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This good character is a hero.

Zach is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Jake the Snake".


Zach is a nice, caring, supportive and understanding person. He and his best friend Wiley Halpin are athletes. He and Wiley are also both heavily involved in playing hockey. He is also very intelligent and a part of the school science club.

During the events of the story, he and Wiley had been practicing for months, to prepare to join their high school hockey team. Finally Coach Harry Cramp conducted tryouts. He did very well and played with ease. But his friend didn't do so well (being nervous and lacking confidence). At the end of the day's tryout the current hockey team enforcer (and bully) Duchamp had repeatedly tackled his friend down several times and give his friend a bleeding nose. Seeing his friend feeling greatly discouraged, he gave him his support and encouraged not to give up. He stated that both he and Wiley were good enough to make the team.

The next day, tryouts resumed. At first Duchamp asked him where his loser friend was, or if he had finally given up. Just then Wiley showed up. He was amazed to see how confident and determined Wiley now seemed to be. Wiley told him that a certain hockey stick had greatly motivated him. Seeing the old beaten and archaic hockey stick, he thought that it came from the garbage dump.

However, much to his amazement Wiley was now tearing it up and playing better than even he was. Then when it came the time to make the final cut, much to his chagrin and disappointment he didn't make the team. Wiley teased him saying that it looked like he got his spot. Then he asked Wiley how he improved so quickly. All Wiley told him was that with a new stick, came an all new attitude.

A few days later, he tried to join Wiley and the others for lunch. By now, Wiley had become rude and obnoxious. Wiley told him that he could not sit at their table. Since he was not part of the team. Later that day, he was in the science club. He was checking results on maze experiments with mice. Then Wiley stopped by to see him. At first he was still a little miffed about how he treated him earlier. Then explained to him that if he had been on the team instead of him, he would not have treated him that way. Then Wiley rudely told him that since he isn't the team, then they would never really know.

By now he was getting fed up with his friend's new rude and stuck up attitude. Then he took a look at Wiley's new hockey stick. He noticed that it said: "Snake" on the side. So Wiley explained to him that there had once been a played named Jake "The Snake" Desmond, believed to be the greatest player of all time. Then he noticed the bad rash on his friend's arm. So he said that he certainly was becoming like a snake as well. But Wiley just dismissed it as a bad rash.

Suddenly he was shocked to see Wiley slowly lowering the white lab mouse Puzzler into his mouth and about to eat it. So he quickly talked him out of it and brought him back to his senses. Then he noticed that his friend's rash was actually developing into scales! He expressed his concern that something was wrong with him. But Wiley refused to believe him. So Wiley left in a huff saying that he was just jealous of him being on the team instead of he.

The next day he followed Wiley to the back of the training room. He overheard a sinister voice tell Wiley to just ignore his rashes and urges and to just focus on playing. When Wiley left for a game, he confronted the sinister person demanding to know what was going on. The sinister person revealed his face from the hood. It revealed that he was a hideous and terrifying snake like monster. He informed him that he was none other than Jake the Snake. Jake told him that the hockey stick was cursed and every time Wiley shots a puck, Wiley becomes more like a snake. Feeling terrified, he asked Jake if Wiley would end up like him. Jake told him that everyone who used the hockey stick after he did, is eventually transformed into a real snake. Then they belong to him and he steals their souls. Then Jake informed him that after Wiley uses the hockey stick one more time, then Wiley will become a snake as well!

Then to keep Jake's cover from being blown, Jake attempted to grab him and feed him to the many snakes he had stored up in a pit concealed by a trap door. But he ran off and evaded him. He hurried over to Wiley's house. Here he saw Wiley applying a mass amount of zit cream to his face. Wiley revealed that during the latest game he scored four goals. Then he tried to warn his friend that he was in danger. He explained that spoke with the mysterious sinister person and what was going to happen to him. Wiley didn't believe it. Then he tried to get him to understand why is was that if Jake the Snake was the greatest hockey player of all time, then how come nobody ever heard of him: It was because Jake transformed into a hideous snake monster. Which is what will soon happen to him as well.

Since Wiley wasn't listening to reason, he locked Wiley in his room with a chair. Then he risked his life and returned to the back of the training room to return the hockey stick. He called around the room, for Jake to hear him. He said that he came to return the hockey stick and demanded that he leave Wiley alone.

Then suddenly, a large and long snake came out of the floor and grabbed his legs. It begun dragging him down to the basement below. Wiley showed up just in time and attempted to pull him back. But the snake was too strong and dragged him below. When he came to, he found himself suspended in the air upside down, and hanging from a pulley. Jake was now preparing to lower him into the pit to feed to the snakes.

Just then Wiley appeared armed with the hockey stick. He screamed bloody murder begging for Wiley's help. Wiley then took a chance and shot the puck at Jake's head. This caused Jake to fell head first into the pit and sink to the bottom. Then Wiley helped him down. Then he can see that Wiley's transformation was beginning. Since he still used the hockey stick one more time, even with good intentions. Wiley begged him not to pit him in the pit.

Then he realized that the hockey stick was the source of all the problems. So he broke it in half. Yellow gas hissed out and it changed into a cobra. Just before it could bite him, he threw it into the furnace and destroyed it. Then he pointed out to Wiley that he was changing back to normal. Then Wiley thanked him and apologized for his recent attitude and behavior. He forgave him. Then he told him that without the hockey stick, he was back to being a crummy hockey player. On their way out they argued about whether Wiley was, or wasn't a crummy hockey player.

Then just after they left, the trap door to the pit opened. Then Jake Desmond's hand emerged from the pit!


  • Ricky Mabe and Daniel DeSanto appeared together in the Disney movie Phantom of the Megaplex.

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