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The Watcher is a character created by Sam. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Watcher's Woods".


The Watcher is an evil and sadistic Demon and Tree Spirit and the owner of a forest called "Watcher's Woods". His woods is a mysterious forest of illusion that can randomly appear and disappear at anytime in any random forest. For centuries, he has preyed on hundreds of lost and helpless victims who have gotten themselves lost in the woods.

When he spots or senses people trapped in a forest, he activates his forest to appear and it's like an endless maze. He's always checking any forest for lost people, and once people realize that they're trapped inside his woods, they're usually never seen again. But very rarely, people have known to escape, and usually when they do they are driven to insanity.

His motives for doing this are unknown, possibly it can be guessed for sadistic pleasure. Or possibly people who have abused and mistreated the elements of nature. Sometimes he makes deals with the captives, such as agreeing to set them free or set their souls and spirits free when either someone they know or a helpful item they need is returned to them. 

An example, is in 1919 three young trailmaker girls went on a hike. When they got lost in the woods, The Watcher trapped them inside his woods. He promised to only keep them prisoner until their trailmaker whistles were rightfully returned to them. Since he knew it was obvious that they would never find them, and no one knew where to look for them that they would be his prisoners forever.

Over the years the three girls, were driven to insanity and became witches and aged to miserable old hags. Then in 1994, two more girls Kelly and Sarah got lost in the same forest and he attempted to also trap them inside his woods. Kelly was taken prisoner and almost murdered by the old hags, while he set his sights on Sarah. He tried to lure Sarah into her own trap inside his woods.

However, Sarah threatened to burn his forest down with a flame from a cigarette lighter if he didn't leave her alone. So he left her alone and he didn't harass her again. Therefore, it shows that he either cares deeply for the well being of the woods, or if his woods burns down he might possibly be destroyed.

When the old hags finally got their whistles back from Sarah, he kept his promise and freed their souls. However he's still out there going from forest to forest searching for more people who have gotten lost or trapped in the woods.


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