his family got out but he was seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

However, the worse was yet to come. When Vince was recovering in the hospital, Donna starting seeing another guy. Quinn is shocked to her this, but Vince couldn't blame her. This was because with his string of bad luck there was nothing going for him. Vince explains that he was going to try to get her back when he got out the hospital, but there was another accident. Donna and her new boyfriend went for a drive and they got into a serious accident and only Donna's new boyfriend survived. Vince explains the whole time, it felt like there was some force of power keeping him and Donna apart. Hearing this, Quinn apologizes for bringing up bad memories and leaves to inform his friends that Donna is deceased. Vince tries to make him wait to hear the rest of the story.

Then on Quinn's way out of the office, a rusty chain holding a written off car in place snaps. The car comes crashing into the office totaling it. Quinn saves Vince, by pushing him out of the way in the nick of time. Vince says he knows that The Silver Sight is after him again. Vince starts yelling at the sky for it to leave him alone, because it ruined his life. Quinn asks him since he knows about The Silver Sight, if he can help him find it. Vince just strictly advises him to leave it alone, or it'll cause him bad luck like it did for him.

Quinn then asks him if Donna ever mentioned a piece of a broken record to him. Vince freezes in his tracks and shows him her piece. He kept it for all these years as a necklace to wear in memory of her. Quinn asks him for it, but he can't bare to part with it. Vince makes him a deal, years ago when he was recovering in the hospital he drew a portrait of Donna. This portrait was stolen by her new boyfriend, who was none other than Laing Candle. Vince promises that if he can return the portrait to him, he'll give Quinn the record piece.

In Gary's dorm room, Quinn meets with Vange and Andy working on Gary's computer. He sees the old photograph of the 1937 Midnight Society and asks which one Donna Tilton is. Andy points to the pretty blonde girl, Quinn thanks him and borrows the photograph to help him track down the portrait.

Quinn heads over to General Laing's estate and knocks on the door but gets no answer. The door opens and The Waif Kid addresses him by his name, he's stumped about how he already knows his name. The Waif Kid says he knows lots of things such as looking for the portrait and leads him inside, he gets lost and wanders around checking various rooms.

Then he gets startled as he bumps into Tucker, they're both shocked to see each other in the same place and wonder what they are both doing there. Quinn takes the portrait off The General's wall and compares it the 1937 photograph and asks Tucker if it's Donna Tilton. Tucker confirms to him that it is, and Quinn leaves with the picture. Tucker says he can't just take it, but Quinn says yes he can because it doesn't belong to The General and he will explain later.

When Quinn is on his way out, he's startled to bump into The Waif Kid again and asks him to stop sneaking up on him. The Waif Kid tells him if he doesn't stop, soon he'll look like the picture. Quinn looks at Donna's portrait and suddenly it changes into a skull, he freaks out and drops it. When he picks it up, it's normal again, the Waif Kid is gone and he leaves.

Quinn returns the portrait of Donna to Vince, who cries tears of joy to have back at long last. Then as promised, he gives Quinn the piece of the record and warns him to be careful. Quinn checks the piece of the record and the clue says: "With many ups and and downs"

Then as Quinn is leaving, suddenly the rottweiler returns and begins viciously chasing him again. Quinn runs for his life screaming for help. Then he climbs over the fence and runs away, the rottweiler transforms into The Waif Kid who laughs insanely.

Plot III: The Tycoon

Megan arrives to a street named Walker Court by a taxi, the street is full of big fancy houses. She checks her written instructions for which house to go, and she's puzzled because she can't find house #224. Megan instead finds just a huge field of grass, bushes and trees. When Megan enters the field, she sees a girl walking by and calls out to her for help but the girl is gone when she gets there. The Waif Kid suddenly appears and informs her that the girl went into the sewers below. Megan then notices the manhole cover says #224 on it, Megan doubts it and backs away in disgust. The Waif Kid tells her he knows she is looking for The Silver Sight and to follow him in, because he knows where it is. Megan puts her pride aside and reluctantly follows The Waif Kid into the sewers.

Megan climbs down the slimy ladder in disgust and calls out to the Waif Kid that she's arrived. She just hears the Waif Kid laughing in the background. She enters a tunnel and suddenly a young nicely dress girl runs from her. She follows the girl into a into a small chamber. Megan is very confused and a bit freaked out, because the section is full of fancy furniture, an antique car and mousetraps everywhere.

