The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor
Season 5, Episode 9
Air date January 20, 1996
Written by Alan Kingsberg
Directed by Jacques Laberge
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The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor is the Ninth episode of the Fifth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Sixty-First episode in total.


Midnight Society Cast

Story Cast


That night, Kiki, is found sound asleep on The Storyteller's chair. Sam asks the group what's wrong with her. Tucker says she is sleeping, Stig slowly walks up to her with the red water bucket, warmed up being near the campfire. He plans to stick her hand into it so that while being asleep she will feel relaxed and pee her pants. Gary Stops him and tells him to not even think about it. Then suddenly, Kiki wakes up in a big yawn and asks them all when they got here. Betty Ann says they just did and asks her why she is so tired.

Kiki says she hasn't gotten any sleep in three days because her Aunt Stephanie is visiting. She says her aunt Stephanie is a snoring machine and the sound comes right through the walls. Stig suggests a solution, at first she appreciates it and asks what it is. Stig says to stick cotton up her nose that'll make her stop snoring. Then it turns out it was a joke and then he says it might also make her head explode.

Kiki then says she at least got a story out of it. Tucker asks her if it's a story about a snoring aunt. Annoyed she says no it's a story about house guests. Because it's fun having visitors, but when you invite someone over you better make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. Because even a cool visitor can overstay their welcome, and there is another kind of guest. The kind that comes uninvited and totally unexpected, which is the worse kind. Because sometimes they won't leave until they get exactly what they want.

Kiki throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while she submits her story for approval of The Midnight Society. She calls her story "The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor", and begins her story.


Kiki, tells the story. The story is about is about two best friends, Jeff who seems to be an average teenager. The other teenager is nicknamed Perch, who has long hair and dresses a little punk. The both of them are really into rock music and want to start their own rock band. Although they didn't always agree on which way to play and write  their songs. Late one evening after rehearsing, Jeff's parent's still weren't home yet, therefore he saw it as the perfect opportunity for him and Perch to sneak to his Dad's computer lab in the basement. Jeff's Dad is a computer genius, who works with the satellite system in the sky, to try and communicate through every satellite in the world and possibly Outer Space. Jeff attempts to hack into the system to intercept a satellite at a radio station to get him and Perch free tickets to a concert for their favorite band World War Four.

After finishing, Perch who is really impressed with all the equipment and Jeff's Dad's work asks him what the Peabody Project is. Jeff tells him not to mess with it, because it's his dad top secret project on deep space communication. The project is to attempt to contact other planets and see if there is any signs on life on them by seeing if they'll answering back. Jeff's little brother Bobby calls to them, and worried he goes to check on him, Bobby promises not to tell their parents, that they were in the basement in exchange for a banana split with all the works.

While making this for him, Perch's curiosity gets the best of him and he opens the Peabody project program. He types in random co-ordinance 456610237 to a random planet. Then thinking it's all a game he sends a high note musical message and it's instantly sent through satellite in Outer Space. Perch then gets a reply saying the message was received; much to his disbelief. Perch tries to shut the computers down, but suddenly the computers are all blaring off with a siren alarm saying there is an incoming message. Perch doesn't believe it and shuts the computers down. Then suddenly they all come back on and a full blast message is heard in the form of a low note musical message.

Hearing this Jeff, leaves his brother to eat his banana split to check on Perch. Jeff is mad to see he used the program when he told him not to. Perch is worried and shocked, telling him he actually made a call to another planet, and got answer back worried they'll come here. Jeff is more worried for shutting the computers down before his parents who just came home come inside. Jeff's parents are concerned because though everything seems fine he did the one thing he should never do. Jeff thinking Bobby told them or they just know, apologizes very sincerely. However his mom says that what he did was give his little brother ice cream before going to bed, because it might keep him awake. Jeff is relieved, to hear this and calms down.

Later that night when Jeff's family is sleeping, the full moon flashes by the house and a presence of an unknown sound is heard. This wakes up the family dog Montana who goes outside to see what it is. Montana runs out with his football squeeze toy to see what is there. Then the same low note musical message is heard. Then a glowing yellow light spider web comes down and captures Montana in a huge flashing yellow light. The next day Jeff and Perch are debating what kind of songs to write about. Jeff suggests a love song, but Perch says since Jeff's never been in love before it's not real if it's just made up. Perch wants to write about being free traveling around on the open road, but Perch has never left the city except going to his Aunt's for Thanksgiving so his experiences aren't real either.

When Jeff and Perch get to Jeff's house they met with his Mom who is on her way out to meet his Dad at a business banquet and she tells him that Montana is missing and to look for him. Later that night, Jeff, Perch and Bobby all go to look for the dog, Jeff tells Bobby to stay right by home playing tee-ball in case he comes back home that he won't go missing again. While they search for the dog deeper into the woods. Once again they reflect about how dull their life experiences are and how they can't write any decent songs about them.

Bobby hits a home run and goes after to retrieve the ball. When he finds it he hears that low note musical message, suspecting Montana might be close by, he walks around looking and calling for Montana. Then another light spider web appears and he bumps right into it, and he is captured in a flash of bright light. In a deeper part of the woods, they find Montana's chew toy and suspect he might be close by. Then walking a little further until they hear strange noises. Jeff calls out Montana, then something almost perfectly blurts a mimic of his voice. This happens again when he calls out who is there and that's not funny man.

