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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Wiley Halpin is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Jake the Snake".


Wiley and his best friend Zach are athletes. They specialize in playing hockey. Unlike his friend, he lacks confidence in his abilities. For months he and Zach had been practicing to join their high school hockey team. Finally Coach Harry Cramp conducted tryouts. When they took place, his friend played with ease, but feeling nervous and lacking confidence, he didn't do so well. He was constantly being slammed and tripped by current team member and bully Pierre Duchamp. Finally Duchamp slammed him so hard, he fell and got a bleeding nose. So the coach switched him with another person trying out.

In the locker room, he was very discouraged. He told Zach that he trained so hard for this. Now he was not sure that he was gonna make it. Zach gave him his support and encouragement. He told him that he just knew that they were both good enough to make the team. Then the Coach reminded him again to get some ice for his bleeding nose.

Then he went to the back of the training room the basement, where someone gave him an ice block for his bleeding nose. Then he was told by a creepy voice, that he reminded him of a player he knew years ago, who had become one of the greatest players of all time. He was told that he was named Jake Desmond. But he was better known as Jake "The Snake" Desmond" (because, he could slither like a snake through any defense). Then he asked how he became so good. The voice that him that it was because he found a new hockey stick. One which gave him the advantage and an all new attitude. Because it was magical. Hearing this, he didn't believe him. Then the voice told him that if he didn't believe it, then to try it for himself. Since Jake's stuff was still in the basement. So he went down to basement. There he found the old-fashioned hockey stick and grabbed it. As he left, the creepy person was heard laughing diabolically.

Then he tested the hockey stick. He hit a pop can right into the garbage with a perfect slap shot. It left him feeling amazed. The next day at tryouts he was pumped and ready. In fact he now played better than he ever did before. He earned the respect of everyone else (including Duchamp). When final cut for the team was announced he got a spot. Which, otherwise might have been for Zach. Zach was upset that he didn't make the cut, and he was shocked over how he improved so fast. When asking how he improved so fast all said was: "New stick, new attitude!".

That night before lying down, he noticed the beginning of a rash on his arm. He scratched it a bit. Then he went to sleep with the stick in his bed. When he was asleep, the stick transformed into a cobra. Then it opened its fangs and bit him. When he woke up, he thought that it was just a nightmare. However now he could see that his rash had gotten worse. Now it was dry and scaly and pieces could peel and chip off.

The next day at lunchtime, he had now developed a bad attitude. When Zach tried to sit down to eat with the team, he rudely told him that he cannot sit with them. Since he was not on the team. Zach got offended, so he got up and left. Later on he met Zach in the science lab. Zack told him that he never would have treated him that way, if he had made the team and he did not. Then he rudely said that they would never know because he did not. Then Zack asked him what the deal was with his attitude. He told Zach new stick new attitude. Looking at the stick, Zach asks who "Snake" was. He explained that Jake "The Snake" Desmond, was the greatest hockey player ever. Now he is (referring to himself as Wiley "The Snake" Halpin). Zach pointed out that he was getting the scales to match. So now he should have his rash looked at.

Then he looked at the white lab mouse Puzzler. He spoke to it in a loving tone. He told Puzzler that he wouldn't mind eating him for dessert. Then he began to slowly lower Puzzler into his mouth to eat him! Zach screamed at him to stop. Then he came back to his senses. He explained that the mouse had suddenly looked like a hot dog to him. Then he pointed out that his rash was getting worse. He peeled some skin off to reveal that gross scales were now developing. Zach became concerned and told him that something was wrong with him. He just denies it saying that he was fine. Then he left in a huff saying that he's just jealous. Because he was on the team and he was not. Before going to a hockey game, he asked the creepy voice, why his skin was getting all scaly. The creepy man told him to not worry about it. If he enjoyed playing, then to keep playing. Because with the stick he can become a professional. Hearing this, he became more intrigued and headed off to the game.

After the game Zach came over to his house. He boasted that during the last game he scored four goals and he was amazing. He was now applying zit cream to his face. Which had broken out into more scaly rashes. Which he just dismissed for being zits. Then he asked him what he wanted. Zach told him that he spoke to the creepy man and came to inform him that he was in danger. He told Zach that the creepy man said he was going to become good enough to play professional hockey. Zach replied saying that he will soon become a snake before accomplishing anything.

Zach explained to him that every time he uses the hockey stick, he becomes more like a snake. So if he uses it again, he'll be gone for good. He didn't believe him. He told him that he was just jealous. So Zach asked him to think about it: If Jake the Snake was the greatest, how come nobody every heard of him? Because he turned into a nasty snake creature i.e.: the creepy man. So the hockey stick is cursed, and whoever uses it after a certain amount of times will be transformed into a real life snake, and his soul will belong to Jake Desmond. Hearing this he got angry and snapped at him saying that he didn't believe it. So Zach decided to return the stick, and he locked him up in his room with a chair. Then Zach quickly ran off to return it.

Soon he somehow broke free and went after Zach to get the hockey stick back. He followed Zach to the back of the change room. Here he overheard Zach calling out to Jake Desmond to take the stick back, and to leave him alone. Then he could hear Zach screaming for help. He found a long and large snake pulling Zach into the basement through the air vent. He tried to pull him back, but the snake was too strong and pulled Zach in.

Then he came down to the basement, where he saw it for himself, that the creepy sinister person was Jake Desmond. And that Zach was right about him. He also saw that Jake had Zach hanging upside down from the ceiling on a pulley, and was about to lower into a pit full of hungry snakes. Armed with the hockey stick, he demanded for Zach to be released. Jake just hissed and began to lower Zach into the pit. Jake told him, that since he would soon be a snake inside the pit, he should just give up and join the others. Jake informed him that they all used the hockey stick just like he did. Now after just one more shot and he'll be a snake too; just like all the others.

Jake began to lower Zach into the pit. Zach screamed bloody murder for he to help him repeatedly. Petrified from fear, he began to get disoriented. Finally he risked everything and slap shots a puck onto the side of Jake's head. Jake got knocked over and fell into the pit. Then he grabbed the rope in time and helped him down. But now it was too late he was beginning to feel the beginnings of his transform. Although his intentions were good, he used the stick to save him. Then he begged him to not throw him down into the pit with the others.

Realizing that the hockey stick was the source of all the trouble, Zach broke the stick in half. Then it changed into a cobra that was ready to chomp him. Luckily Zach threw it into the furnace in time. Then it was finally destroyed. Then he instantly began to shed all of the scales. He was immediately changed back to normal. Since his transformation wasn't complete. He thanked him for all his help. Then he apologized for the way that he treated him. Zach accepted his apology. Then he told him that without the stick, he was back to being a crummy hockey player. On their way out they argued about whether he was, or wasn't a crummy hockey player.

Then just after they left, the trap door to the pit opened. Then Jake Desmond's hand emerged from the pit!


  • James Hayes Liboiron also portrayed Steve.

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