The Tale of the Silver Sight: Part 3
Season 7, Episode 3
Air date April 2, 2000
Written by D.J. MacHale
Directed by Mark Soulard
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The Tale of the Silver Sight: Part 3 is the Third episode, as well as Part Three of the Season Seven premiere of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and the Eighty-First episode in total.


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There is just a brief flashback from the previous episode. The Midnight Society is discussing what The Silver Sight is, and how they need work together to rack down the pieces of the broken record. This will allow them to tape the record back together and listen to it. Then they can find out where The Silver Sight was hidden all those years ago. Therefore, they can finally destroy The Silver Sight as it should have been done years ago, before it claim the lives of more innocent people. Then the title of the episode is announced as The Tale of the Silver Sight: Part 3.

Plot IV: The Riddle Man

The group meets back at Gary's Dorm room, to discuss their progress so far. The group thinks Megan stinks because she's been searching in a sewer. Tucker shows them the 1937 photograph. Gary asks how Andy and Vange are doing, Andy explains their having difficulty. They've checked the library, search the web and called places but they can't find any record of Bruce McGorrill. Gary encourages them to keep trying, because they're bound to find something if they keep trying. Then suddenly Gary gets that distressing phone call from his Grandma. Then he Tucker rush over to help her.

Quinn meets his friends back at Gary's dorm room. When he enters, he asks them what the awful smell is. Vange teasingly tells him that Megan has been in the sewer. Quinn says to him it smells more like bad perfume. Megan gets exasperated and storms off to go back to the sewer. Quinn then talks to Andy and Vange who have been busy working on Gary's computer. He sees the old photograph of the 1937 Midnight Society, and asks who Donna Tilton is. Andy points to the pretty blonde girl, Quinn thanks him and borrows the photograph to help him track down the portrait and takes off.

Andy gets frustrated from searching the internet for hours and claims that Bruce McGorrill couldn't have just vanished without a trace. Vange tells him that since the guy has been dead for over fifty years, it's obviously pretty hard to track down information about him. Vange tells them they searched the net, called the town hall, the schools and the hospitals and there is nowhere else to look. Then suddenly Andy realizes they haven't checked everyone, he takes out the phone book. They're shocked to find another B McGorrill in the phone book. They find out he lives at the Playland Amusement Park.

They arrive at Playland Amusement Park, and Vange goofs around looking into the warping mirrors. Then suddenly, she passes by the fortune teller's booth, and The Waif Kid is inside it. The Waif Kid calls her by name, and asks her if she'd like to have her fortune told. When Vange hers this, she's freaked out that he knows her name. Then Andy tells her they need to get going, when suddenly he gets startled bumping into an elderly man. The elderly man is very nice and friendly and apologizes for startling them. The man says he's Bob McGorrill, Bruce McGorrill's brother. Bob has a good feeling why they've come over to see him, and tells them he's been waiting a long time for them, practically ever since his brother died.

Bob explains that his brother Bruce always loving having fun and a good time. He explains that his Brother was just a teenager when somehow he purchased the entire amusement park, becoming one of the youngest amusement park owners in the world. When he died, he passed the ownership to him. Bob says he knows he should retire by now, but having the amusement park makes him feel as if Bruce is still alive. Bob then shows him the huge roller coaster, which was Bruce's favorite ride. Then one day, he climbed up to fix a cable, and he slipped and fell to the ground and died. Bob had a feeling that it was no accident, because he knew that ride like the back of his hand. Bob had a feeling that someone or something pushed Bruce and he fell.

Bob explains to them that many years ago, his brother and his friends came across something very dangerous. Bruce hid it so they wouldn't get hurt, and he feels it had something to do with his death. Andy then mentions to Bob that they came to get something. Then Bob leads the way. Bob tells them his brother told him someday, somebody would come looking for it. Also to only give it to more than one person who wanted it at a time. Bob opens an ashtray post, inside there is a rope attached to a leather pouch. Inside the pouch is worn out piece of paper.

Andy and Vange are confused when they look at it, Bob says it's a riddle, because his brother was a riddle man who loved riddles, jokes and puzzles and laughs. Bob is surprised because the map instructs them to go #429 32nd street which was the house they grew up in. Bob doesn't know what the picture means. Still he has a hunch they will find what they're looking for in his old family home, before they leave he wishes them luck and to be careful. Andy realizes the house is near his, so they decide to call Gary to say they're on the way. Vange stops to tie her shoe, when she looks up she can see The Waif Kid high up in the air standing in the Ferris wheel. He gives her a disapproving nod and then he vanishes.

