Hello there! it's nice to meet you I am Terry and I am an admin and bureaucrat of this wiki. If you have any questions or any concerns please feel free to let me know!

For the record! I am not a woman, I am a man! LOL I am huge fan of the Most Popular Girls in School. Trisha 2 is my favorite character. :p

About me

Hello there :) Welcome to my page I'm Terry, I'm 6ft'4 tall I've been a life long hyper active person but i'm fairly mature for my age, but once in a while I get too hyper and let loose and get too silly lol! I am not all that obsessed with burgers. Yes I do love them a lot! because they taste and

I am in a mask okay i am shy.png

smell so good! but I'm also a very balanced eater and in fairly good shape, you see I just like them as often as the next person but a bit more than usual I might have two burgers with fries or even poutine one or two times a month if even that. I love Are You Afraid of the Dark! I first began watching the show I think when I was 7 or 8 back in about 2000 when it was on weekday nights on the Disney Family Channel. I've always loved scary stories and monster movies and this has always been one of favortie shows. Also my older sister recorded a lot of cool shows and movies back in the 1990s and I just love watching these old classic shows. The first episode I saw, I believe was "The Tale of the Frozen Ghost", one of my real favorites is "The Tale of the Phone Police".  About a year ago the show has been on t.v. again but at the time being it's not anymore :( but I hope will be again very soon. I missed out on the original DVD boxsets :( but I have the first two seasons of the fairly newly rereleased ones and I hope they will release more soon! I still love rewatching all these classic episodes every now and again. I try to give everyone I met on here a fair chance before really deciding whether or not if I do or not like you. I hate spammers and I hate and trolls. so if you're one of them don't even talk to me please. I am also very active on The Degrassi wiki feel free to see me there too sometime. What if the burgers burnt! ? (talk) 22:16, January 19, 2015 (UTC)

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