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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Vicki is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Mystical Mirror".


Vicki, along with Tannis and Laurel. all worked together in Ms. Valenti's Boutique and Beauty Shop. Which was owned and ran by the beautiful Ms. Valenti.

Soon, Ms. Valenti, had told her and Vicki that for some reason, Tannis decided to quit her job and run away from home. Vicki could see that Laurel decided to use the opportunity to gave Tannis' job to Her average and plain looking friend Cindy. She was a bit cold and rude when she could see that Laurel wanted to give Cindy a free touch up. So she told her that free stuff was only for employees.

Also earlier in the week from the events of the episode Laurel loaned her watch to Vicki. Soon however Laurel asked for it back. Since one night Laurel had a date with her boyfriend and she needed it. However when Ms. Valenti showed her how great Cindy looked after getting a makeover. This distracted her and so she didn't give Laurel her watch back.

After her shift ended, Ms. Valenti showed her some nice clothing. This included a new pretty pink flowered hat. Which she was allowed to try it on. Then she was convinced by Ms. Valenti to gaze at herself in the mystical mirror. This placed her into a trance. It enable her willing allow herself to drink a potion, that Ms. Valenti she gave to her. This was because as with Tannis, Ms. Valenti also had recognized her as a true beauty.

Vicki drank the potion. Then in no time at all she felt sick. She experienced throbbing and excruciating pain. She proceeded to scream. Suddenly her eyes glowed a solid white. As her screaming continued, she began to howl. As she was transformed into a dog. Then she locked up into a cage next to Tannis.

Soon, Laurel was also transformed into a dog. So now that Ms. Valenti had three beauties transformed as helpless dogs she was conducting a dark magic ritual. Ms. Valenti was more than willing to sacrifice she and the other two. This would help Ms. Valenti to continue staying young forever.

Eventually she was freed and changed back to normal. After Laurel's friend Cindy destroyed The Mystical Mirror and defeated Ms. Valenti.


  • Andrea Lui was only 12 years old and she played the role of a mature teenager.
  • Andrea Lui also guest starred two times in Laura Bertram's main show Ready or Not.

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