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The Tale of the Wisdom Glass
Season 6 , Episode 8
Air date April 3, 1999
Written by Mark D. Perry
Directed by Jacques Laberge
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The Tale of the Wisdom Glass is the eighth episode of the Sixth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Seventy-third episode in total.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Story Cast[]


The night begins with Megan and Vange getting the fire going, while Tucker add more logs to it. Quinn comes marching in furious and demanding to know where Andy is. Megan says he hasn't shown up yet, Quinn says he saw a candy wrapper on the trail so he assumes he is somewhere close. Tucker wants to know what the problem is.

Quinn says he's going to pound him, (while Andy is hiding behind the sofa feeling nervous) Vange asks him why. Quinn says because he ratted him out. Megan asks him what he did this time. He tells he didn't really do anything, just a couple of days ago, he stayed home from school sick. His mom wrote him a legit excuse note, but he misplaced it, so he wrote another one himself and forged his mom's signature (Andy still looks nervous and guilty as he's hiding). He explains he gave it to the principal, but Andy was there too and he pointed out that his mom's handwriting looked just like Quinn's. Quinn explains that the principal compared it to his handwriting and realized it was a forgery and now he has two weeks detention.

Megan says he didn't mean to do it, it just happened. Feeling furious he says it doesn't matter and sits down on the storyteller's chair. Tucker asks him if he'll wait for Andy to come before he begins. Quinn madly says Andy's not going to show up, because he knows Quinn is going to deck him. Andy (still nervously hiding) hears Quinn explain that his story is about friends and trust.

Friends are the most important thing you're ever going to have. You should never rat on your friend, because sooner or later it'll come back to you. Then when it does, when you need that friend the most, you'll find yourself all alone, with no one you can turn to. (Andy hearing this from hiding behind the sofa looks as though he feels bad).

Quinn throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense, while he submits his story for approval for The Midnight Society. He calls his story "The Tale of the Wisdom Glass" and begins his story.


Quinn, tells the story. The story is about two boys from different social classes. Allan Price: A snobby and stuck up, spoiled rich kid. Also Jimmy Miller: A boy who comes from a poor family.

One day at a store named Game City, Allan is buying a bunch of computer games. The store manager Phil is very grateful. Since he knows he's rich and he will make a lot of money from him. Therefore he takes the abuse from Allan, of being rude and ungrateful to him for all his help.

Jimmy's also there, he's been looking around a long time. Phil can tell he's poor and he suspects he's going to steal something. He bullies him, saying it's not a museum and to either buy something or to leave. Phil tells Allan that he hates poor people. Because they never buy. They just look, and most of them usually steal stuff.

Allan, (not even knowing him yet) stands up for him. He tells Phil that he's his brother and not to talk about him that way. Then he demands Phil to call his dad for a credit card number to pay for his huge purchase. Allan goes over to him and they two boys introduce themselves and shake hands. Allan offers to buy Jimmy the computer game he wants. It is called "Wisdom Game, The Ultimate Journey of Knowledge". Just then Phil humiliates Allan in public and now he's nasty to him. This is because, Allan's dad won't let him buy anything else. Until he's learn to understand the value of money. Allan thinks there has been a mistake, Phil says there has been and he made it wasting his time with a rude kid like him. Also he tells Jimmy he knows he's not his brother and Jimmy leaves ticked off. Then after arguing a little bit, about not having the money, Allan is kicked out and told not to come back and Phil was glad to be free of him.

Allan's kicked out so fast, he accidentally steals the computer game. He only notices that he stole it when he gets into his limo and his driver Trevor (whom he pushes around with no respect and treats like his personal slave) is about to drive him home. Allan can see Jimmy out the window and invites him into the limo. Allan gives it to him as a gift. Jimmy is so grateful that he invites Allan over to his house, so they can play it.

When driven there, still mad at his dad for cutting him off, he tells Trevor not to answer him and let him worry a while. Also he smirks to Trevor that being in a poor neighborhood makes him feel important. Almost like he's a prince slumming with a pauper. He snaps at Trevor warning him not to cross him. Then he goes inside.

Inside Jimmy's room, Allan notices a hockey stick. So he asks him if he likes hockey. Jimmy says he loves it. Also that he and his dad go to hockey games all the time. Allan seems a little disappointed, saying his dad is always too busy to ever take him to a game. Jimmy loads the CD-ROM into the computer. However, the computer is really old, and Allan isn't sure the computer will be able to support the software. The program runs successfully. Jimmy registers both of their names and it connects online.