They turn around to run off and notice a light spider web, they are freaked out by it then they hear a sound and look to the side. A metal sliding space ship door appears, but it's not attached to anything and it's playing the same low note musical message. Perch says he recognizes it as the loud low now reply message he got last night. Jeff presses the button and it slides open and bright flashing yellow light glows out of it shining brightly in their faces. Then Jeff throws in the football and something unknown from inside throws it back out to him.

They run of scared, and realize Jeff's Dad is home. Panicked Jeff and Perch run down to the computer lab to tell him they called an Alien to earth. However no one is there instead all the computers on the work lab are left on. Jeff claims that his Dad never leaves them on, unless he runs off to mention a discovery or a big breakthrough. They look at the main computer, and find out that Perch sent a message clear across the galaxy and now the planet contacted has replied back with five messages and realize the alien has come to Earth. Worried Jeff phones his dad and Perch looks for Bobby.

Perch looks for Bobby around the living room and the kitchen. When he calls out "Bobby are you in here?", something almost perfectly mimics what he says. Meanwhile Jeff has trouble getting through to his dad on the phone. Then suddenly an incoming message pops up on the computers and it informs Jeff that another alien is on it's way to Earth. Perch still looking for Bobby walks backwards right into a light spider web and gets captured in a blinding flash. Jeff runs off terrified telling Perch another one is coming and possibly an invasion, all he finds is a huge burnt spider web.

Jeff grabs a stick and runs over to the spaceship door, he places the stick in to see if it will get burnt. After seeing it doesn't burn, he slowly enters the light and the finds himself inside a spaceship. There he finds Montana, Bobby and Perch trapped in air tight unbreakable tubes. Losing air, Perch weakly tells him that the alien communicates everything with music and sound and a high note might open the tubes. Jeff runs back to his house, where he tape records on his battery powered boom box a very high musical note.

Then when Jeff runs back to the ship, on his way there he mistakenly runs backwards right into a light web. He is able to escape by pulling off his jacket and running off as that low note musical message is heard again. Jeff makes it back inside the spaceship and plays the high musical note recorded on his boom box and this releases Montana, Bobby and Perch from the tubes. They all run out of the ship and they are cornered by Light web all around them, as the low note musical message is heard once again. They huddle together and scream to be left alone as the alien closes in on them in a huge flashing light it vanishes.

Then suddenly Bobby points out two Light Aliens who appear, as they stare in shock and horror. The taller one tries to figure you what language they speak and experiments with German, French and Italian until it figures they speak English. Nervously Jeff asks them what they want. Turns out the taller one is the shorter alien's mother, and she just came to Earth to take her son home. She is very friendly and politely explains that her son came to earth when he heard the high note musical message that Perch sent. Turns out the Light Aliens, language is making high note and low note musical sounds.

The message Perch sent the Light Alien boy just happened to mean in their language "We are toys" and he came to play with them. They are shocked to realize the Alien is just a kid playing with them. Also the low note message the Alien Child kept making means in there language "I have come to play", Perch defensively tells her that they're are not toys they're people! The mother apologizes nicely and tells them not think poorly of her son, he just wanted to play with them and leaves with her son and they vanish and they go back to the house shocked and scared but safe and sound.


As the story ends, Kiki says that Jeff & Perch never got in trouble because Jeff's Dad was so grateful and happy that the Peabody Project actually worked. As for their songwriting, based on their incredible and recent experience together, they finally had something interesting to write a song about. So they wrote their first song. Then using the Peabody program, they send it playing full blast into Outer Space. The song plays to any Aliens in Outer Space who are listening, a repeating chorus that goes "WE ARE NOT TOYS!, WE ARE NOT TOYS! WE ARE NOT TOYS!".

Then Kiki says the end and ends her story, they are all pleased and impressed and tell her how good it was. Gary declares their meeting closed and puts out the campfire. Then on their way out, Kiki asks Sam if she can sleepover for the night. Sam says no she can't because her parents are painting and the house is a mess. Next, she asks Betty Ann. Betty Ann, tells her she's sorry but she can't because her cousin is already sleeping over.  

Desperate, because she really needs to get some sleep, she asks Gary if she can sleepover. Gary defensively says no because their dad snores worse than her aunt. Tucker backs him up saying it keeps him up too. Possible reasons might be they're not comfortable having a girl sleepover or because they just don't want her over.

Stig looks to her smiling and winking as if to say you're more than welcome to spend the night with me. Kiki shrugs in disgust as if to say "Oh brother, I'm not that desperate". However, it's left unanimous to decide whether she slept over or not.

  • Charlie Hofheimer who portrayed Jeff, previously appeared in the show before. He first appeared in "The Tale of the Water Demons" as Dean Wilson.
  • Pierre Leblanc who portrayed Jeff's Dad, previously appeared in the show before. He first appeared in "The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor" as Raymond.
  • Some people say this is one of twenty-one episodes where the Midnight Society didn't leave and douse the the fire with the water-bucket (the last shot was of Kiki refusing to let Stig have her over for the night). However, the fire is doused by Gary before Kiki starts asking to sleep over member's houses.

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