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The Umbra is a character created by Tucker. It appeared in the episode "The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge".


An Umbra (also known as a Shade) is a Shadow Ghost, or a Darkness Ghost who cannot stand light. The more light it is exposed to, the more damage it takes. They occupy an area where the light is dense or completely dark. Then they will lure its victims to where they are. They usually do it by by casting an illusion of a person they know asking for their help. Or someone in general asking the victim for their help.

Once they have lured the victim inside, they track them down to where there is no light; then they prey on them. They gleam their glowing eyes at them and stare at them until they transform into them. When this happens, they gradually feed off of their victims life-force.

The time it takes to kill off their victim varies. The less light there is, the faster it takes. The more light the victim stays around, the longer it will take. When it approaches they victim in a dark area, they will begin to slowly drain more of the victims' lifeforce. It is done by repeatedly staring at them with their gleaming eyes. When they do this, their victim begin aging rapidly.

The Umbra eventually needs a new victim, when their current victim has died, or is close to dying. Therefore they lure another victim to come to where they. They can do this by making sounds and casting illusions. Which is usually of a person they know to trick them into showing up. They can be slowed down, if the victim stays near areas with light in them. Also by shinning bright objects at them such as flashlights, lanterns or torches. However this isn't enough to defeat them. They need to be exposed to full complete light, such as the sunshine outside. Or a room filled full of turned on lights. When this happens it will cause them to be obliterated and destroyed.

During the events of "The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge" for an unknown, but for a long estimated period of time, an Umbra haunted an old lodge. The lodge was at a remote location on the top of a ridge. The ridge was known as Bigfoot Ridge. The Umbra took advantage of the fact that the place was really old. Therefore the power couldn't be so easily turned on. Not without someone unlocking the door to the back up generator outside. Therefore the ceiling lights could not be turned on. However there was a fireplace. It knew to stay away from it, when a fight was lit.

Eventually it made the lodge its domain. Its victims would either show up to the lodge by themselves. After searching for help while getting lost in the woods. Or it would disguise itself as its victim. Then taunt a new victim to follow it to the lodge. Also it would frequently travel around the area disguised as its current victim. There was a big skiing and snowboarding mountain in the area. Therefore it took this to its advantage. When it was looking for new victims to lure to the lodge.

Also if it found out that there was another person who had a connection to its victim, it would cast illusions to trick the new person into coming to the lodge. Or it would even trick the new person, that the missing person they knew needed their help; and where to find them.

Once a victim was inside the lodge, their fate was sealed. It would approach its new victim and gaze its glowing eyes into their eyes. After staring into their eyes long enough, it would steal their soul and transform into its victim's exact appearance. Then every time it would approach its victim, it would gaze into their eyes and feed off of their life-force. The more it did this, the faster their victim would age. Eventually the victim would die from old age. The only way a victim could ward it off, would be to shine a light at it. Or lit up the fireplace and sit near it.

This umbra eventually captured a man who was a member of the Ski Patrol unit. After it drained him of its life-force he died. It then wandered around the countryside looking for a new victim. It soon came across a girl named Gina. It taunted Gina to follow it. So she followed it all the way to the lodge. Once inside the lodge, it stole Gina's soul and begin to siphon off of her life-force.

Gina grew old very quickly, but she was resourceful. She built a fire in the fireplace and constantly sat by it to ward it off.

Then a couple of weeks later, Gina's best friend Dani and her brother Kirk were at the ski mountain. It visited the mountain and realized that Dani knew Gina and missed her. So it saw Dani as a potential new victim. So it followed her home and cast illusions to her. The illusions were of Gina, informing Dani that she needed her help and that she was trapped at Bigfoot Ridge.

Soon enough, Dani and her brother came to the lodge hoping to find Gina. Instead the Umbra attempted to gaze into their eyes. But they lost its gave when lightning flashed. Dani and Kirk soon realized that if they could turn on the ceiling lights it may have been enough to defeat it. So Dani stayed with Gina to try and ward it off, while Kirk went outside in the fierce snowstorm to start up the back up generator.

Meanwhile, it realized that Gina had by now aged away to almost nothing. So now it set its sights on Dani. It gazed its glowing eyes into Dani's eyes. Then it captured her soul, and transformed into her. Then it laughed diabolically in victory. Then just before it could start siphoning off of Dani's life-force, Kirk finally got the back up generator going. Then all of the lights went on inside. Feeling exposure to the intense light, it moaned in agony. Then it turned into a black shadow. Then it was destroyed. It obliterated into a big bursting cloud. After this happened Gina was back to normal and the three friends left the lodge.


  • Sarah Edmondson portrayed two parts in the episode. She also portrayed Gina.
  • Sarah Edmondson also portrayed Emma.

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