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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Timmy Ryan is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Quiet Librarian".


Timmy is a young boy. One day his teacher took his class to visit the library. Soon his teacher took his class to the children's section. Meanwhile he got sidetracked playing noisily with a small green bouncing ball. Then he accidentally bounced it all the way downstairs.

So he went downstairs to retrieve his ball. The room was cluttered full of old books, carts and packages and other inventory supplies. His ball bounced all the way to the end of the room, to the bottom of an old door. Also underneath the door from the crack at the carpet, a purple light glowed out. Eager to get his ball back, he moved a box off of the cart in the way of the door. The he crawled through and walked over to the door to get his ball back. He mistakenly knocked his ball into the room behind the door that said: "Quiet Reading Room".  When he read what it said on the door, suddenly the door knob opened the door itself and a purple light flashed out. Then he suddenly disappears. He unintentionally released an evil spirit.

The spirit he released with the spirit of Mercy MacGregor: The head Librarian from 1895 to 1910. Her ghost was now a vengeful spirit, known as the Quiet Librarian. Her spirit vowed to always help the library remain silent one way or another. She had a magical containment box to capture sounds and would hold noisy people captive inside the quiet reading room.

When he saw her, he screamed in terror. Then she instantly muted him. Then she took him prisoner inside the Quiet Reading room. Since he had made so much noise. Inside the reading room it was like a tomb, It was filthy and there were the ghosts of capture children from over one hundred years before. Soon he was accompanied by a teenage girl named named Natalie. Since he and her were muted, nobody could hear them cry for help.

Soon Jace Ellman and Laurie Napier broke into the library late at night, to retrieve a missing notebook. Jace and Laurie briefly checked the Quiet Reading Room thinking someone put the notebook in there. Then they came across him and Natalie inside the room. But they couldn't hear him and Natalie scream for help.

Soon the Quiet Librarian was defeated when Jace and Laurie overloaded her containment box by playing too many noises from a sound effects toy. He and everyone else got their voices back. Then when a security guard when to check on the commotion he heard, he was shown to where the Quiet Reading room was. Then the door was unlocked and he and Natalie were freed at last.

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