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Vanessa is a character created by Megan. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Walking Shadow".


Vanessa is a sensitive, sweet, friendly, polite, caring and supportive person. She has a passion for acting, which she takes very seriously and with a bit of zeal. She resents mean-spirited people, and people who tease and mock her.

She attends Greenwich High School, with Ross Doyle and Jesse. Ross Doyle has feelings for her. Unbeknownst to him from the start; she reciprocated. Jesse also had feelings for her, but she didn't reciprocate them. Since she was turned off by him, finding him to be arrogant, stuck up and obnoxious.

During the events of the story, her school decided to produce a play. It was the Shakespearean play Macbeth. It was being directed by a young teacher named Kim. She auditioned for and won the role of Lady Macbeth, while much to her chagrin Jesse got the lead role of Macbeth. Also Ross auditioned for the play as well, with the ulterior motive of doing it to spend more time with her. Ross got the part of Macduff. However, he lacked confidence in his acting abilities. With the play coming soon, she could see that he was overwhelmed by nerves and stage fright. She was supportive and advised him to just not think about acting, but try and actually become the character. Therefore she did an example where Lady Macbeth thought that she was seeing a spot of blood on her hand. Suddenly a red spot suddenly did appear. This startled her. It turned out to just be Jesse sneaking up on her from behind. He teased her by dripping ketchup on her hand. She was not amused and told him that he wasn't allowed to joke around with her, outside of the play.

The cast was performing the play at a local theater, when they got there. Once again she rehearsed the scene where Lady Macbeth was going mad, by thinking she was seeing a spot of blood on her hand. So she held out her hand and said: "And yet here's a spot! Out damned spot! Out I say!". Suddenly from nowhere a few drops of blood really did fall onto her hand. This freaked her out. So she asked Ross how he did it. He claimed that he didn't do it. Seeing that he laughed, she then thought that he was mocking her. So she walked away feeling insulted.

A little later, she returned to the costume room. Here Ross introduced her to a middle aged woman named: Hermione St. Claire, who was the wardrobe mistress. Ross informed her that Hermione told him that the theater was haunted by a ghost. One that bothers people who break the the rules of behavior in the theater. Such as: Whistling on the stage, saying the play's current name, and leaving the costume or theater with your costume on. Unless it is time for the actual performance. He told her that perhaps the ghost was the one who dripped the blood onto her hand, but she didn't believe him. She introduced herself to Hermione. Hermione was pleased to hear that she was portraying Lady Macbeth. Then Hermione told her that she once did as well. Also that it would be the first time in fifty that the theater had a production of Macbeth.

She then nicely asked Hermione not to tell Ross any more ghost stories. Since she knew that he was scared enough. Now she was concerned that he would quit the play. Then suddenly she and Hermione heard him screaming. So they went to check on him. He claimed that a ghost's arm emerged from the Weird Sister's cauldron and grabbed him. She was now upset and disappointed in him. She asked him to only quit because he really wanted to, not simply because he was afraid. She then give him motivation by telling him that he really was a good actor. Also that he should have gotten the male lead instead of Jesse. Hearing this, he truthfully told her that the real reason he tried out for the play was to spend more time with her. Hearing this she felt her heart touched. So she kissed him on the cheek.

Then the next day, she and Kim saw Ross and he was terrified all over again. He told that he had to quit the play, because he had fallen behind in his school work. She was disappointed in him. She knew that it was simply because he was too afraid and nervous. Then she got him to admit it. Then he tried to explain to her the real reason he quit. It was because he broke the theater traditions, by whistling in the theater and saying the name of the play over and over again. Therefore Ross awoke the ghost of Adrian Harcombe. Adrian was an actor whom in 1949 was cast as Macbeth in the play. But he unexpectedly died before the final act began. Since then Adrian's ghost had been haunting the theater. Ross was worried that since he awoke Adrian's ghost, it was now out to get him!

That night, just before the dress rehearsal began Ross came back. She was very pleased that he changed his mind and returned to the play. The dress rehearsal was going perfectly. Then just before the final act began, Jesse went missing. Then when Kim called for Macbeth to come to the stage, Adrian Harcombe came in Jesse's place! She and everyone ran off the stage terrified from just the sight of him. Then she saw Hermione appear at the side of the stage. She heard her beg Ross to do the final act with Adrian, so Adrian could finally finish his performance. Ross now realized that Adrian was not out to get, but only wanted to perform with him.

So she the rest of the cast all sat down and watched Adrian and Ross perfectly act out the final scene. When it was over, she and everyone else all proudly gave a round of applause and clapped. She then watched Hermione run into Adrian arms. Then suddenly Hermione changed back into her younger 1940s self. She was shocked to realize that Hermione was a ghost as well. She also didn't realize that Hermione really was Adrian's wife. She then watched Adrian and Hermione bow to their audience. Then after a passionate kiss, they both vanished in a flashing aura, crossing over to the afterlife.

Later that night, She now understood that all Adrian wanted to do was finish the play. She mentioned how amazing the act was. Then he said it would be a real tough act to follow. She now knew how committed he was. So she kissed him on the lips, he was very pleased saying that would do. Then she asked him if he would stay with the play. Now inspired and excited, he told her that he certainly would.


  • Kathryn Long also appeared in the Goosebumps TV series as Carly Beth Caldwell in "The Haunted Mask", as well as "The Haunted Mask II".

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