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This character, is portrayed by a special guest star.

Tim Williamson is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Train Magic".


Recently his father had died, who was a Train Conductor. He missed him very much and chose his passion with trains to grief with his loss. He had a huge impressive model train set. He was always playing with it down in the cellar. Also he was always hanging out and helping at the Central Train Station. The same place where his dad worked.

One night, he and his brother Hank were walking home. Hank complained because he tried to sign him up for the baseball team. But he didn't care and never showed up for the tryouts. All he wanted to do is play with his train set and hang out and help at the train station. Then they had an argument about about Tim not doing anything productive.

Then from the fog, someone called out to him. The man was an old train conductor. He told him his name was Ray Lawson, and that he was the conductor of the 713 train. Which passes by every night, on track #1. Ray told him that he knows he wants to be a conductor. So Ray offered him his watch, and if he took it he could become a real conductor.

Almost in a trance, he slowly reaching out for then it. Then Hank called for him asking him what was taking him so long. He told Hank that he was just talking to a conductor. But when he turned around the conductor was gone.

Soon Ray Lawson dropped off a gift from him. The gift was a part of a model train set. Which was a detailed passenger car. He was very impressed with the detailed artwork and sculpting. He could even see a conductor and passengers inside of it. Then he attached it to his train and turned it on. It turned out that this passenger car toy, was actually a port key. It teleported him to inside of the 713 train. Where he met the ghosts several other passengers.

Ray Lawson, told them that Tim was going to be the new conductor. So the passengers were now going to be his responsibility. Then Ray once again tried to hand him his watch. He was scared to hear about this. So he ran over to the wall and pulled the emergency break when Ray tells him not to pull it. Then suddenly, he was back in his house.

The next day, he told his friend Cap Anderson the maintenance man about everything that happened. Cap told him that it could have been train magic. Cap explained to him trains have their own language. The sound of wheels on metal and sharp whistling and the pure sound of bells. This is a train speaking, if one knows how to listen to it. Then Cap explained to him that a conductor's watch has the most train magic in it. Because nothing is more important to a conductor than to keep track of time.

Cap Anderson, explained to him what was done before radios were invented. The station operators would leave messages for conductors on polls by the sides of the tracks. The Conductor would have to keep an eye out for a message. Then pick it up as the train drove by. Also back in that time, if the train needed to cross into the opposite tracks, the Conductor had to stop the train himself. He had to pull the railroad switch to change the tracks.

Then in 1915 Ray Lawson who was the conductor for the 713 train. Ray Lawson was given a message to stop his train and change the tracks at switch 224. This was because, further up ahead there was some work being done on the train tracks. However, Ray forgot to check his watch and fell asleep, so he never got the message. The tracks were not switched and the train derailed. It crashed, killing Ray and everyone else on board.

The he realizes that switch 224 is on the train tracks near his house. So the train must have crashed into his house. Hearing this Cap got really worried about him. Cap tried to shoo him away telling him to go and play video games or baseball. And just to stay away from trains.

Then from observing in the bushes nearby, he observed Cap approach Ray Lawson, demanding that he leaves him alone. Ray refused saying that he was going to be the new conductor. Then Ray hypnotized Cap to become a passenger to ride on the train to lure him to come back. So he ran home in a panic. When he gets home, he points out to Hank that Cap was now trapped inside the toy passenger car.

Then suddenly his train set went off automatically. Both he and his brother were shocked. He figured that it happened because the time was 7:13 pm. So the 713 must have just left the station. Then he begged Hank to help him. Because Cap was now trapped inside of the 713 train. So when it crashes Cap would die. After realizing how serious and sincere he was acting, Hank listened and agrees to help him.

Hank reluctantly agreed to wait by switch 224. To manually switch the train tracks when the 713 comes by. Then he turned on his train set and re-entered the passenger Car of the 713 train. There he found Cap Anderson sleeping in a chair. So he tried to wake him up but he wouldn't wake up. The he tried pulling the emergency break again. However it didn't seem to work anymore. So now he panicked.

Ray tells him that he disconnected the emergency break. Then Ray approached him and told him that since he loves trains so much, he's going to get his own. Ray also informs him that the 713 train crashed in 1915. Since then it has been reliving the accident every night since it happened and right on time.

Then Ray told him that he had been trapped in the train ever since. So now he planned to switch places with him and finally get his freedom. He once again offered him his pocket watch. Once again he fell into a trance. But this time he finally accepted it. Suddenly, he was now dressed in an official conductor's uniform. Then Ray laughed telling him to take care of his train.

He was shocked that he actually became the conductor. Then Cap finally woke up and told him that it was train magic, of the worst kind. This encouraged him to stand up to Ray. He called out to Ray, and told him that it was not his train. So they were going to get off. Then he dropped the pocket watch and stomped on it. Then at the same time Hank has finally pulled the railroad switch. Just as the ghost train came speeding by.

This not only freed him and cap, but also the passengers' spirits. Cap then pointed out to Ray's ghost. Cap explained to he and his brother that Ray didn't have a train or a watch anymore. So all that Ray could now was to wander up and down the train tracks forever.

Then he told Cap that he wouldn't be coming around the train station for a while. Cap smiled feeling happy to hear this. Then Cap told him that he looked forward to seeing him play baseball. Hank, was still a bit confused. So he asked him what just happened here. He said that he just got rid of a couple of ghosts.


  • Gregory Smith, would later appear as Simon "Sport" Rocque in Nickelodeon's first movie Harriet the Spy in 1996.

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