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This is a neutral character.

Tony is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Highway 13".


In 1969 Tony purchased a fancy red Pontiac GTO. His best friend Bulldog attempted to persuade him to show it off and challenge other people to races. Finally one day Bulldog taunted a Trucker into racing them. Therefore he and Bulldog raced against the Trucker in the Trucker's red dump truck along highway 13. At the end of the road was a small bridge. A bridge only big enough for one vehicle to pass through at a time. During the race, he got scared and nervous. Therefore he did not speed ahead to make it to the bridge ahead of the big dump truck. Therefore both his vehicle and the Trucker's dump truck arrived to the bridge at the same time. Here they crashed in a big explosion resulting in them all dying.

From then on, he and Bulldog's ghosts had been forced to race the The Trucker's ghost everyday at the same time. Everyday they all crashed into the bridge, reliving the same accident over and over again.

Over the years, to pass the time between racing the Trucker, he and Bulldog ran a vehicle junkyard. In the year 2000, two teenagers named Justin and Craig came to the junkyard. It was at this time Bulldog had gotten fed up with his cowardice and seeked a more rebellious and brave person to win the race against the Trucker. Therefore Bulldog convinced Craig to buy his old car. At the time psychically his once beautiful car had become a worn down wreck. When he heard from Justin that Craig was going to buy it, he was shocked and sad to see his car go. But he dealt with it sensing that it was it good hands. However seeing the dump truck lights go off, he was worried that the Trucker would now go after them!

A few days later, he stopped over to Craig's house. Here he gave Justin a 1978 side-view mirror to replace on Justin's mother's car. He was amazed and impressed that Craig and Justin had managed to beautifully restore his car like new. He touched it and his hand almost went through it like a spoon in JELL-O. Almost like he was still compelled to it.

Later on Craig and Justin took his car for a spin. When suddenly the Trucker's dump truck began to chase after Craig and Justin. He and Bulldog soon met up with Justin and Craig at long time local hangout called: the Shop-n-Drop. Here he and Bulldog encountered a terrified looking Justin and Craig. Here he realized that the Trucker really was now after them in place of he and Bulldog. He was mad snapping at Bulldog for getting them involved in the first place. Finally Bulldog revealed to him that he finally found a more brave and rebellious person to win the race: Craig.

He and Bulldog finally explained everything to them. Then they revealed that they just had to win the race and they could all go free. So wanting to get it over with Craig decided to race the Trucker. He and Bulldog soon appeared in the backseats to cheer him on. When seeing how fast Craig was driving and getting into the lead, Bulldog spilled the beans that it was their idea to race in the first place. Craig was furious asking him if that was true. So he truthfully told Craig that the Trucker was never at fault. It was their idea. Bulldog was the one who taunted and egged The Trucker on, and made the Trucker race them.

After hearing this, Craig stepped onto the brakes and forfeited. This allowed the Trucker to finally pass through the bridge safely. After it was finally over, he thanked Craig for having the courage to forfeit. Which was what he should have done in the first place all those years ago. Afterwards, realizing that his car was just too hot to handle. Craig gave him back the cars. He was thrilled to have his car back. Afterwards, he and Bulldog vanished off to locations unknown.

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