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The Zombie Dice were created by Vange. They were used in the episode "The Tale of the Zombie Dice".



Zombie Dice

The dice each had a red skull on them. They were in the possession of Mr. Click: An evil sadistic and sinister man. He was a professional gamer who ran an after school hangout called "Click's Emporium". Which was opened until 6:00 pm daily. A place in which children and teenagers could play all sorts of recreational games, video games and buy snacks and soda. He would observe people and seek out players with great potential.

He had discovered a method to gaining the possession of a person's thumbprint. How he found out the way to do this is unknown. He was assisted by a man named Klimbo, whom he constantly berated and mistreated.

What he would do, is he would find a worthy opponent. Then he would challenge them into using these dice in a dice tossing game called "Zombie Dice". The challenger would have to throw both of the dice three times. If a skull appeared even once during the throws, the challenger would lose. If the challenger won, he or she would get a reward, like a free run of the emporium for a year. However, if the challenger lost he would win their thumbprint.

Mr. Click would sometimes throw the dice himself to prove to challengers that the game was not rigged.

After a player would lose the dice throwing game, Mr. Click would inform the losing player, to go to a pedestal machine in the concealed off back room. Here his assistant Klimbo would instruct the loser to place his or her thumb on the screen of a pedestal.

However, it turned that out if you won someone's thumbprint you now owned them. Therefore he would shrink them down to miniature size. Then he would trap them in small cage like boxes. Then mail them all over the world. They would be mailed to buyers who would pay huge amounts of money for a unique little pet humans. Although as he said most of them didn't survive the trip to the buyer.

After Mr. Click got himself captured and shrunk down to miniature size, his assistant Klimbo took off with him in his possession. Therefore the emporium was shut down and the dice were never used again.

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