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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Willy is a character created by David. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hatching".


Not much is known about him, but he was a student who was enrolled at a prestigious and reputable boarding school called "The Black Brook School". The school was run and administrated by Mr. & Mrs. Taylor. The school was a cool and fun place to be. He enjoyed delicious meals. Most of all the school dessert:Spunge. Which he and his classmates enjoyed on a evening basis.

What he didn't realize, was that Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were really the last of their kind: A race of evil reptilian humanoids. The dessert he enjoyed so much every night, was actually a mind controlling substance. One that would forced he and the other students to fall into a trance. Then he and all the other students would be compelled to go to the pool and care and nurture the Taylor's many soon to hatch eggs. Little did he realize, that when the eggs would all hatch, the new born babies would end up eating him and the others!

During the events of the story, Augie and Jazz Wilson temporarily enrolled in his school. Also he got caught multiple times by Mr. Taylor for playing with a noisy video game. The sounds emitting from his video game were giving Mr. Taylor an agonizing headache. He was reprimanded for breaking the rules, but was told not to feel bad, and just to remember not to do it again. He helped to give Augie a clue that the Taylors did not like hearing any high frequency sounds.

This clue eventually helped Augie and Jazz defeat the Taylors and destroy all of the eggs, by exposing them to a bunch of high frequency sounds. Which in large amounts was lethal to the Taylors and the beings of their race.

He along with the rest of his friends and students finally broke out of the trance. Then with the Taylors defeated, it can be assumed that he went home.

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