They find out that just the next day, a Game of Wisdom card tournament is taking place. The prize is $10,000. Then the printer automatically prints out the directions to the tournament. Then his computer conks out and crashes. Determined they'll win, they agree to split the money and Jimmy can buy any new computer he wants. They both happily agree to go to it.

The next day, Trevor drives them both to the location of the tournament. The odd thing is that it's in a field in the middle of nowhere. So nothing is there but a small red wooden shed. Trevor reading the directions carefully, confirms that it should be the place. They notice the shed has a W on it, assuming it must be it. Trevor is rudely told to wait for them, as they go over to the shed.

Once inside, they are teleported into a dark realm. They enter a room full of people in medieval and mythical robes. They wear either creepy masks or odd face paint. The people are already playing the tournament. Now they notice a woman hovering around. She is a gorgeous blonde woman with no eyes. She tells them they must heed the rules of wisdom. Which are: respect, integrity and honesty. She gives them both brown monks robes to wear. Then she says she's the The Keeper (not to be confused with this Keeper) and registers their names.

However Allan is scared to find out she is magical, and that she's conjuring a crystal ball to register their names. It tells them their names are not worthy. Then her eyes appear and they glare blood red. Now she seems furious and snaps for the guard to get them. The guards are dressed in checkered black and white costumes from head to toe. They run for it, but they are captured. The Keeper tells them that they have been waiting for them. Next they're thrown into a court room. The Judge (wearing a powdered wig and mask) tells them they're not in a game. They are in the realm of Wisdom.

It turns out that the computer game is so sophisticated, that cyberspace has formed a real realm of wisdom. So it turns out that the boys have been brought there to be placed on trial to defend themselves. Therefore, if found guilty they'll pay for their crime. They're told they are guilty of stealing wisdom.

In a holding cell, Jimmy figures out they have been accused of stealing the computer game. Jimmy asks Allan why they think they stole it. Allan nervously lies saying that he doesn't know. Jimmy wants Allan to convince them that they didn't steal it. He thinks Allan can because he's rich and seems honest and no one may ever suspect him. Unlike him, people always suspect a poor person would do something so wrong. Allan believes that they can't prove they really stole it. Therefore they'll will be off the hook in no time.

At the trial, Allan says they can't be put on trial and insists they call his father. Judge Day says yes they can. Since they're now in the realm of wisdom. In this realm, the beings have they own way of doing things. For a lawyer the boys are given a goofy Court Jester, who can't take anything seriously. The Court Jest says nothing buts puns and jokes. They insist on someone smarter and sane. Judge Day consults the higher power from the Wisdom Glass. The oracle of ultimate truth.

Allan insists on his father being called. Because, he's a lawyer. The Wisdom Glass denies his request. The Jester annoys them making more jokes, and they want to fire him and represent themselves. But they aren't allowed to, as the trial proceeds The Keeper says everyone knows wisdom is what one acquires. It can't be bought, traded for, or stolen. She then interrogates Allan to try and make him admit that he stole the game. Allan once again denies it saying he didn't and that told her a thousand times. The Jester annoys him mentioning that he only told her six times.

The Keeper then tells him they have proof. Suddenly Phil the store manager is teleported into the court. He points to Jimmy and says he's the one. He says that he saw Jimmy staring at the game. Then after he ran out of the store, the game was gone. Jimmy cries that he didn't do and asks Allan to speak up for him. Allan not thinking he really likes him for who he is, says that Jimmy stole it and he even told him not to, but wouldn't listen to him. The jury is shocked, Judge Day says the circumstances are now very unusual. So he must consult the Wisdom Glass for an answer. The Judge says that it's time for the court to have lunch. So the Judge and the whole Jury have their lunch break.

In the holding cell, Allan reveals he did it but took it by mistake. He did it because Phil humiliated him and wanted to get back at him. Allan wants Jimmy to take the wrap. This is because Allan is a top honor student, with hopes to follow in his dad's footsteps of becoming a lawyer. Therefore if he's found guilty, this could mess up his future. Jimmy decides to take the wrap, not because he likes Allan for his money, or his clothes or limo. But because he appreciated the way he stood up for him in the store. Just like the way that a real friend would do.