Megan surveys the surroundings, until she encounters a husband and wife. They act as though they are a regular everyone day wealthy family, despite the fact they live in the sewers. The daughter name is Peggy and the son's name is Jim. They invite Megan to join them for some refreshments, Megan seems nervous and finds them to be creepy.

Joining them for tea, she sits next to the son Jim who seems to have an immediate crush on her. Then Mr. Gregory reveals that his mother Eleanor passed away years ago. She politely asks them why they live in the sewers, Mrs. Gregory says that they have no choice. Mr. Gregory say that his mother Eleanor made a fortune in the stock market before she was twenty. The family always had the finest of everything. Then suddenly it seemed like Eleanor was cursed, and she kept making wrong and unwise financial decisions. Then soon their stocks crashed and the banks called in the loans and soon loan sharks and debt collectors were after them. They lost just about everything including the mansion that used to be where the field is now. Therefore, they now live in hiding from their debt collectors and loan sharks and the authorities. Mr. Gregory is confident that someday they'll make a financial comeback but he's just not sure how.

Then Mrs. Gregory asks Megan why she's so interested in Eleanor. Megan comes forward and reveals that she and her friends are trying to track down The Silver Sight. Then suddenly, Mr. Gregory snaps, blowing a gasket. He immediately asks her to leave, claiming that the charm is what ruined his mother and caused them to live in the sewers like rats. Megan tries to calm him down, claiming that she and her friends just plan to find it and destroy it. Mr. Gregory, claims that it cannot be destroyed, it can only destroy you. Then he's so furious and snaps at her to get out and she leaves. Megan runs out of the tunnel to the ladder as fast as she can. When she's quickly stopped by the son Jim, he's more than willing to help her. Because who wants to live in sewers, and if destroying The Silver Sight can change that, then who wouldn't help her? Jim advises her to come back later when his father has calmed down.

Megan meets with her friends at Gary's dorm room. Andy complains that she's stinks, so Megan sprays herself with some perfume. Tucker then shows her the 1937 Midnight Society picture that The General gave to him and he expresses disgust that she stinks.

Gary asks how Andy and Vange are doing, Andy explains their having difficulty. They've checked the library, search the web and called places but they can't find any record of Bruce McGorrill. Gary encourages them to keep trying, because they're bound to find something if they keep trying. Gary then gets that distressing phone call from their Grandma and both he and Tucker rush over to help her.

Quinn arrives and asks what the awful smell is. Vange teasingly tells him that Megan has been in the sewer. Quinn says to him it smells more like bad perfume. Megan gets exasperated and storms off to go back to the sewer. Megan climbs into the sewer to see the Gregory family. When she gets down. she hears the Waif Kid laughing in the background. Then she finds General Laing Candle rummaging through all their possessions.

The General reveals he threatened to call the police, and the Gregory family ran off. Megan calls him out as the traitor and says he must been looking for their piece of the record. He asks her how many pieces have already been found, and she tells him it isn't his concern. The General says he can make her tell him. Megan thinks since he's in a wheelchair he's bluffing. and asks if he going to run her over. The suddenly, The General stands up revealing he can walk after all and begins chasing after her. The General chases her all the way down a long dark tunnel. When she cuts him off, he yells to her to leave things to him and to just go home because it's too dangerous.

Megan finds herself in a dark tunnel, and she hears a child calling for help. She finds The Waif Kid with his foot stuck in the train tracks. She tries her best to help pull his foot out, but it's really jammed in there. Also to make matters worse, a train is coming along! The Waif Kid frees himself, and tells her to leave The Silver Sight alone or she might get hurt and then vanishes.

Then Megan watches in terror as the train comes right at her and she braces herself, only for it pass through as just an illusion. She slowly catches her breath, and stops by the Gregory's hideout. There she finds an envelope from Jim asking her to please help them. The envelope contains their piece of the broken record, and it reads: "It's a race that has no winners".

The episode once again ends with the message: To Be Continued.

  • James Bradford, who portrayed General Laing Candle, had previously appeared in the original series years before. He first appeared in "The Tale of the Magician's Assistant" as Shandu.
  • Philip Spensley, who portrayed Vince, had previously appeared in the original series years before. He first appeared in "The Tale of the Hatching" as Mr. Taylor.
  • Bill Rowat, who portrayed, Mr. Gregory, had previously appeared in the original series. He first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Curious Camera" as Mr. Dorney.
  • Tod Fennell who portrayed Jim Gregory, previously appeared in "The Tale of the Forever Game" as Mark.

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