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Weegee is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Laughing in the Dark".


Weegee and his little sister Kathy were friends with a cocky kid named Josh. One night they visit the Playland Amusement Park, where Josh constantly teased and belittled him and his sister.

The trio arrive at Laughing in the Dark spook house. He and his sister didn't want to go in because he heard creepy stories that it was supposedly haunted by a clown ghost named Zeebo. Josh didn't believe him and his sister. So Josh taunted and teased his sister about being chicken and made pocking sounds.

Then he saw Josh bump into the creepy looking Circus Carney who ran the place. The Carney encouraged Josh to take on the spook house by himself. He watched Josh stare at the spook house nervously before telling the Carney perhaps he would another time. Then they all left.

The next day, he and his sister do some research on the place and discover the place's background story: In 1924, a circus came to town and was set up by Playland Amusement Park. One of the clowns, a smoker named Zeebo, stole the circus' payroll of $4,000. When the police chased after him, he ran into the Playland and hid from the police in the Laughing in the Dark spook house.

Zeebo almost got away with it too, but unfortunately, while hiding, he dropped his cigar and accidentally started a fire that burned down the spook house along with him in it. Then a couple years later, a new Laughing in the Dark spook house was built with a Zeebo dummy at the end to scare anyone who walked in it. There was an urban legend that Zeebo still haunted the place.

Then he becomes fed up and angry with Josh mocking and teasing them. So dares Josh to enter Laughing in the Dark alone. Josh takes up his challenge and says that he’ll take Zeebo's nose to prove that he made it through to the end. If Josh wins the bet, he will have to wear Zeebo's nose to school for a week.

That night, Josh prepares to enter the spook house. Before he does, he wanted him to admit that he’s scared and he could back out. But Josh actually went through with the challenge and made it through to the end and got the clown nose as proof.

The next day, Josh brings the clown nose over to him and he reluctantly agrees to wear it to school for a week. After Josh leaves his sister encourages him to stop being his friend, because he such a jerk. But he still remains friends with him.

Later that night he phones Josh to apologize for complaining and acting like a baby earlier. Since Josh did win the best fair and square. Josh accepts his apology and agrees to only make him wear the clown nose to school for one day. He disappointingly tells him that he was hoping that they could call it off completely. But Josh just laughed at him and told him that tomorrow at school would be Zeebo day for him before hanging up chuckling.

Very soon after, Josh called him back sounding very scared, inquiring whether or not he just prank called him. He asked him why he sounded so scared. Josh was having a frightening and emotional breakdown, from being stalked by the Circus Carney who wanted the clown nose back at all costs! So Josh finally confessed to that he was scared of the spook house, and was really scared now. All he wants to know, was if he just prank called him pretending to be Zeebo. Then another receiver gets in their conversation and Josh asked her sister to put it down, only for him to reply that his family has only one phone in their house. The call was then interrupted by the strange voice, who said "If you don’t give it back, I’ll come up and get it.”, revealing that Zeebo's ghost was in Josh's house!

So Josh quickly came over to his house to apologize and call the whole thing off and and he took back the clown nose. Then Josh returned it to the clown in the funhouse. Afterwards, he may have felt differently about Josh after finding out how scared he really was.

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