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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Tom is a character created by Vange. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Virtual Pets ".


Tom was a classmate of Kate and Isabel and was one of the four children who fell victim to the Diggers computer program during its attempted takeover of Earth. After performing an internet using the keywords "info gathering, space probe, satellites, and artificial intelligence," Tom discovered the Digger website, and, at first was awestruck by the fact it was not only capable of voice-interaction, but was able to read the title of the programming book he held up to it. A few moments after that, however, when the site requested to be "fed" and started to glow pink, he attempted to close the web page, but was unable to do so successfully before it fired a laser-like beam into his forehead and imprisoned him.

Two days later, the human Tom, would help Isabel talk Kate through her attempt to either uninstall the Digger program or crash the computer, though these both failed. He was ultimately freed, alongside Isabel and two other classmates, when Kate blew up his computer. When he saw the destroyed remains he noted his parents were going to kill him.


The Digger version of Tom is the one seen through the majority of the episode. The day after the human Tom first encounters the Digger, a classmate of his seen outside of school playing with a new virtual pet bearing the same name as the website. In class, his Digger clone is then encountered by the remainder of his class. He is first seen giving a handheld Digger toy to an unnamed girl who would become the program's third victim, still wearing the same clothing as he was the day he was replaced, he is noticeably paler, seems highly sleep deprived and now has a tattoo of the Digger's bulldog-like avatar on his neck.

As the girl thanks him for the device and takes her seat, Isabel and a reluctant Kate approach him, though Kate seems to be the only person who notices that something is wrong with Tom. Isabel, more focused on getting a Digger for herself, is ecstatic when she hears the devices are free, while Kate is curious about their origin. The Digger version of Tom defensively dismisses her question, before offering her a Digger; when Kate refuses, he cautiously eyes her as she returns to her seat before walking Isabel through activating her own Digger. That night, Digger-Tom reports to the main Digger as each of his classmates is replaced, though we only seen the final replacement process: that of Isabel.

The following day, Digger-Tom is still wearing the clothes his human version wore during his first encounter with the Digger. He and the three children who had gotten Diggers the day before (including Isabel) are all seated at the same table in their classroom, and their demeanor and appearance draws Kate's attention. When she returns to her seat, Digger-Tom gives the Digger version of Isabel a handheld for Kate, then waits for her outside the school after classes end for the day. Once Digger-Isabel meets with him, they briefly spy on Kate as she converses with one of her teammates before leaving.

At Tom's home, he and Digger-Isabel meet with the other two Digger-replaced children for their final progress report: this one entails the upload of their human originals. Tom collects the Digger handhelds from each clone and tells the Main Digger that the upload is ready, but the group are distracted by a noise. After Digger-Isabel assures him it was a mouse, he sets the upload's countdown timer for five minutes and gives each of the others a new handheld Digger, with instructions to stay with their target until they are replaced as well, insisting that Kate be one of them. The group leave, but he and the two unnamed children return shortly before the five minutes expire, sensing something is wrong and find Digger-Isabel engaged in a fight with Kate. They watch as Kate uses a mirror to deflect the upload beam into the computer and, as pain overwhelms the group he explains she's overloading the computer seconds before it explodes, killing him and allowing the human Tom to return to the real world.


  • Jonathan Koensgen is the son of John Koensgen. John Koensgen portrayed Mr. Shaffner.

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