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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Trevor is minor character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Wisdom Glass".


Trevor is the personal limousine driver for the Price family. The family is rich. Since Mr. Price is lawyer. So he often drives the Price's son Allan from wherever he is to wherever he wants to go next. He also loyally waits for Allan to return to the vehicle. No matter how long he will be. It is shown that he has taken a lot of disrespect and unappreciation from Allan. But he seems to put up with it. Since he is paid, and because he understands that Allan is a very unhappy child, who has trouble keeping friends who like him for whom he is. Instead of just the money he has.

During the events of the story, he drove Allan to the shopping mall where Allan went to a store called: Game City. Here Allan befriend a boy around his age named: Jimmy Miller. Unlike Allan, Jimmy was poor and came from an average class family. He was informed that Allan father's wouldn't process payment for all the items Allan wanted to purchase that day. So the store owner Phil got mad and kicked the boys out. When Allan got to the limo, he was informed that Allan had purchased Jimmy a new computer game he wanted. It was called: "Wisdom Game, The Ultimate Journey of Knowledge". So he drove the boys over to Jimmy's house. So they could hang out and play the game. What he didn't know, was that Allan had actually stolen the computer game.

When he drove him there, he could see that Allan was still mad at his dad for cutting him off. So he he told him not to answer his dad and to let him worry a while. Then Allan smirked to him that being in a poor neighborhood made him feel important. Almost like he was a prince slumming with a pauper. Right before Allan went into Jimmy's house he snapped at him warning him not to cross him.

Soon the boys found out that just the next day, a Game of Wisdom card tournament would be taking place. The prize was $10,000. So the next day, he drove them both to the location of the tournament. The odd thing was that it was in a field in the middle of nowhere. So nothing was there but a small red wooden shed. He carefully read over the directions. This confirmed that it should be the place. Then they boys notice that the shed had a W on it. So they realized that it must have been the place. Allan then rudely told him to wait for them and to not fall asleep.

However, what he did not know was that the computer game: "Wisdom Game, The Ultimate Journey of Knowledge" was such a sophisticated game that it became real. Therefore the cyberworld formed a real realm with a court of wisdom. The court had sensed that either Allan or Jimmy had stolen a copy of the game. So it set up a false tournament as a ruse to get the boys to appear. Then come to their court to stand trial for stealing wisdom.

A short time later, Allan returned to the limousine, after getting Jimmy to take the rap for him. He was sorry to see that he and his friend had a falling out. Then he pointed out to Allan that he was holding onto tickets for the nights hockey game. Allan was shocked to find out that Jimmy was going to treat him to a hockey game as a thank you for the computer game. So Allan ran back inside to confess that it was really him who stole the game. Since he now knew that Jimmy really did like him for how he was; and not just the money.

However, what he and Allan didn't know was that in the realm of wisdom; stealing was a capital offense. Therefore the guilty defendant would be executed by guillotine!

However, Jimmy threatened to smash the wisdom glass if the court didn't let both of them leave. So both boys immediately left and returned to the limo. At first it seemed like he was about to drive them home. Then suddenly he was not moving. Allan snapped at him, wondering what the hold up was.

Then suddenly he was shown to be wearing the mask and the powdered wig of Judge Day, from the court of Wisdom. It seems that he either lived a double life, or that Judge Day had possessed him. Since he may have sensed that he was fed up with how poorly Allan had treated him. Then as Judge Day he told them that the judgement of the Wisdom Glass needed to be carried out. Then he forced the doors jammed shut, and drove them back to the red shed to return to the cyberworld to have their sentences carried out!


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