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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Vince appeared in the three part episode arc "The Tale of the Silver Sight".


Vince was a tense and stressed old man with a limp, who ran the city junkyard claiming to have over fifty years worth of junk. When Quinn came to speak to him he told him he and friends are part of a secret club asked him if he knew anything about Donna Tilton, since they were trying to find her. When he realized Quinn meant his club was The Midnight Society, he felt he could trust him.

Vince brought Quinn to speak to him inside his office. Then he introduced himself, and told him that back in high school, he and Donna were the golden couple, Homecoming King and Queen and everything. Vince describes her as a beauty and no one ever since has even come close. Vince says unfortunately they didn't get married, because soon he came across the worse case of bad luck there ever was. Almost like a dark cloud of it just settled over him. He explains he was a star athlete but he broke his leg. Then soon he nearly died in a serious car accident. Also after that his family's house caught fire, his family got out but he was seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

However, the worse was yet to come. When Vince was recovering in the hospital, Donna starting seeing another guy. Quinn is shocked to her this, but Vince couldn't blame her. This was because with his string of bad luck there was nothing going for him. Vince explains that he was going to try to get her back when he got out the hospital, but there was another accident. Donna and her new boyfriend went for a drive and they got into a serious accident and only Donna's new boyfriend survived. Vince explains the whole time, it felt like there was some force of power keeping him and Donna apart.

Then when Quinn's was leaving his way office, a rusty chain holding a written off car in place snapped. The car came crashing into his office totaling it. Quinn saved Vince, by pushing him out of the way in the nick of time. He then revealed that he just knew that The Silver Sight was after him again. He started yelling at the sky for it to leave him alone, because it ruined his life. Quinn asks him since he knew about The Silver Sight, if he can help him find it. Vince just strictly advised him to leave it alone, or it would cause him bad luck like it did for him.

Quinn then asked him if Donna ever mentioned a piece of a broken record to him. Vince froze in his tracks and showed him her piece. He kept it for all these years as a necklace to wear in memory of her. Quinn asked him for it, but he couldn't bare to part with it. Then he makes him a deal, years ago when he was recovering in the hospital he drew a portrait of Donna. This portrait was stolen by her new boyfriend, who was none other than Laing Candle. Vince promised him, that if he can return the portrait to him, he would give Quinn the record piece. Quinn soon returned the portrait of Donna to Vince, he cried tears of joy to have back at long last. Then as promised, he gave Quinn the piece of the record and warned him to be careful.

He soon joined with Bob McGorrill (Bruce's brother), Mr. Gregory (Eleanor's son) and Grandma Aggie (Gene's wife) late at night in Playland Amusement Park to support The Midnight Society in their quest to destroy the silver sight. He then witnessed, Gary making the right choice of knowing who their true enemy was and banished The Demon who was rightfully so.