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This is a Misunderstood Character.

The Trucker is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Highway 13".


Not very much is known about The Trucker, he can seem like a friendly and civilized person. However, when he's mad or enraged at someone, he comes off as being intimidating, scary and short-tempered.

In 1969, a car mechanic nicknamed Bulldog made it perfectly clear to him that his friend Tony had the coolest monster car around. He was taunted, egged on and challenged to race his dump truck, against Bulldog and Tony in Tony's Red Pontiac GTO.

He was furious and took them up on the challenge, racing them for the bridge on Highway 13. However, Tony was too scared to speed ahead of his big dump truck, so his Truck and Tony's car were at a tie racing for the bridge, which was only wide enough for one vehicle to pass through at a time. Then his truck and the car crashed into each other on the bridge and they all died in the major accident.

For the next thirty years, everyday at the same exact time his ghost and the ghosts of Bulldog and Tony would do the exact same race and end it with the same tragic consequences. In 1999, Bulldog introduced the two new people driving Tony's Pontiac GTO. What happened was, Bulldog found a rebellious teenager named Craig whom he felt had more guts than Tony did, and tricked him into buying Tony's car making him and and his best friend Justin the new drivers.

Craig finally went through with driving the race against him, and he almost beat him too. That was until he learned that the who ordeal wasn't his fault, it was Bulldog and Tony's. Craig then hit the brakes and forfeited and let him win the race and pass through the bridge safely resulting in no accident occurring for anyone. This freed his ghost and he was finally able to get his ghost home.

Before he left, he passed by the truck-stop restaurant and told Craig and Justin that the last thing he ever wanted to do was race, and thanked them for helping him get home at long last. The Trucker was last seen driving off to locations unknown and then vanished.


The driving stunt double, John Walsh also appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Silent Servant, as The Silent Servant/Scarecrow.

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