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Wilhemina "Willy" Setterwind is a character created by Gary. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Badge".


Willy is a kind-hearted and sweet woman. She lives with either her son or daughter, their spouse and her two grandchildren. Her granddaughter Gwendolyn "Gwen and her grandson Trevor. The women in one side of her family come from a bloodline of benevolent witches known as the Setterwind. Also that she was the current keeper of the power.

During the events of the story, it was her granddaughter's 16th birthday. Therefore it was the time to conduct the right of passage, and pass down her magic to her Granddaughter, by giving her a Jasper's Light amulet. She explained to her that it was a long time family tradition. Her grandma had given her a Jasper's Light amulet on her 16th birthday. Also that her grandmother got one from her grandmother on her 16th birthday from hers as well. Before she could explain their families history in details with a book, Gwen's mother revealed that Gwen had quit the school band that day. She was very upset and disappointed to her this. She encouraged her not to give up on music. Since she believed that it was her granddaughters gift. Later that evening, she went to a ladies club meeting, while her Granddaughters parents went to a parent-teacher conference. However she would be back home at 8:00 pm. Therefore Gwen could attend the party that she was invited to.

Earlier in the evening, her grandson observed her opening a small antique wooden chest. It had the word BADGE carved onto it. It piqued his interest. So after she left, he snooped through her bedroom. He soon found the chest and unlocked it. Oddly it only contained a small crystal and a flute. It was unbeknownst to him that this was the magical Setterwind Flute, and the crystal was a containment unit for Badge. Badge was the corporeal manifestation from the evil part of the Setterwind family magic. So it was safely contained within the crystal.

Then her grandson's curiosity got the best of him, so he blew the flute. It made a loud and brief magical sound. Then his house was instantly surrounded in fog. Then all of the power and the lights went out. What her grandson didn't know was that he just mistakenly freed, Badge from containment.

When she was dropped off back home later that evening, she panicked. She could tell that something was wrong. Since all the lights in the house were out, and fog was blowing everywhere. She had a hunch that Badge had somehow been freed. So she used her amulet and entered Badge's lair. There she found out that Badge had kidnapped her Grandson, in ransom for the Settwerwind family magic. Her Granddaughter found out about it herself, by reading through the family history book.

She found out that her Granddaughter had tried to cast the containment spell, that their ancestor Celina Setterwind made six centuries ago. But it didn't work. Since her Granddaughter's magic was not yet strong enough. So she bravely decided to confront Badge herself. So she sent her Granddaughter home. As she sent her home, she reminded her that music was her "gift" and to now play the song.

Badge approached her feeling victorious, to be finally stealing the Setterwind family magic. Then as he grabbed her amulet, he was shocked to discover it was now depleted and powerless. Then she happily snickered that he was too late. Because she already passed the power to her granddaughter.

Then she could hear a flute echoing. Her granddaughter finally figured out what she meant by playing the song. The word BADGE on the chest stood for musical notes: B-A-D-G-E. So her her Granddaughter used the Setterwind Magic Flute and played the notes one by one. This successfully sent Badge back into containment, and rescued her Grandson.

When she and Trevor safely got home, Gwen was so happy and relieved to see them back safe and sound. She told her Granddaughter that she would eventually understand her powers. She told her that the Setterwind magic had been passed down from Grandmother to Granddaughter for the past six centuries. But along with their magic, comes the corporeal manifestation, from the evil side of it. Which they must keep contained and guarded at all times.

Then her grandson complained. Not because he was jealous. But because all his sister got to do was look after the containment chest. Then he went into details about all the neat and wonderful things his sister could do with her magic. Then suddenly she used the residual she had magic left. So she cast a spell on him. This made him forget all about the evenings events, including what was in the chest. When he asked her what was in the chest, she told him that it was nothing for him to worry about. Gwen was amazed that she made him forget all about it. Then she proudly passed the chest down to her.

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