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Theresa Lee is a character created by Andy. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie".


Her family owns and the Emerald Garden restaurant. It is a Chinese restaurant her parents run with the help of her Grandfather. Along with she and her older brother David. She and her brother are close. She looks up to him as a guardian angel. One for support, protection and guidance.

During the events of the story, the restaurant was doing poorly facing rough times. So her parents placed an advertisement in the newspaper to hire another part-time cook. Therefore they soon would have more help. Also during the time she can understand that he father was overworking her brother and she felt that he could use a break. Still her father insisted that they all were to help as much as they could.

For a while now, there produce courier Eddy had taken an interest in her and wanted to date her. But she knew that Eddy was bad news, being an intimidating bully and a petty thief. Also her older brother protected her from associating with bad guys like Eddy. So she kept on turning Eddy down. Then she informed her brother that thanks to all his help and support she got high honors on her report card. As token of her appreciation, she gave her brother a small decorative little. Since she felt that he was her guardian angel.

Later on, her Grandfather bestowed a gift to her brother. The gift was a small wooden box. One that was not meant to be opened. But only admired for what it was, and not what inside of it. The next day, she was mad to see that the next day her brother had opened it. In which it revealed to contain six beautiful golden fortune cookies. It was unbeknownst to anybody that the fortune cookies were magical. Therefore they could grant wishes and alter reality. She realized that her brother was planning to sell them. So he could get the tuition money that he needed for art school. So she and him fought for them and they all fell on the ground.

Suddenly David had opened one by mistake. The fortune in the cookie told him: "One should find perfect existence, through imperfect existence".

Suddenly her brother was taken by a warrior representing David's bad side into an alternate world. One where her brother had been born but never as a member of the Lee family. Therefore she never had an older brother to protect her. So she began to date Eddy, who got her involved in a life of crime. He became a very bad influence on her. His influence turned her into a rebellious punk with a very negative attitude. She died her hair purple and wore a leather jacket. Soon Eddy started to owe people money. So he pushed her to find a way to get them the money that he needed.

Her first choice was from her parents. In this alternate reality, since her brother didn't exact as a member of her family her parents were short-handed. So they hired another cook named Mr. Chin. Which turned out to be a very good choice. Mr. Chin's professional cooking lead the restaurant to fame and fortune. She became distant with her parents. She only saw them as stuck up rich snobs. She desperately asked her mother for some money. But her mother said no. Since her father said that she had to earn it.

In this alternate reality David was shocked and hurt to see the rebellious punk that she had become. He tried to persuade her to ignore Eddy, but she didn't listen. Then he realized that she had the family's golden fortune cookies. Which in this reality were passed down to her, from Grandfather Lee. In this changed reality Grandfather Lee had died long ago as a ripple effect.

He demanded that she give him the fortune cookies. Therefore he could use them to change reality back to normal. But she didn't believe him when he said that they were magical. instead all she was focused on was wanting to sell the cookies for money. Therefore she and Eddy could pay off the bookies they owed money to.

David tried repeatedly to persuade her to stay away from him. But she ignored him. Finally she packed up the fortune cookies and she and Eddy took off on his motorcycle.

Eventually her brother confronted the Bad Side Warrior. The Warrior who warped reality and made her brother alive in a world without a family, in exchange for having what he dreamed of having. Which was to be a rich comic book artist, with no responsibility or family to hold him back from. Finally her brother stood up to the Warrior and made it clear that him having everything he wanted was not worth it, if it meant giving up his family. So brother's good side won and the bad side warrior was defeated.

Then reality was changed back to the way it was. Once again her brother existed. Therefore she had guidance and protection again and was no longer rebellious. Also once again her Grandfather was alive.

Suddenly Mr. Chin came in to apply for the job of becoming their new part-time cook. Her brother had remembered him from the alternate reality, had a very good hunch about him. Therefore her brother convinced their parents to just hire Mr. Chin right on the spot.

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