Andy and Vange arrive at #429 32nd St., the small house is old, run down and by the looks of things nobody lives there, possibly it's condemned. Vange complains because they have the hardest assignment, but suddenly Andy figures the map out. The map is a drawing of the outdoor well. Andy figures out that Bruce must have hidden his piece of the record somewhere inside the well. Vange reluctantly agrees to go into the bucket, Andy slowly lowers herself down to check which brick it's hidden in.

Then suddenly, she panics as she hears a vicious growling sound coming from the bottom. Vange panics and cries to Andy for help, he tells her to just hurry. Vange quickly finds where the piece is hidden and calls out to Andy that she found it and to pull her up. Then suddenly, a frightening growling ghost at the bottom of the well begins growling and slowly reaches up for her. Vange is terrified screaming and begging for Andy to pull her up faster. Andy tries to, but the handle gets jammed. Therefore he quickly pulls the rope up by his hands and she gets out in the nick of time. They check the record piece and this one says: "Know your true enemy".

Plot V: The Silver Sight

The group meets at Gary's dorm room once again. Gary tells the group that from what they've all seen, he's more than convinced they need to find The Silver Sight and destroy it. Tucker gives his friend the choice of whether or not they want to keep going and they choose to keep helping them.

Then to figure out what The Silver Sight is, Gary has glue the pieces back together and plays the record. The sound is static like and it skips a lot, but they seem to be able to make it out. The message is from Bruce McGorrill, he explains to them since they're listening to it, it's means they're working together. Which is good, because friends should always work together. He warns them to beware of The Silver Sight and not to use it, because use of it always results in evil consequences. He then advises then to keep working together as team. Because it was the power of the team that found The demon of The Silver Sight and it'll take the power of the team to destroy it. The message concludes with Bruce advises them not to give into it's evil power. Also, to always know who their true enemy and says good bye. They feel bad after hearing it because he died the next day.

Then to figure out where it is, they review all their clues.

  1. Listen to the music (Gene's piece)
  2. Not all the eyes are brown (Laing's piece)
  3. It's a race that has no winners (Eleanor's piece)
  4. With many ups and downs (Donna's piece)
  5. Know your true enemy (Bruce's piece)

When reviewing the last clue, they know that they must keep an eye out for their true enemy. The one who used The Silver Sight, they realize it's obviously General Laing Candle, because he's the only one left still alive. Years ago he put Vince through all those accidents and unintentionally got Donna killed. He broke into the Gregory's hideout and dangerously chased Megan down in the sewers. He set up Tucker at his house, and he must have been the one who broke into Gary and Tucker's Grandma's house. They are all still confused as to where the charm is, but Andy has figured out where it might be and he leads them to Playland Amusement Park.

The six of them all head out to Playland Park late at night. Andy figures out the answer to the clues must have something to do with the merry-go-round. Megan points out the music on the record was merry-go-round music. Andy mentions that Bruce McGorrill owned Playland. Quinn remembers one of the clues said that not all these eyes are brown. Then he starts checking all the horses eyes, because one of them must be silver. Then they all work together checking the eyes. Then Megan comes across something peculiar, informing them all. Quinn thinks its odd because it's not silver it's blue. Having a hunch Tucker scratches it with a coin. Then the blue paint chips off and it's silver, revealing it to be The Silver Sight.

Tucker touches it and it feels warm, almost like it's alive. Then Megan touches it with him at the same time and it glows. Then all six of them work together, all touching it with their index finger at the same time. Then it glows and instantly appears in Gary's hand. Then suddenly, the lights and music go on and the merry-go-round starts moving by itself. Then we see The Waif Kid riding it laughing insanely.

The Waif Kid jumps off and congratulates them. He tells them he tried to scare them off, but they were just too good and now The Silver Sight is all for them. Gary asks him what it is, The Waif Kid says it's the power to conquer. Armies have won wars with it, Kingdoms have toppled, cities have fallen and now the power is all for them. What he means, is that everyone has an enemy, a bully, a mean parent and unreasonable teacher. Basically anyone who stands between them and getting what they want. All they just need to tell The Silver Sight that they are their enemy and it'll get rid of them or harm them. The Waif Kid explains he's come along to help them along the way.

Then suddenly, the lights and power abruptly go out. The General approaches them and tell them to drop because it's too dangerous. The group is worried to see him. The Waif Kid tries to persuade Gary that he's their enemy and to use it on him. The General tries to convince him that The kid is a demon who isn't trying to help them. The General explains that he's just there to capture souls, the charm may get rid of your enemies, but their souls get trapped forever inside the evil charm strengthening it's power.