The trial picks up from where it left off, with Jimmy taking the blame confessing that it was him. Judge Day then asks them if there was anything to say before he passes sentence. Allan asks him to go easy on him, Allan is told that he is free to go and the guards lead him out. Judge Day tells Jimmy for committing the crime, they could give him one of several punishments. Such us..

  • Make him pay for the game.
  • Write a 10,000 word essay about the evils of stealing.
  • He could just be let go and given a warning.

Judge Day consults the Wisdom Glass for the answer. Jimmy is told that for stealing wisdom he is to be immediately executed by guillotine!

Jimmy is horrified to hear this, stating that they can't execute him for stealing a game. The Keeper tells him that in their world stealing is a capital offense. So yes they can. They prepare to tie him down and proceed with the execution. Just then Allan is thrown outside and heads to the limo. Trevor asks him where his friend is. He tells Trevor they had a fight and are no longer friends. Trevor reveals to him that Jimmy bought them hockey tickets, and he was going to treat him to tonight's hockey game. The tickets were a thank you gift for giving him the computer game. Revealing to him that he really did like Allan for who he was and not just his money.

Realizing this Allan feels guilt-ridden. So he runs back in to confess the truth. He runs right in as Jimmy is crying and screaming for them to not do it. He confesses that he was the one, but he didn't mean to take it he just walked out with it by mistake. Then he asked his friend to take the blame. The Judge is amazed and applauds him for telling the truth. He tells Allan that he has finally learned what wisdom is all about and that was very brave to confess. Jimmy is set free, and for a moment everything seems all right. That is until the judge orders Allan to be executed instead. Because the judgement of the Wisdom Glass must be carried out.

They prepare Allan on the guillotine, then Jimmy grabs the Wisdom Glass. Jimmy threatens to smash it, if Allan isn't let go and they can leave. The whole court is horrified by the idea of their beloved Wisdom Glass being smashed. Therefore Judge Day reluctantly releases Allan. Jimmy continues to threaten to smash it, if they don't let them leave. On the way out, he tosses it back to them. It almost hits a wall, but The Court Jester catches it. Then being clumsy he accidently drops it. Then it shatters into a many pieces to all their horrified surprises.

They make it back to the limousine and they high five each other over how great they were. Allan orders Trevor to take them home, but Trevor is not responding. Allan barks at him about why they're not moving. Then suddenly they are horrified to see Trevor is now wearing Judge Day's mask. Possibly Trevor is Judge Day, or Trevor is being possessed by him. He tells them the Judgement of the Wisdom Glass must be carried out. The car doors are all locked and they panic trying to break out of the limousine as they are shown being driven back to the shed, screaming their heads off. Since their executions will commence immediately, and they no longer have a say in the matter.


Quinn ends his story by simply saying the end. His three friends are really impressed, Megan said it was awesome, Vange said it was great and Tucker says he's impressed.

Then a white flag comes up from Andy waving it to surrender. Quinn is furious realizing he's been here the whole time, Andy says hi and is ready to cream him. Tucker holds him back, as he snaps at him telling Andy thanks to him he got two weeks detention.

Andy explains that he called Quinn's mom and told her what happened. Quinn's mom phoned the principal and sent him another note and he's off the hook. Quinn is shocked and thankful hearing this and begins to calm down. That is until he realizes now Andy told his mom he forged her name, and now he's furious all over again. Andy leaves as Quinn chases after him, Megan and Vange chase after him to stop him. Tucker quickly puts out the campfire and catches up with them as Vange is heard shouting "Leave him alone!".

  • Quinn's first story.
  • Harry Standjofski, who portrayed Phil, previously appeared years before in the original series episode "The Tale of the Midnight Madness" as Mr. Kristoph.
  • Ivan Smith, who portrayed Trevor/Judge Day, previously appeared two times in the original series. The first time he appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Quicksilver" as Mr. Johnston. The second time, he appeared in the episode "The Tale of a Door Unlocked" as Mr. Birney.
  • Danette Mackay, who portrayed The Keeper, later appeared in the show again. She next appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Night Nurse" as The Nurse.
  • Arthur Holden, who portrayed The Court Jester, previously appeared two times in the original series. The first time he appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Midnight Ride" as Ichabod Crane. The second time, he appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float" as Mr. Brooks.
  • Tyler Kyte (Allan) also co-starred with Elisha Cuthbert and Vanessa Lengies in the children's show Popular Mechanics for Kids.
  • Tyler Kyte was in the Goosebumps episode Don't Go to Sleep as Matt Amsterdam. Both episodes have their characters being put on trial.