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Tucker was an original member of The Midnight Society and founder of the new Midnight Society. He is the younger brother of Gary.


Tucker is first introduced in "The Tale of the Midnight Ride" as a potential member of the Midnight Society after Kristen and David left. It was said by Gary that he was told by his mom that he had to bring Tucker or he had to quit the Midnight Society.

At first, Tucker is often portrayed as an youthfully obnoxious little brother at first was really annoying and immature brat, he was always playing pranks on the group, teasing his brother about his crush on Sam, and had a constant conflict between him and Frank usually he would be the one to get Frank going. Eventually Tucker matured a little bit and he did nice things like buy Gary rare concert tickets for his birthday and asked Sam to join Gary on the outing.

In the fifth season he brought his friend Stig as a nominee to join the Midnight Society after Frank moved away. Although Stig was gross and grungy, had bad hygiene and odd and gross mannerisms, he still liked him.

After the original group disbanded, Tucker took over Gary's place as the president of The Midnight Society and invited his friends Andy, Megan, Quinn, and Vange to reform the group. Once Tucker was in charge, he was less of a brat and more of a serious leader like his older brother. He explained to his friends that the tradition was started back in 1937 when his Grandfather Gene organized the first Midnight Society in 1937. Also his grandfather built the campfire pit, and built the storyteller's chair. Since he didn't have Stig join, it can be assumed that Stig moved away or found a different interest.

He is the only character to appear in both generations of the Midnight Society.


Tucker's stories tend to involve friendships or family relationship that are at first sour, but grow stronger in the face of adversity. He also tells stories involving folklore, or creatures of myth. Tucker's stories also have a tendency to have a character unintentionally release the villain(s).

On Screen Stories[]

  1. The Tale of the Midnight Ride
  2. The Tale of the Phone Police (On a phone)
  3. The Tale of the Guardian's Curse
  4. The Tale of the Water Demons
  5. The Tale of the Fire Ghost
  6. The Tale of Prisoners Past
  7. The Tale of the Manaha
  8. The Tale of the Forever Game
  9. The Tale of Jake the Snake
  10. The Tale of Oblivion
  11. The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge
  12. The Tale of the Time Trap
  13. The Tale of the Laser Maze

Novel Stories[]

  1. The Tale of the Phantom School Bus
  2. The Tale of the Campfire Vampires
  3. The Tale of the Terrible Toys
  4. The Tale of the Mogul Monster