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This is a neutral character.

Violet is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Whispering Walls".


Long ago Violet lived a normal life and had a daughter named Jane. One day (uncertain how long ago) she got lost and appeared at the Whisper Inn, on a leap year's February 29. She went into the Whisper Inn for help. She later found out that the Whisper Inn was an evil spiritual house. One that is owned and operated by Master Raymond. Also that the house was kept alive by abducting living souls, and binding them to living inside the walls. This can only happen every four years on a February 29th, and if there will be a full moon. Also during the February 29th daytime, she and the other spirts can freely move around in the Inn, but cannot leave.

Master Raymond captured her. Then he binded her soul to the house to live inside the walls. Also she was placed in a trance to help lure new victims when the time came. Also she became acquaintances with several other souls who were captured: An old brush sales man, a husband and wife who loved to dance, and some silly man.

Then on the 1992 leap year, Master Raymond was prepared to take three new captives. They were a young woman named Louise Lam and the two children she was babysitting: Claire and Andrew Dickens. She felt compassionate, because Claire and Andrew were so young and they reminded her of her dear daughter Jane. She was aware that Andrew had figured out that gusts of wind could make her and the other spirits temporarily vanish. However, she didn't stop him or inform the others.

When Louise Lam, and the children almost escaped, Master Raymond caught them by the front door. He was about to entrance them and bind them to the walls of the inn. But she was fed up with him preying on poor young and innocent children. So she opened the front door, as her Master took on full exposure of a gust of wind and temporarily vanish. So she willingly let the captives quickly make their escape.


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