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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Todd Marker is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Magician's Assistant".


Todd, is a young and ambitious man. During the event of the story, his dad had recently passed away. So his mom had to work overtime, drawing storyboards at her advertising job. It got to the point where they almost were not meeting ends meet. So he decided to get his own job to provide for them.

He applied for the job as a magician's assistant for a magician named Shandu. Shandu was once a big and successful name, but was now a has been, desperate to make a comeback to show business. Shandu reluctantly hired him, and he started by cleaning the entire inside of the traveling vehicle.

What really caught his attention, was the interesting three foot tail braided branch that Shandu had on a table. He was about to touch it, but Shandu stopped him. Shandu revealed to him that it was a magic wand. Shandu explained that for thousands of years, good magician's and evil sorcerer's had used wands like those to draw power from the earth.

As he begun training under Shandu's tutelage, he learned the three rules of magic.

  • 1. Never touch another magician's wand unless he hands it to you.
  • 2. Only let the audience see what you want them to see.
  • 3. Never ever get caught in your own reflection.

He had a very hard time learning the magic tricks and assisting Shandu. He also kept coming across his reflection when practicing. Which Shandu kept reminding him that it was magic rule number three. Which was a cardinal rule and must never be broken at anytime. He and Shandu did not come off to a good start. He thought Shandu was too strict and short-tempered. However his mom encouraged him not to give up. He was also determined to get better and prove himself to Shandu.

Over time he did become better, also he and Shandu settled their differences, and performed a successful magic show at a children's birthday party.

Soon afterwards, he stole Shandu's magic wand, and he started using it for mundane tasks, such as cleaning up the mess inside Shandu's vehicle, and the selfless act of helping his overworked mother. He used it at home to instantly conjure a four-piece storyboard for his mother's job. Due to him breaking the first cardinal rule and usage of the wand without proper training, an ancient curse on the wand was triggered: Nazrak, a powerful demon warlock who had been imprisoned for centuries inside a vortex, was beginning to escape.

At first Nazrak appeared as the spirit of a beautiful woman. In this form, it used its beauty to manipulate and con him to keep using the wand to keep weakening its seal, until Nazrak was able to escape. Eventually he mistakenly used the wand enough to fully tear the seal. So Nazrak escaped and manifested in a corporeal and physical form.

He learned that when Nazrak escaped the vortex, he forcefully compelled Shandu to take his place in the vortex. Nazrak later tried to imprison him as well. Fortunately, due to a magical reminder from Shandu regarding the rules, he successfully managed to trick Nazrak into getting caught in his own reflection, which reversed the switch: Nazrak was forced to return to his prison, and Shandu returned.

Shandu congratulated him om his success, and apologized for not believing in him enough earlier. Due to his heroics and quick thinking, Shandu now realized that he indeed have potential in magic. So Shandu officially passed ownership of the magic wand to him. Afterwards, Shandu left promising him that he would never be far away.

However, before Shandu left, he left him with one more rule:

  • 4. Always leave them wanting more.

Then he watched Shandu disappear in a graceful ball of blue light. However, after this, he never saw or heard from Shandu again.


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