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This Magical Item is Evil!

The Thumbprint Scanner was an evil magical item created by Vange. It was shown in the episode "The Tale of the Zombie Dice".



Thumbprint Scanner

The origins and creators of the machine are unknown. But it was in the possession of the sadistically evil game profiteer Mr. Click and his brainwashed assistant Klimbo. The machine was setup as a pedestal, with a chrome silver dome case. When the case was pushed open, a scanning screen was revealed. This machine was used by Mr. Click and Klimbo to scan people's thumbprints. Then shrink the victims down into the size of an action figure. Then locked them into small cages. Then to internationally ship them to buyers from somewhere around the world as unique pets. Granting that is if the victims survive the trip being sent through the mail. Therefore Mr. Click was secretly making a very illegal, but lucrative profit.

The reason Mr. Click did this, was because he won win a wager playing a game with the victim. The game usually involved using a pair of dice known as Zombie Dice. When the player would lose, he would win their thumbprint. So when you win someone's thumbprint you own them.

Once a person placed their thumb onto the screen of the machines pedestal it would glow like a lightbulb. Also their thumb would be jammed. So no matter how hard they tried, they could take them off the screen of the pedestal. In fact the person wouldn't realize until it was too late what was going to happen them.

It is unclear how long Mr. Click and Klimbo used this machine for. But during the events of the story a victim named Patrick was shrunk, caged and shipped off to a buyer. Then an overconfident gamer Tate was shrunk, caged and was prepared to be shipped to Australia. When Tate's friend the careful and cautious Alex overheard what was happening, he challenged Mr. Click to a game to have Tate freed and receive Mr. Click's thumbprint if he won.

Alex challenged Mr. Click to a rigged soda drinking game. He challenged Mr. Click, betting that he could drink three mugs of soda before he could finish one small glass. But to be fair Alex got a head start drinking one mug first. Also they were not allowed to touch each others glasses. Then Alex placed his first empty mug on top of Mr. Click glass. So he was able to finish before him.

Mr. Click tried to make a run for it. But his assistant Klimbo was now fed up with being mistreated by him. So Klimbo forced Mr. Click into using this machine. Then Klimbo ventured away with Mr. Click now in his possession as a little shrunken pet.

It is unknown what will ever become of this machine. But it could be assumed it may have been destroyed. Since Click's Emporium was permanently shut down after Mr. Click was never seen or heard from again.

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