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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Trevor Reilly is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Badge".


Trevor Reilly is an ambitious and brilliant boy. He lives with his parents, older sister Gwen and his Grandmother Willy. His parents are always proud of his amazing academic achievements. Which intend to give him more attention (much to the chagrin of his average older sister Gwen, who feels inferior to him). He is stubborn, and overconfident and he can be a real brat at times. However, he does care about his sister. What he never knew, was that the women in one side of his family came from a bloodline of benevolent witches knowns as the Setterwind. Also that his Grandmother Willy was the current keeper of the power.

During the events of the story, it was his sister's 16th birthday. It was unbeknownst to him, that this was when Grandma Willy would pass down her magic to his sister by giving her a Jasper's Light amulet. Later that evening, his parents were going to a parent-teacher conference at his sister's school, and his Grandma had a ladies club meeting. So he was being babysat by his older sister for the evening.

Earlier in the evening he observed his Grandmother opening a small antique wooden chest. It had the word BADGE carved onto it. It piqued his interest. So when the coast was clear, he snooped through his Grandma's bedroom. He found the chest and unlocked it. Oddly it only contained a small crystal and a flute. It was unbeknownst to him that this was the magical Setterwind Flute, and the crystal was a containment unit for Badge. Badge was a corporeal manifestation from the evil part of the Setterwind family magic. It was safely contained within the crystal.

Then his curiosity got the best of him, so he blew the flute. It made a loud and brief magical sound. Then his house was instantly surrounded in fog. Then all power and lights went out. What he didn't know was that he just mistakenly freed, Badge from containment.

Then his sister heard a man knocking at the door asking for help, because he had a car accident. She was too afraid to let a stranger in the house, so she refused. Then his sister thought their Grandma was home, but forgot her keys. So she opened the doors. Then suddenly a horrifying evil badger like goblin entered the house. It was Badge, he came demanding the Setterwind. His sister didn't know what it was at first.

Although horrified, he demanded he leave his sister alone. Then Badge kidnapped him and sent him to his lair, he would be returned in exchange for the Setterwind family magic.

Soon his sister found out that she was the new Setterwind witch. So she tried casting the containment spell, that their ancestor Celina Setterwind made six centuries ago. But it didn't work. Since her magic was not yet strong enough.

Finally his sister figured out that the word BADGE on the chest stood for musical notes: B-A-D-G-E. So his sister used the Setterwind Magic Flute and played the notes one by one. This successfully sent Badge back into containment and he was rescued.

Then he complained about his sister was now being a witch. Not because he was jealous. But because all she got to do was look after Badge's chest. Then he went into vast details of all the neat and wonderful things she could do with her magic. Then suddenly Grandma Willy had some residual magic left. So she cast a spell on him. This made him forget all about the evenings events, including what was in the chest.


  • Dylan Provencher also appeared in the Goosebumps television series episodes You Can't Scare Me as Hat and The House of no Return as Chris Wakely.

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