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This Magical Item is Neutral.

The Tools of Oblivion is a neutral item created by Tucker. It was shown in the episode "The Tale of Oblivion".


The Tools of Oblivion are either ancient or medieval art supplies. They have the power to create, destroy and restore. The tools include a piece of black charcoal


The Tools of Oblivion

and a rubber eraser. It is unknown if these items are perpetual, or if they can eventually run/wear out.

They have the power to erase and create anything the user requests. If the user wants to erase something, all the user needs to do, is to write down the words of it and then simply erase them. If the user wants to create or restore something, all they need to do, is to draw a picture of the desired item or person. Once erased, the items or people are sent to Oblivion where they'll remain in timeless limbo for eternity. Or until they are restored with the charcoal.

In the Middle ages, a viking named Kronos was after the tools, Two monks Thelodius and Chadwick used them to erase him and send him to oblivion. The tools were then sent to future to be hidden.

in 1999 a girl named Shelley found them in a store called "Sardo's Magic Mansion". Sardo wanted to make a quick and easy sale. Therefore he conned her brother Max into believing they were used by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso to trick him into believing that they were special. Max believed him and bought the tools for $10 (although originally he requested $30).

Max soon discovered, that the tools can erase anything he wanted. During art class when he and his class were drawing a bowl of fruit, he erased the apple and pear from his drawing. Soon he realized they actually were erased. Soon he used it to erase away the neighborhood dog Butch who was chasing after him.

Soon Max used them to erase his family's piano, and to prove he was telling the truth to his sister Shelley, he erased her underwear. To keep her from telling their mom, he erased her but instantly regretted it. On Sardo's advice he erased himself and the box of tools to go to Oblivion and rescue her.

However, he met Kronos there. Kronos took Shelley and Butch as prisoners and threatened to throw them into a garbage disposal unit, unless given the tools. Max broke the tools in half and gave one half of the pieces to him. Kronos was just about to use them to return to his own time and conquer his country again.

Then Max used his half of the tools to erase all of Oblivion. All of Oblivion was erased, but Max, Shelley, Sardo and Butch weren't erased. This was because Max wrote down their names to not be erased ahead of time. The tools are still believed to be in possession of twins Max and Shelley.