Gary snaps at The General because he was the traitor, who used it in the first place. The General defensively reveals that it wasn't just him, they all used. It made Donna popular, Eleanor rich, Helped Bruce buy the amusement part. What he used it for is not mentioned (possibly for his strength and bravery to serve in the war). The General reveals that they all used it, but they didn't know it was evil until it was too late. Also even Grandpa Gene used it.

Tucker refuses to believe him, and The Waif Kid once again tries to persuade him to use the charm on him. Gary demands to know what happened to their grandfather. The General reveals he was a good man, he tried to find the charm and destroy it himself. Then something scared him and the shock was too much and he died. What he means is that he was attacked by The Waif Kid (who The General refers to as a demon). The Waif Kid tries to convince him that he's just an innocent kid, and The General was the one who broke into their Grandma's house.

The General gets emotional, saying he was just trying to find the clues first and protect them all. He desperately asks Gary to give him the charm, but Gary doesn't what he should do. That is until Quinn reminds him that they need to know who their true enemy is. Then suddenly Grandma Aggie, Mr. Gregory, Vince and Bob have all shown up. Grandma Aggie is very concerned and cries out to him. Megan reminds him that whatever happens, they're all in this together as a group.

Gary then interrogates The General. He tells him that he lied to them from the start, broke into his Grandma's house and nearly got Megan killed. The General says it was because he was just trying to protect them and he was only looking for the clues first. Gary tells him that he should just told them the truth, The General was worried if he did, then they wouldn't have believed him.

When overhearing all of this, The Waif Kid keeps taunting and encouraging Gary to use the charm on The General, getting very pushy. Gary then says that he knows who the true enemy is and he's going to stop him. The Waif Kid laughs insanely. Then the General trembles in fear as Gary begins to say who it is. Then suddenly he faces The Waif Kid telling him the true enemy is him!

The charm levitates and glows, The Waif Kid is shocked, screaming he can't do that. Then he begins screaming and aging as he loses his powers. Then rapidly all the souls captured throughout time escape from the charm and attack The Waif Kid as he ages away to nothing and vanishes in a flash.

Then suddenly, the lights and music come back. Then the merry-go-round begins moving again. This time the souls of many people from different period of time are happily riding the merry-go-round. It is almost as if they are celebrating being free at last. Then it stops and they all disappear. Gary explains The Silver Sight disappeared. When it lost all the souls, it lost it's power. He knew The Waif Kid was their true enemy, because if he wasn't, he never would have asked him to use the charm.

Then over to the side, The General is sitting down shamefully for his recent behavior. Gary tells him it'll be all right and they can all just go home now. The General is pleased and tells him that his grandfather would have been proud of him. Vange asks Gary if this end the story now, and he says it does. Then end on their way out, Grandpa Gene's soul quickly appears and waves goodbye to him.


Back to 1937, Gene ends his story. He says that The Demon Boy never trapped another soul, because The Silver Sight was destroyed forever. Eleanor compliments him saying it was a good story and he thanks her. Gene asks Laing to put out the campfire. Laing says he can't because he's in a hurry. Bruce nicely agrees to do it and puts it out. Donna asks Gene if anything like that could ever really happen to them. Gene tells her not in a million years and they all go home.

  • James Bradford, who portrayed General Laing Candle, had previously appeared in the original series years before. He first appeared in "The Tale of the Magician's Assistant" as Shandu.
  • Philip Spensley, who portrayed Vince, had previously appeared in the original series years before. He first appeared in "The Tale of the Hatching" as Mr. Taylor.
  • This was third time, Sheena Larkin who portrayed Grandma Aggie, appeared in the series revival. Also, her sixth appearance in the series all together. She first appeared in the original series as Nanny in "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost". The second time she reappeared as Boss Hag in "The Tale of Watcher's Woods". The third time she appeared as Sara Simpson in "The Tale of the Room for Rent". Then she made her fourth appearance in "The Tale of the Walking Shadow as Hermione St. Claire.
  • Sheena Larkin's final appearance in the entire show.
  • Bill Rowat, who portrayed, Mr. Gregory, had previously appeared in the original series. He first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Curious Camera" as Mr. Dorney.
  • Walter Massey, who portrayed Bob McGorrill, had previously appeared in the original series. He first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Room for Rent" as Grandpa Samuel.
  • The second time both Sheena Larkin and Walter Massey co-starred in an episode. The first time was in the original series episode "The Tale of the Room for Rent".
  • Anthony Etesonne-Bédard, who portrayed the young Bruce had previously appeared in the original series. He first appeared in the episode "The Tale of a Door Unlocked" as Michael.

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