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This good character is a hero.

Thomas "Tom" Jefferson Bradshaw is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the story "The Tale of the Carved Stone".


Tom was a boy who lived at the 15 Maple Lane house, more than one hundred years before the story took place. At the time it was his Grandmother's house. He was orphaned at a young age. So he was adopted and raised by his Grandma. He was an only child and his Grandma never let him leave the house. So he was very lonely. His Grandma was also strict and nasty and she would cane him for his punishments. He seemed to enjoy writing and shooting targets with his slingshot. One time when he was bored, he made a carving on the wooden bench by his window's alcove. It said: T.J.B. was here. This carving would stay etched on indefinitely.

Then one day, he could suddenly hear a girl calling out to him from his mirror. He did not what was going on. Then a little later the same girl suddenly fell through his mirror and into his bedroom. He was startled and scared by her sudden arrival. So he armed himself with his slingshot demanding to know what was going on. The girl seem very different to him. For one thing she wore pants. Which girls at the time girls did not wear, they all wore dresses instead. The girl said that he was in her bedroom.

He told her his name, and that it was his bedroom in his grandmother's house. She said no and that it was her house because her family moved in just last week. Then he and her both said the exact same address at the same time: 15 Maple Lane. Then after looking around his room, she noticed familiar things only they look a lot newer. So she felt they really were in her bedroom, but at a different period in time. She introduced herself to him as Alison Denny. Then she showed him the stone she had. She said that it was a magic stone and that she somehow used it to travel through time. Alison asked him what year it was. He thought she was she was either clueless or being silly. So he told her that it was 1892. Alison was shocked to hear him says this. Then she told him about the magical carved stone she had. And how she just used it to travel through the mirror 102 years back in time.

Alison nicknamed him Tom and they got to know each other. They realized they were a lot alike. They were both an only child and they both didn't have any friends. He explained everything about himself to her, and they became quick friends. Then Alison invited him to visit her time. She felt that he would just love movies and video games. Then just as he and Alison were about to visit her time, she nervously stopped. He asked her what was wrong. She told him that there was an evil and scary looking person who was outside her window. Tom ensured her that he was a good shot with his slingshot. Therefore he would protect them. So he went with her over to her time. When they got there, he didn't really a get a chance to see the future very much.

Suddenly someone was knocking at the door! Slowly the door was opened. The person was Sardo. He armed himself with his slingshot asking her if he was the man she was talking about. She said no and she explained who Sardo was. Sardo came over to warn Alison that the stone he sold her really was a powerful amulet. It was known as the Amulet of Ankhra. The Amulet belonged to a truly evil monk known as Brother Septimus. The monk was supposed to have been hanged in the 15th century, but he escaped and he was now on the loose. Then suddenly, that scary man known as Brother Septimus jumped in. He grabbed Sardo, so and Alison ran away in fear.

He and Alison taunted the monk with the stone tossing it back and forth to each other. Then Alison grabbed Sardo by the hand, and exited through a mirror into his time. He was mistakenly left behind in the future. Soon enough he returned to his time as Sardo came back. He found the monk threatening Alison in his room. So approached the monk and threatened to shoot him with the amulet in his slingshot.

Then monk managed to overpower him. Then the monk made him look into his eyes to mesmerize him. Then the monk took off his glove to reveal his right hand, had a five inch long sharp silver fingernail. Then the monk closed in to slit his throat. Suddenly he could hear Alison telling him not to look into the monks eyes. So he finally snapped out of the trance. Then Alison jumped on the monks back and they both bumped into the mirror. Then just as this happened he called out: "Check out time!". Then he shot the amulet at the mirror with slingshot. Then Alison and the monk both fell through as it shattered in a huge blinding flash.

Alison and Sardo made it back to their time safely. The mirror was now shattered. However thanks to him, it could be seen in a shard that Brother Septimus was accidentally got sent to some unknown dimension. By the look of things, it was possibly the abyss and it begun to tear and rip the monk apart and vaporized it him.

He called to Alison through another shard of the broken mirror. Alison quickly asked him to come through. He told her that it was now too late, because now the mirror was broken. So he may not ever be able to get back home. Alison told him that she was sorry and he told her not to be sorry, because he was glad that he finally made a friend and he waved goodbye to her. She sadly said goodbye to him and wished for him to have a good life.

Then a short time later, he etched a new carving onto the wood in his bedroom. This one was a heart with words in it that said: "Alison and Tom friends forever". In 1994 Alison and Sardo found this new carving right away. It struck a chord in her heart, to realize that as time went on, he never forgot about her. Alison would also never be able to forget him. Since he was the first new friend she made in her new house.


  • John White would later star in the Goosebumps episode "The Cuckoo Clock of Doom" (1995) - again as a boy named Michael Webster who experienced time-travel.

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